Leslie Howard -《安东·鲁宾斯坦钢琴奏鸣曲集》(Anton Rubinstein:Complete Piano Sonatas )[2CD][APE]

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专辑英文名Anton Rubinstein:Complete Piano Sonatas
艺术家Leslie Howard

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作曲家:Anton Rubinstein
演奏:Leslie Howard
发行时间:September 17, 1996)
发行公司:Hyperion UK


这个安东·鲁宾斯坦我笔者也不是很熟悉,不过听起来还行,Leslie Howard演奏的感觉跟他演奏李斯特作品差不多的,幽静舒缓的独奏.

安东·鲁宾斯坦(Anton Rubinstein,1829~1894)俄国钢琴家、作曲家。毕生返于俄国和欧洲各国从事演出和创作。1858年在彼得堡创办“俄罗斯音乐协会”,在这个协会的讲习班的基础上,于1862年建立了俄国第一所音乐学院。其演奏富于热情和表现力,强调表演者的再创造,对俄罗斯和西方钢琴表演艺术的发展有很大影响。主要作品有歌剧《恶魔》、《a小调第四钢琴协奏曲》、声乐套曲集《波斯恋歌》等。

英国Hyperion唱片公司 1980年由泰德·帕里在伦敦成立.尽管创建时间很短,但却取得了令人瞩目的成就,有近20张唱片被《企鹅唱片指南》评为“三星带花”,另有多张被评为三星级,此外多次获得包括留声机唱片大奖在内的各种国际唱片大奖.该品牌录制的曲目从12世纪延伸到20世纪,特别注意早期音乐尤其是中世纪音乐的录制,其中《维多利亚圣乐集》,《蒙台威尔弟的圣歌》,《费奥里罗的小提琴协奏曲》,《谢泼德的宗教合唱曲》,《普赛尔的赞美诗与礼拜歌曲》,《享德尔的神剧“约书亚”》等唱片都有很高的品味.在古典和浪漫曲同方面,Hyperion一改小唱片公司的做法,筹划了很多大制作.如《舒伯特艺术歌曲全集》,《海顿交响曲全集》,《浪漫钢琴协奏曲集》,《李斯特钢琴曲全集》,《拉赫玛尼诺夫钢琴作品全集》,《贝多芬弦乐四重奏及交响乐的钢琴版全集》等都令人瞩目,此外录制的神雷等人的室内乐作品也广受好评,尤其是由31张CD组成的《舒伯特艺术歌曲全集》张张被评为“企鹅三星”.1996年,Hyperion在法国嗄纳国际音像博览会上,荣获“年度最佳品牌”大奖,被誉为当今英国唱片界最闪亮耀眼的品牌.Hyperion出品的唱片已超过一千种.

Hyperion官网上关于的Leslie Howard介绍 Renowned concert pianist Leslie Howard has given recitals and concerto performances all over the world. His repertoire embraces the whole gamut of the piano literature from the time of the instrument抯 inception to the music of the present day. As a soloist, and in chamber music and song, Leslie Howard is a familiar figure at numerous international festivals. With a vast array of more than 80 concertos, he has played with many of the world抯 great orchestras, working with many distinguished conductors. The recital programmes that Leslie Howard gives on his extensive travels throughout the world are always noted for their communication of his personal joy in musical discovery, and his playing for its combination of intellectual command and pianistic spontaneity.
Leslie Howard's gramophone recordings include music by Franck, Grainger, Grieg, Granados, Rakhmaninov, Rubinstein, Sibelius, Stravinsky, Tchaikovsky and, most important of all, Liszt. For fourteen years he was engaged on the largest recording project ever undertaken by a solo pianist: the complete solo piano music of Ferenc Liszt - a project which was completed in a total of 94 compact discs on the Hyperion label. The publication of the series was completed in the autumn of 1999. The importance of the Liszt project cannot be overemphasized: it encompasses world premi鑢e recordings, including much music prepared by Dr Howard from Liszt抯 still unpublished manuscripts, and works unheard since Liszt's lifetime. Leslie Howard has been awarded the Grand Prix du Disque on five occasions, and a further Special Grand Prix du Disque was awarded upon the completion of the Liszt series. He is currently the President of the British Liszt Society, and he holds numerous international awards for his dedication to Liszt's music. In 2000 he was honoured by Hungary with the Pro Cultura Hungarica award.

Recent Hyperion releases include the Tchaikovsky Sonatas; a double CD of music by Anton Rubinstein; Ungarischer Romanzero - a CD entirely of unpublished music by Liszt; two double CDs containing all 17 of Liszt抯 works for piano and orchestra, with the Budapest Symphony Orchestra and Karl Anton Rickenbacher, and a double CD, The Essential Liszt, presenting highlights from the series.

Leslie Howard抯 work as a composer encompasses opera, orchestral music, chamber music, sacred music and songs, and his facility in completing unfinished works has resulted in commissions as diverse as a new realisation of Bach's Musical Offering and completions of works by composers such as Mozart, Liszt and Tchaikovsky. He is also a regular writer on music and broadcaster on radio and television.

Leslie Howard was born in Australia, educated there, in Italy and in England, and he has made his home in London for many years. He gives regular masterclasses in tandem with his performances around the world. He is a member of The London Beethoven Trio with violinist Catherine Manson and cellist Thomas Carroll.

In the 1999 Queen抯 Birthday Honours Leslie Howard was appointed a Member in the Order of Australia [AM] 揻or service to the arts as a musicologist, composer, piano soloist and mentor to young musicians?


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01. Sonata No.1 In E Minor, Op.12: Allegro appassionato
02. Sonata No.1 In E Minor, Op.12: Andante largamente
03. Sonata No.1 In E Minor, Op.12: Moderato
04. Sonata No.1 In E Minor, Op.12: Moderato con fuoco
05. Sonata No.2 In C Minor, Op.20: Allegro con moto
06. Sonata No.2 In C Minor, Op.20: Andante: Tema - Variation 1 - Variation 2 - Variation 3 - Variation 4
07. Sonata No.2 In C Minor, Op.20: Vivace


01. Sonata No.3 In F Major, Op.41: Allegro risoluto e con fucco
02. Sonata No.3 In F Major, Op.41: Allegretto con moto
03. Sonata No.3 In F Major, Op.41: Andante
04. Sonata No.3 In F Major, Op.41: Allegro vivace
05. Sonata No.4 In A Minor, Op.100: Moderato con moto
06. Sonata No.4 In A Minor, Op.100: Allegro vivace
07. Sonata No.4 In A Minor, Op.100: Andante
08. Sonata No.4 In A Minor, Op.100: Allegro assai






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