Various Artists -《Help: A Charity Project for the Children of Bosnia》[MP3!]

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专辑中文名Help: A Charity Project for the Children of Bosnia

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波斯尼亚战争期间发行的一张英伦合辑,专辑中所有歌曲都是在同一天内写就,并在一个星期后由Go!厂牌发行面世。这张专辑整容空前强大,更值得一提的是Oasis的主打单曲Fade Away中竟然由Johnny Depp担当吉他手。

Released by Doctor Eye

Conceived as a charity for orphans of the Bosnian war, every song on Help was recorded on one day and released a week later. The rapid turnaround was inspired by John Lennon's belief that "records should be like newspapers," a theory he brought to life with "Instant Karma," a single recorded on a Monday and released the following Saturday. Eighteen artists were recruited to record their contribution on Sunday, September 3, 1995, with each song running no longer than three minutes and 45 seconds. The day commenced with Noel Gallagher recording a slow, reflective version of "Fade Away" with Johnny Depp on guitar. It ended with Gallagher joining Paul Weller and Paul McCartney for a take on the Beatles' "Come Together," bringing together three generations of British pop royalty. In between those two contributions came 18 other songs — two more than expected, since Sinead O'Connor and the K Foundation (formerly the KLF) turned in tracks unannounced at the last minute. Given the rapid nature of the project, it isn't surprising that some songs on Help are slightly below par. What is surprising is how many songs are very good, even bordering on excellent. Radiohead's "Lucky" equals the best on their fine 1995 album, The Bends (it would later be a highlight on OK Computer), The Boo Radleys turn in a first-rate track and Suede's cover of Elvis Costello's "Shipbuilding" is moving. Blur, appearing under their original name Seymour, contribute a kitschy instrumentals, which will probably baffle anyone but dedicated fans. "Come Together" doesn't quite live up to expectations, yet it's charming, much like Help itself. It may have its faults, but it is one of the best, most consistent charity albums ever recorded.



01. Fade Away Oasis And Friends Inc. ...
02. Oh Brother Boo Radleys
03. Love Spreads Stone Roses
04. Lucky Radiohead
05. Adnan Orbital
06. Mourning Air Portishead
07. Fake the Aroma Massive Attack
08. Shipbuilding Suede
09. Time for Livin'
10. Sweetest Truth Stereo MC's
11. Ode to Billie Joe Sinead OConnor
12. Search Lights Levellers
13. Raindrops Keep Falling on My Head Manic Street Preachers
14. Tom Petty Loves Veruca Salt Terrorvision
15. The Magnificent One World Orchestra
16. Message to Crommie Planet 4 Folk Quartet
17. Dream a Little Dream Hill, Terry & Salad
18. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 Cherry, Nenah & Trout
19. Eine Kleine Lift Musik Seymour AKA Blur
20. Come Together Weller, Paul & Friends







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