Carina Round -《Slow Motion Addict》[MP3!]

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专辑中文名Slow Motion Addict
歌手Carina Round

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专辑类型:Alternative Rock


Carina 1979年出生于英国乌味罕普顿的低希尔地区的一个意大利家庭。生活贫苦,周围的环境也很糟糕,对她来说唯一能作为营养补给的就是她妈妈收藏的一些专辑— Led Zeppelin,Nine Simone和Roxy Music....她祖父喜欢唱歌,使得在学校读书的Carine也受到感染因而时常逃课在家,躲在衣橱里,直到妈妈出去工作,然后一个人呆在家里听音乐。听着听着她就会提高分贝声嘶力竭的跟着唱机一起唱,这样的行为引来邻居和学校的极度不满,可是她似乎毫不在乎。在她看来Physical graffiti才是教她应该学什么的老师。
96年夏天,carina得到了一个机会能在伯明翰的一个地下音乐酒吧演出三个晚上,从此她便开始了自己的酒吧唱歌生涯。到99年时,她几乎在英国所有酒吧演出过,并与David Gray,Miles Hunt,Ben Christophers,Mark Eitzel,Cousteau...等人合作。
Carine与贝司手Simon Smith,鼓手Marous Galley组成乐队。他们首次合作是在COLDPLAY伯明翰音乐节的演出上,而这次演出之后她便被制作人Gavin Monaghan发现并直接进入录音棚,短短的10天时间就完成了她的首张专辑。Carina以她天生阴冷嗓音和强烈的现场表现力出色的诠释了这张专辑。
有人将carina round和PJ harvey相比较,确实,他们一样是个性派的女声,也有相似的尖利,但是carina还有着the smith的低郁以及她所独有的那份桀骜和坚强.(转自网络)

Slow Motion Addict, Carina Round's third album and second for Interscope, was my introduction to this great voice. Carina has a talent for writing catchy yet dark pop songs that stick in your head for days, as is evidenced with this album.
The album starts off with a bang on "Stolen Cars" one of the albums best songs. It features an insanely catchy chorus showcases Carina's use of hard/soft dynamics. This song is followed by the still upbeat "How Many Times" which is another great song. After that is "Gravity Lies" and "Ready to Confess" which still keep the energy up. While "Gravity" one the best songs lyrically here goes back to the loud/soft dynamic, "Ready to Confess" is just an all out rocker. This followed by one of my favorites, "I Want More" it is a fun, well written song. It begins with one of the best lines on the album:"It's not me/I'm representing someone who died during the conversation" The vocals are very emotional here.

Track #6 is an album highlight. "Take the Money" is a sarcastic examination of the music industry and selling out. A very catchy, clever , well written song.

After this the album slows down a little. "Down Slow" is a good enough song but doesn't stick out like all the other songs. However, it is followed by the remarkable "Come to You" Carina's voice on the choruses just soars, and the multi tracking on the verses just makes for a beautiful song. A real pleasure to listen to. The title track is next, and is another great song,well sung, eventually fading into two minutes plus of lovely guitar drone. Instrumentally, this song is one of the more impressive here.

"January Heart" is a gorgeous slow ballad, followed by another,"The Disconnection", which was the title of her second album. The strings on this track make it stand out, but it is overshadowed by the two tracks surrounding it. Closing everything out is the masterful, slowly building "The City" which culminates in Multi-tracking of Carina's voice singing us out. It's a beautiful sound.

Overall, this album puts other female singer-songwriters and singer-songwriters in general to shame. Carina's voice is a thing of beauty that deserves to be heard by all. Normally I don't like when the faster and slower material is separated so clearly as it is on this album but in this case it works well. I would highly recommend this to pop music fans, singer-songwriter fans, or just fans of good music in general. No doubt will rate as one of 2007's best albums.


1. Stolen Car
2. How Many Times
3. Gravity Lies
4. Ready To Confess
5. Want More
6. Take The Money
7. Down Slow
8. Come To You
9. Slow Motion Addict
10. January Heart
11. The Disconnection
12. The City
13. Same Girlfriend (Bonus Track)







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