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专辑中文名Box Set
歌手The Doors

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专辑名称:Box Set
专辑歌手:The Doors
专辑类型:Rock, Hard Rock, Psychedelic
唱片公司:Elektra Entertainment


在摇滚乐神圣的殿堂中,迷幻摇滚以它极强的艺术感染力占据着重要的地位,这种超凡脱俗的摇滚音乐,象一副抽象派的画作一般美丽而神秘。二十世纪六十年代,当迷幻摇滚乐开始风行世界的时候,The Doors成为其中的佼佼者。

The Doors乐队于1965,在洛杉机成立,乐队成员是歌手Jim Morrison、键盘手Ray Manzarek、吉他手Robby Krieger和鼓手John Densnore。乐队的倡导者Morrison为乐队取了“The Doors”的名字。同年,The Doors因为Morrison的《末日》而结识了Love乐队的歌手Arthur Lee,由他引荐给了Joc Holzmen的Elektra唱片公司,并签约于该公司。1967年1月,乐队首张专辑《The Doors》推出,立即在歌坛上引起了强烈的反响,不仅很快打入排行首,并且停留121周之久也为之罕见,专辑中《燃起我的心火》和《结束》两首主打歌曲更是精妙之作,充分展示了乐队乐手精湛的技艺及Morrison非凡的创作才华。7月,《燃起我的火》,精炼后又作为单曲发行,100多万张的销量使The Doors乐队成为世界一流的摇滚乐队。

此后,The Doors乐队,尤其是Morrison的放荡不羁也开始崭露头角。67年12月,Morrison因在辛辛那提州巡演时辱骂警察而被捕。The Doors乐队的官非在它以后的成功道路上一直纠缠不清。新专辑《奇异的日子》也给人一种随随便便之感,从而使曾经支持The Doors乐队的歌迷失望而去。1968年5月,刚刚重返舞台的Morison又因煽动前来看演唱会的人群闹事,而又遭到拘禁。然而,这支倍受争议的乐队,却没有间断他的成功。1968年,The Doors乐队为电影《The Unknown Soldier》制作了主题曲;同年9月,乐队第三专辑《Waiting For The Sun》荣登榜首4周之久,其中《Hello! I Love You》和69年2月推出的单曲《抚摸我》都获得了销量100万张的惊人成绩。下半年,第4张专辑《温柔的展示》排在了排行榜第6位。

这时的Morrison其实早就已沉浸在毒品中而不能自拔,他在这一年中也因淫秽行为和酗酒滋事而两次入狱。他的这些坏毛病象浸满了毒液的蛀虫一样侵蚀着他,也侵蚀着乐队。The Doors1970年的专辑《Morrison Hotel》、《绝对的生活》和《女军人》都遭到了连连的挫败,人们再也没有看到最初那支让人灵魂出鞘的The Doors乐队。

1971年3月,Morrison离开了乐队,隐居到巴黎开始撰写他的诗集,同年出版的《The Lords And The New Creatures》获得了成功。6月3日,Morrison死于心脏病,他死后摇滚音乐界将他作为那个时期迷幻乐的杰出人物葬在了巴黎著名的皮尔拉兹公墓。第2年,失去了生命力的The Doors乐队宣布解散了。The Doors乐队是迷幻摇滚乐中一支优秀的乐队,它将这种音乐用诗歌一般的情感表现的淋漓尽致,在世界摇滚乐的史册中写下了辉煌的一页。

The Doors are the world's longest running mystery train; a quirky ensemble that, 30 years after their first album, continues to influence and, in some cases, demoralize each passing generation. Since their demise in 1971, when singer Jim Morrison supposedly took a bath in a Paris bungalow and never got out to towel himself off, the Doors come knocking every couple of years with compilations, videos, movies, live recordings, books and anything else the surviving members can dig up to keep the name alive and the bank account overflowing. It was inevitable that they would release a box set.

Fortunately for the legion of listeners who buy everything and still wonder when they'll get it right, THE DOORS BOX SET could be the best thing the band has done since they broke up. Spread out over 4 discs, the set follows a distinguishing pattern that utilizes themes and motifs, standardized elements that the L.A. quartet incorporated into much of their music.

The first disc, entitled Without A Safety Net, opens with the infamous, historical and harsh-sounding rendition of "Five To One," performed in Miami in 1969. It was at this show, during this song that Jim Morrison spouted off a number of obscenities and unpopular beliefs before allegedly unzipping his pants and exposing himself. He was later charged for indecent exposure, dragged through court, and let off with a fine and a slap on the wrist. This incident also cost the Doors a fortune in lost revenues as their tour was canceled, and their overall popularity diminished.

