《Total Training Microsoft Access 2007 基础教程》(Total Training Microsoft Access 2007 Essentials)[ISO]

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中文名Total Training Microsoft Access 2007 基础教程
英文名Total Training Microsoft Access 2007 Essentials

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Title: Microsoft Access 2007 Essentials
Category: Communication & Office Tools
Presenter: Jeff Conrad

Jeff Conrad is a technology enthusiast with many years of database application development expertise. Jeff began working with Microsoft Access when he saw a need at his full time position for a database solution. He bought a book on Access and began teaching himself how to use the program to solve his business’s needs. He immediately became hooked on the power and ease of working with Access. Years later, Jeff is co-author of Microsoft Office Access 2007 Inside Out and is a contributing author of Microsoft Office 2007 Inside Out. Jeff was awarded the Most Valuable Professional award from Microsoft from 2005 to 2007 for his continual involvement with the online Access community.

Platform: Windows & MAC OS
Format: Online
Level: Beginner to Intermediate
Description: Explore the endless capabilities of Access 2007. These lessons, hosted by Jeff Conrad begin with a solid introduction of Access and cover topics such as defining a database, knowing when to use Access, working with database objects, and converting older databases. Once you're up to speed on the intricacies of Access, Jeff walks you through step-by-step procedures on how to construct your table structures, create and adapt meaningful data entry forms, as well as share tracked information with others through reports.

unning Time: 6.6 Hrs
Project Files: Included


* Learn how to build new data entry forms and reports at the click of a button with the help of new Quick Create commands in Access 2007. You can then use these forms and reports as is, or modify them to your liking.
* Try out the new built-in Date Picker control which can be used for any date fields. Explore how to enter a date into a field on datasheets, forms, or reports - no coding required.
* Discover how to save valuable development time with the new Layout view in Access 2007. This cool new feature allows you to design your forms and reports while viewing live data. You can quickly resize, move, and align your controls without having to constantly switch between views.
* Let Jeff show you how to use the new Report view, to dynamically filter the data and drill down to print only the information you need. The traditional Print Preview view is a static snapshot of your data that you view or print.
* Find out how to make your data pop on screen with a "Greenbar Effect" by using the new Alternating Background Color button. Your data has never been easier to read on screen or in printed form.

Lesson 1: INTRODUCING ACCESS 2007 (17 min)
1. Defning a Database
2. Knowing When to Use Access™
3. Working with Database Objects
4. Converting Older Databases

1. Exploring the Getting Started Screen
2. Opening a Microsoft Template
3. Using the Navigation Pane
4. Using the Home Tab, Part 1
5. Using the Home Tab, Part 2
6. Using the Create Tab
7. Using the External Data Tab
8. Using the Database Tools Tab
9. Using the Office Menu
10. Explaining the Access Options
11. Using the Quick Access Toolbar
12. Adding Custom Commands to the Quick Access Toolbar
13. Using the Help Menu
14. Understanding the Message Bar
15. Creating Trusted Locations
16. Working in the Object Window

1. Displaying Categories
2. Showing Views
3. Sorting the Objects
4. Searching for Objects
5. Collapsing Groups
6. Creating Custom Groups
7. Adding Object Shortcuts
8. Hiding Custom Groups
9. Changing the Interface Mode
10. Final Comments & Credits

Lesson 4: CREATING TABLES (67 min)
1. Explaining the Datasheet Tab
2. Entering Data in a New Table
3. Using a Table Template
4. Identifying the Entities
5. Working with Design View
6. Creating DataTypes
7. Using Field Validation Rules
8. Dening Primary Keys
9. Adding Indexes
10. Working with Table Relationships
11. Creating Table Relationships
12. Dening Multi-Value Field Lookups

Lesson 5: CREATING QUERIES (50 min)
1. Creating a Select Query
2. Using Expressions in a Query
3. Sorting Data
4. Searching for Data
5. Selecting Data from Many Tables
6. Working in Layout View
7. Working in SQL View
8. Creating a Crosstab Query
9. Running Action Queries
10. Running Update Queries
11. Using the Query Wizard

Lesson 6: CREATING FORMS (48 min)
1. Using Quick Create Commands
2. Exploring Form Types
3. Navigating within Forms
4. Using the Form Wizard
5. Creating a Form from Scratch
6. Working in Layout View
7. Working in Design View
8. Setting Form Properties
9. Using Form Controls
10. Using Control Layouts
11. Applying AutoFormats
12. Understanding Subforms

Lesson 7: CREATING REPORTS (57 min)
1. Using the Report Command
2. Running the Report Wizard
3. Exploring Report Views
4. Creating a Report from Scratch
5. Using Conditional Formatting
6. Grouping & Sorting
7. Setting Report Properties
8. Detailing Your Report
9. Applying AutoFormats
10. Adding Subreports
11. Alternating Record Colors
12. Filtering in Report View
13. Creating Labels

Lesson 8: CREATING MACROS (26 min)
1. Working in Macro Design Mode
2. Assigning Macro Actions
3. Setting Macro Arguments
4. Running an AutoExec Macro
5. Creating Embedded Macros
6. Final Comments & Credits


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