Steven Osborne -《第1,2奏鸣曲和24首前奏曲》(Kapustin: Piano Music)[APE]

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专辑英文名Kapustin: Piano Music
艺术家Steven Osborne

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作曲:Nikolai Kapustin
演奏:Steven Osborne
发行公司:Hyperion UK


本部作品包含3部分,Piano Sonata No.1 & 2, (第1,2钢琴奏鸣曲)以及
24 Preludes in Jazz Style (selections)(24首前奏曲).Kapustin的音乐类型属notated jazz,将即兴演奏写出来,其他人依谱都可弹得出来,也将爵士钢琴融入古典曲式之中。然而Kapustin似乎较钟情不大前卫的爵士乐,最容易听得出Gershwin及Bill Evans的影子。



以下为Hyperion UK官网对Steven Osborne的介绍与评论,大段大段的,我就不翻译了.----------------

作曲家Steven Osborne: Here is an exhilarating disc that will get your feet tapping! Nikolai Kapustin (born 1937) studied the piano at the Moscow Conservatoire with Alexander Goldenweiser, and is a prolific composer, especially for his own instrument. His style is a fascinating and distinctive blend of classical and jazz styles, as he expounds his jazz-based melodic and rhythmic ideas within the structures of classical sonata form. The jazz influence is of course nothing new: many composers, including Ravel and Poulenc, have incorporated jazz elements in their work, but whereas their music makes occasional and relatively superficial reference to jazz, Kapustin's is unthinkable without it.

The first two piano sonatas (he has so far written ten) both date from 1989, and display a deep merging of disparate stylistic elements tempered by a careful control of structure. The hallmarks of Kapustin's style are evident throughout: the scintillating virtuosity and jazz-influenced syncopations, with the occasional walking bass and doses of swing, boogie-woogie, and the raw energy of Art Tatum. The Preludes also present a great variety of jazz styles, including blues, ballad, jazz waltz, swing and a hint of jazz funk.

Steven Osborne is one of the most exciting young British pianists, and the jazz idiom is wholly natural to him. Having discovered this wonderful music, he has managed to get hold of many rare scores and manuscripts from Russia (some from the composer himself) in order to make this recording. The result is a revelation, and one you'll undoubtedly want to play to your friends.

Recorded in Henry Wood Hall, London, on 10-12 September 1999

评论:'Engaging, often witty, jazz-inspired works that are highly recommended, especially to lovers of Gershwin or Billy Mayerl' (Gramophone)
'Osborne's dazzling playing and excellent booklet notes get top billing. So do Hyperion's gorgeous sonics. Buy this disc and be thoroughly entertained.' (International Record Review)

'Kapustin's synthesis is well-crafted, has some exciting moments and generally exudes a breezy 闸an. It is also superbly performed by Osborne.' (BBC Music Magazine)

'Everything on this surprisingly sunny disc is full of ear-catching delights; and it抯 hard to imagine a listener who won抰 be captivated. The performances are every bit as attractive as the music. In sum, we have a major new pianist on our hands' (Fanfare, USA)

'It抯 hard to imagine it better done. Recommended' (International Piano Quarterly)

'At last! A worthwhile jazz-classical fusion!' (Classic CD)

'Exudes great energy and dazzling brilliance. Outstanding performances by Steven Osborne. An invigorating disc by any standards' (Classic CD)

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01. Klaviersonate Nr. 1 ('Sonata-Fantasia') op.39 - I. Vivace [4:17]
02. II. Largo [5:12]
03. III. Scherzo [3:09]
04. IV. Allegro molto [7:09]
05. 24 Preludes in Jazz Style? op.53 - No. 3 [1:37]
06. No. 7 [1:30]
07. No. 15 [1:48]
08. No. 13 [2:47]
09. 19 [1:15]
10. No. 05 [2:14]
11. No. 18 [1:48]
12. No. 17 [1:35]
13. No. 23 [1:37]
14. No. 11 [1:57]
15. No. 12 [2:14]
16. No. 10 [1:33]
17. No. 9 [3:06]
18. Klaviersonate Nr. 2 op.54 - I. Allegro molto [11:08]
19. II. Scherzo. Allegro assai [3:55]
20. III. Largo [5:25]
21. IV. Allegro [3:52]






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