From the chaos of Miami, we move onto a beautiful and jazzy version of "Queen of The Highway." The CD continues in this manner, swinging back and forth, offering up alternate versions, demos and unreleased tidbits. The two versions of "Moonlight Drive" -- the first song Morrison sang to Ray Manzarek on the sands of Venice Beach -- are especially fascinating as the original demo does not include guitarist Robbie Krieger. Listening to the two, one can't help but feel the power that Krieger's fine slide work lent to the tune. The disc ends with Tomaso Giovanni Albinoni's "Adagio in G Minor," a favorite piece of Morrison's put together with the Doors by Bruce Botnick's (co-producer of the box set, and engineer of all the Doors original recordings) father.

Disc Two -- Live In New York -- is a complete performance from Madison Square Garden. This may well be the best live recording the Doors have ever released. Far superior to ABSOLUTELY LIVE or ALIVE SHE CRIED, the disc opens with a rocking "Roadhouse Blues" as well as some unconventional readings of "Ship of Fools," "Peace Frog," and the ever-allegorical and Morrisonian "The Celebration of The Lizard." It isn't until an explosive interpretation of "The End" that the listener realizes that Morrison might have been completely sober during this show. Ever in a drunken stupor, he had those brief moments of lucidity.

The third disc --The Future Ain't What It Used To Be -- is a collection of miscellaneous live recordings, television appearances and demos, highlighted by "Orange County Suite." With Morrison on vocals and piano, this ode to his common-law wife, Pamela, was recently completed in the studio by Krieger, Manzarek and John Densmore. Other oddities on this disc include "Go Insane," "Mental Floss" and "Adolph Hitler," a short Morrison rant. Exceptional to this disc are the live versions of "The Crystal Ship," one of the Doors' most beautiful songs, and "The Soft Parade," reportedly the only live rendering on tape.

Band Favorites is the fourth disc. This is where most of the hits are, hand-picked by Krieger, Manzarek and Densmore. Naturally, "Light My Fire," L.A. Woman," "Love Me Two Times" and "Riders On The Storm" made the cut. Manzarek seemed to chose some of the more obscure gems like "Yes, The River Knows" and "You're Lost Little Girl." One could only guess (and fear) what Morrison would have chosen.

THE DOORS BOX SET includes an informational booklet, with comments on every song by each of the surviving band members. There's also a wonderful essay by novelist Tom Robbins as well as a piece written by Doors producer, the late Paul Rothchild, who was in the middle of putting the set together when he passed on. In a triumph of good taste, this set is dedicated to him.

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1. Five To One - (live)
2. Queen Of The Highway - (alternate take)
3. Hyacinth House - (demo)
4. My Eyes Have Seen You - (demo)
5. Who Scared You
6. Black Train Song - (live)
7. End Of The Night - (demo)
8. Whiskey, Mystics And Men
9. I Will Never Be Untrue - (live)
10. Moonlight Drive - (demo)
11. Moonlight Drive
12. Rock Is Dead
13. Albinoni's Adagio In G Minor

1. Roadhouse Blues
2. Ship Of Fools
3. Peace Frog
4. Blue Sunday
5. Celebration Of The Lizard, The
6. Gloria
7. Crawling King Snake
8. Money
9. Poontang Blues / Build Me A Woman / Sunday Trucker
10. End, The

1. Hello To The Cities - (live)
2. Break On Through - (live)
3. Rock Me - (live, with Albert King)
4. Money - (live, with Albert King)
5. Someday Soon - (live)
6. Go Insane - (demo)
7. Mental Floss - (live)
8. Summer's Almost Gone - (demo)
9. Adolph Hitler - (live)
10. Hello, I Love You - (demo)
11. Crystal Ship, The - (live)
12. I Can't See Your Face In My Mind - (live)
13. Soft Parade, The - (live)
14. Tightrope Ride
15. Orange County Suite

1. Light My Fire
2. Peace Frog
3. Wishful Sinful
4. Take It As It Comes
5. L.A. Woman
6. I Can't See Your Face In My Mind
7. Land Ho!
8. Yes, The River Knows
9. Shaman's Blues
10. You're Lost Little Girl
11. Love Me Two Times
12. When The Music's Over
13. Unknown Soldier, The
14. Wild Child
15. Riders On The Storm







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