Exene Cervenka & The Original Sinners -《Sev7en》[MP3!]

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专辑歌手:Exene Cervenka & The Original Sinners
专辑类型:Alternative Country-Rock;Hard Rock


The Original Sinners是前X乐队女主唱Exene Cervenka的专属乐队。《Sev7en》是他们的第二张专辑。

X是公认的Hardcore阵营中的元老级乐队,由鼓手Don Bonebrake、吉他手Billy Zoom (本名Tysom Kindale)、作词 John Doe(本名John Nommensen)和诗朗诵者Exene Cervenka 组成,1977年前后活跃于洛杉矶的朋克舞台。和那时的大多数朋克乐队一样,X也深受Ramones的影响,不同的是,X将更深郁的颓丧心绪掩藏于Ramones式灿烂和弦的背后,在X1979年于Slash唱片公司旗下出版的首张专辑《Los Angeles》中,愤怒的咆哮取代了青春的躁动,并彻底放任了荷尔蒙,在搞砸了喜庆氛围之后,X开始仓促地咒骂起了当地垃圾般的现世风景,像“Nausea"和“Sex and Dying in High Society”这类犹如放了毒的甜汤般奇怪的朋克赞歌,绝对会令我们这儿的小朋克自责:“我们的失落算个屁!”。

Exene Cervenka(电影《指环王》中阿拉贡的扮演者Viggo Mortensen的前妻),前X乐队的女主唱,X乐队的成功在于:Exene Cervenka把她的诗歌与John Doe的Punk结合在一起,这为X在摇滚史上留下深刻的烙印,也使得X成为洛杉矶除了乡村音乐外最好的音乐团体。

Exene Cervenka是一个不喜欢依理性思考作决定的人,他认为那样的决定在艺术的范畴内将不会占有重要的地位,这或许是她如何从一名诗人变成乐队主唱的原因。

X在1988年一度解散,Exene Cervenka并没有因此而销声匿迹,她的首张个人专辑的出现,令广大的X乐迷惊喜不已。此时Exene Cervenka刚搬至爱达华,也刚再婚不久,她由Tony Gilkyson(前X乐队成员)担任制作,开始她个人创作的新里程,在1989年发行了个人新专辑《Old Wives' Tales》,一年后又推出《Running Sacred》,90年代初,Exene Cervenka与John Doe、Don Bonebrake再度重组了X。

但Exene Cervenka并没有停下个人发展的脚步,1996年她便发行了一张Solo专辑《Surface to Air Serpents》。进入21世纪,Exene Cervenka成立了她自己的乐队:The Original Sinners,并于2002年和2006年在著名独立朋克厂牌Nitro旗下发行了两张专辑《Original Sinners》与《Sev7en》。对于Exene Cervenka的个人专辑,远比X的乐风收敛精细而且微妙,也许她无须要太多属于Punk的能量与张力,让属于诗人的还是属于诗人。

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Exene Cervenka: Vocals
Jason Edge: Guitars
Dan Sabella: Guitar
Chris Powers: Bass
Kevin O’Conner: Drums

Back in those heady years of the 1970’s punk rock incubated in the three key cities of London, New York, and Los Angeles. And, each of those cities gave birth to one punk goddess who shall forever reign; London gave us Chrissie Hynde, in New York it was Patti Smith, and Exene Cervenka won the crown in Los Angeles. A founding member of X and co-writer of their vast catalogue of astonishing songs, Exene was, and continues to be, a hugely influential figure. From her signature approach to fashion – polka-dot thrift store dresses, white ankle socks and tattoos – to her wildly unfettered stage manner and deliciously black sense of humor, Exene is a bona fide original. An intensely sexual performer too complex to be written off as a sex object, she’s released 15 sterling albums and shows no sign of slowing down. In fact, she’s picking up speed and branching out.

In 2005 the Santa Monica Museum of Art presented the first exhibition of Exene’s visual art in a mini-retrospective that traveled in an expanded version to the DCKT Gallery in New York in 2006. Accompanied by a catalogue published by Smart Art Press, the show opened to rave reviews. Exene continues to gig regularly with X, is an accomplished spoken word artist who’s published five volumes of poetry, and is a founding member of country music quintet the Knitters. Last year they released The Modern Sounds of the Knitters, the follow-up to their 1985 debut album, a wonderful record that was worth the 20 year wait. Obviously, Exene is a busy woman – but wait, there’s more!

The reason we’ve called you here today is to discuss her fantastic new record, SEV7EN, the second release by Exene Cervenka & The Original Sinners. Recorded in the summer of 2005, this follow-up to the Sinners self-titled debut of 2002 heralds significant changes in terms of personnel. Guitarist Jason Edge, a key contributor to the Sinners’ debut, is still on board -- he co-wrote four tunes on the new album with Exene, and continues to provide backing vocals. Other than Jason, however, the band on SEV7EN is entirely new, and features Chris Powers on bass, guitarist Dan Sabella, and Kevin O’Conner on drums. The trio are moonlighting from their longtime day job as The 7 Shot Screamers (hence, the title of this record), a roaring outfit based in St. Louis, Missouri. The Screamers are a phenomenally tight band and they’re perfect traveling partners for Exene in terms of the direction she’s taking her music.

“I’m kind of in my Chuck Berry phase in that I could pick up four musicians anywhere to back me up, but there’s nothing like having a real band,” she observes.

“These guys can play everything from rockabilly to glam, and the fact that they’re so flexible and skilled has allowed me to work in a more free-form way -- the vocals on the song called “Sky Blue Pink” are a good example of what I mean by this. That’s the direction we’re moving in, and I think the next record’s going to be completely out there.”

Of the songs on the new album, Exene says “I’ll always write sad love songs because those are the songs that move me the most, but my life is really great now so I don’t feel like writing them at the moment. But there’s plenty of bad stuff in my past I can draw on if I ever need to come up with one of those songs.”

Several songs on SEV7EN are indicative of the peace that’s crept into Exene’s life – “Last Dance,” “Tavern,” and “Good at Being Bad” certainly do – but there’s a generous helping of anger and grief on the album, too. “Long Distance” is a mournful reflection on the loss of beloved friends, while “Down Where It’s Down” and “Lonesome War” have the fury and sadness of vintage X. The cherry on the sundae is a cover of “Ghost on the Highway,” one of many brilliant compositions by Jeffrey Lee Pierce, of the late, great L.A. band, the Gun Club. Exene’s a girl who never forgets her roots, friends, or influences.

It’s no exaggeration to mention Exene in the same breath as Chuck Berry; both are self-taught innovators who made crucial contributions to the great American art form of rock’n’roll. And, as is the case with Chuck, Exene did it entirely on her own terms. Born in Chicago in 1956, she had a difficult childhood and precious little encouragement to develop the creativity that was a part of her personality from an early age. She developed her gifts entirely on her own, and it became apparent just how gifted she was when she moved to Los Angeles in 1976 and became a central figure in the first generation of American punk. That community of artists and musicians shared an intelligence, humor, passion and fearlessness that was unique, and Exene embodies all that was great about them. If you live in Los Angeles – or the United States -- Exene is a crucial part of your history, and you should hear what she has to say to you. The Original Sinners hit the road in March, and you really shouldn’t miss them if they come to your town.

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1. It Ain't Supposed To Be
2. Last Dance
3. Born Yesterday
4. Sky Blue Pink
5. Ghost On The Highway
6. History Now
7. Tavern
8. Good At Being Bad
9. Down Where It's Down
10. Lonesome War
11. Long Distance
12. Hollywood Signs







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