Ereshkigal (Mex) -《Ten Years Of Blasphemy》[Ape/Mp3!]

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专辑中文名Ten Years Of Blasphemy

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Genre(s):Black Metal
Lyrical theme(s):Occultism
发行厂牌:Azermedoth Records


93年冬建团。我手怎么听听变味了,2张demo和split拼块了,3折腾。这天怎么还蚊子。。A Dark Tale About Wisdom and Black Powers喜欢这张,前面的单薄很多。怪了,我听鼓声 空气在动?CD和mp3?

Compilation of 3 demo tapes:
"Kur - Nu - Gi - A " 1-9
"Black Dawn (Forever Rising Moon)" 10-14
"A Dark Tale About Wisdom and Black Powers" 15-22

- Under cold winds of winter in 1993 an impure horde with the name of ERESHKIGAL was created, by a profane tyrant baptized by the dark like Marganor Bestial Invocator. - In October of 1994, month of Samhain, The band presents their first demo titled "Under The Black Forest", badly distributed by raw sound. - 1995, Finally the horde entered in studio to record some hymns , that were shaped in a split-tape with VARGNOGK titled "Kur-nu-gi-a", (that is well-known like the Earth of without return, located in Absu and the porches of Ganzir). - Fourth Full Moon of 1996 ERESHKIGAL recorded a second split-tape with BELLPHEGOT RECS, but now with a Japanese act called GORUGOTH , this recording was called "Black Dawn... (Forever Rising Moon)", finding a evolution in the same vein and a enormous difference of the last recording "Kur-nu-gi-a" but now more obscure and destructive. - The third demo tape was called "A Dark Tale About Wisdom and Black Powers", this time under the Mexican underground label TOAJ RECS. The production was excellent and the answer of the underground was better. - In 2001, ERESHKIGAL shows his fourth work & the first CD debut named "Tragedies of Death... The Afterlife", definitively one of the most impure and melodic acts emerged from Mexico , specially for the lovers of the Black Metal Art, dedicated to the old acts of sacrifice and places forgotten by the mortals!!!!!!!! Eight supreme hymns touched in a special style with harmonies and passages that mark a new time of madness in this dying world. - 2003 ERESHKIGAL make their first international show in El Salvador like main act. - 2004 was a special year for the band, In June the Second CD was relased, it was called "Under The Chains Of Hell" by TOAJ RECS , and in July under a new Mexican seal AZERMEDOTH RECS the CD "Ten Years Of Blasphemy" was relased & it includes the three professional demos totally remasterized with an exceptional art , celebrating the first 10 years of the act in the underground in world-wide level. - 2005 was the best stage in the 11 years of ERESHKIGAL in this year was relased the first live bootleg CD and the third CD "Shadows Land" was recorded (the best production in all senses without keyboards forever.) -In the same year ERESHKIGAL made his 1st mini European Tour managed by Metal Kiosk.. - 2006 CD Shadows Land is relased.... - The horde has showed his black art several times around , some of the with bands like IMMORTAL, RAGNAROK, GORGOROTH, PENTACLE, TRIMONIUM, DEMONIZER , IMPALED NAZARENE etc. - The name was taken from sumerian and asirio-babylonian culture and ERESHKIGAL means the goddess of the abyss & the queen of the death ; in addition the star of the lamentation , mistress of the underworld, the black tyranne of Kur-nu-gi-a, the Earth without return, the domain of black souls and demons, creatures who inhabit within the negrura and abysmal winds. - The inspiration is taken from impure thoughts, bad experiences with human beings , obsession with the moon and the nature, the beauty of the eternal darkness and the evilness that lives with her ........


1. Intro - Kur - Nu - Gi - A
2. The Gods Fate
3. Moonspell
4. Anciets Summoning
5. Darkness Decends
6. As Darkness Fall
7. Under The Black Forest
8. To My Queen
9. Lucifer (Mourning Star) Outro
10. Overture to the last Down (Intro) - Black Dawn (Forever Rising Moon)
11. A Mystic Scent
12. Icons of Impurity
13. In evil Shades (to Cutha's 7 Gates)
14. Under the Black Forest
15. Overture - A Dark Tale About Wisdom and Black Powers
16. Ishtar... Mother of Mankind
17. The Weird Dreams
18. The Journey... The Almighty
19. Mistress Ereshkigal... (Queen of Death)
20. The Black Torment of Ishtar
21. Angel Wings and Raven Clouds (Gehenna cover)
22. Departure (Invocations)






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