《数字雕刻软件》(Autodesk MudBox 1.0.7 Professional)

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    制作发行Autodesk (Skymatter)
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英文名Autodesk MudBox 1.0.7 Professional
制作发行Autodesk (Skymatter)

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Autodesk MudBox 1.0 Professional

安全检测软体: NOD32防毒系统
版本: 3.0.414
杀毒引擎版本: 2617(20071025)

测试系统: Windows XP
版本: 5.1.2600 Service Pack 2

共用伺服器: www.UseNeXT.to、Em Srever No.1
共用服务时间: 全天不定时


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Autodesk, Inc. (NASDAQ: ADSK) 已经完成了对三维建模软件 Mudbox 的开发商 Skymatter Limited 所有资产的收购。Skymatter 是总部位于新西兰的一家未上市企业。2007年8月6日,Autodesk 公布了一项收购 Skymatter 资产的协议。

该收购将扩展 Autodesk 为电影、电视和游戏细分市场所提供的软件,同时为三维汽车及工业设计等其它设计项目提供更多增长机会。Mudbox 已经被用于卖座影片《金刚》(King Kong) 以及即将推出的《黄金罗盘》(The Golden Compass)、《北极的圣诞老人兄弟》(Fred Claus) 还有《墨水心》(Inkheart) 等影片中用以制作照片级真实的镜头。

新西兰 Skymatter Limited 公司开发的 MudBox 数字雕刻软件提供了一种全新的基于绘画笔刷的建模方式,使得用户可以在三维空间之中自由地使用画笔笔刷工具雕刻出复杂的生物体三维模型,这对于传统的雕刻师和数字艺术家都构成极强的吸引力。MudBox 数字雕刻软件提供了即操作简单又交互快速的工具组件,这包括建模工具和模型细节的制作工具等。用 MudBox 数字雕刻软件制作的模型可很容易地输出到 Autodesk 公司的 Maya,3Ds Max 等三维软件中进行贴图处理、角色绑定、动画设置和最终渲染。

由于当今的数字涉及领域愈来愈需要更加高度集成化的数字创作工作流程解决方案,以及更高的复杂度和真实性,为了能够创作出更加高级的数字角色和模型,因此三维位艺术家们会非常依赖于 MudBox 数字雕刻软件提供的强大功能和 Autodesk 公司的 Maya,3Ds Max 等三维解决方案。通过收购 Skymatter Limit,Autodesk 公司将会为行业提供出更加完整的数字解决方案。对整个数字设计产业,包括电影、电视、游戏、汽车及工业设计领域都将产生积极而深远的影响。

Home Page:
http://www.mudbox3d.com/ IPB Image

Autodesk has completed the acquisition of substantially all the assets of Skymatter Limited, the developer of Mudbox 3D modeling software. On August 6, 2007, Autodesk announced an agreement to purchase Skymatter’s assets. This acquisition expands Autodesk’s offering for the film, television and game market segments, while providing additional growth opportunities for other design disciplines, such as 3D automotive and industrial design.

What is Mudbox?

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Autodesk® MudboxTM is the first advanced, high resolution brush-based 3D sculpting software that is built from the ground up to address the needs of the professional digital sculptor.

Designed by production artists for production artists, Mudbox introduces new ideas and combines familiar concepts in fresh ways to offer a unique solution for high-end commercial modeling and design.

With its friendly interface, consistent structure, respect for industry convention, and a "get it done" focus, Mudbox is quick to learn and easy to use, integrating seamlessly with existing pipelines. Digital artists with previous 3D experience are quickly productive in Mudbox with minimal or even no orientation.

Key Features & Benefits

Autodesk® Mudbox™ software is an advanced, high-resolution, brush-based 3D modeling application built on a powerful sculpting paradigm. This production-tested software has been designed from the ground up to address the needs of professional modelers working in the film, game development, design, and visualization industries.

Feature Highlights

Mudbox 1.0 has already had a significant impact on the entertainment and design-visualization industries. Its innovative features include:

Sculpting Paradigm: Using fast, high-quality brushes, artists can sculpt their 3D geometry quickly and precisely. Brush tips can be accurately shaped with falloff curves and stamps.

3D Layers: Mudbox delivers the 3D equivalent image-editing style layering so that modelers can work with multiple layers across various levels of detail. This enables them to store detail passes, libraries of morph targets, and more -- and then blend them with interactive multiplier sliders and layer masks.

Friendly, Efficient UI and Workflows: Mudbox was designed for both traditional and digital artists. This drastically reduces the time it takes to become productive on the software.

Performance: Innovative streaming technology lets modelers work quickly and efficiently with even the largest, most face-intensive 3D models and scenes.

Multi-resolution Editing: Multi-resolution, hierarchical subdivision (sub-d) technology lets artists subdivide, when they want, where they want (through local subdivision), and to what degree they want -- the latter through a unique level streaming technology that increases the number of polygons up to which a mesh can be subdivided.

Texture Baking: The software’s texture baking capabilities solve one of the most common bottlenecks in game and film production pipelines: baking of normal and displacement maps. Using Mudbox, artists can bake high-quality normal and displacement maps between multiple arbitrary meshes. Detail can be baked in 8, 16, and 32-bit maps.

3D Layers

The efficient Mudbox layer workflow allows the modeler to store different detail passes, libraries of morph targets and more on multiple layers. Interactive multiplier sliders and layer masks are available for precision blending.

Selective Symmetry
Artists can mirror or flip the detail stored in one or more layers.

Mudbox delivers paintable masks for non-destructive editing.

Layer Management
An intelligent, familiar UI allows artists to quickly duplicate, merge, flatten, group, and re-order layers.

Advanced Sculpting

High-quality brushes, stencils, and curves let artists quickly “sculpt” their 3D geometry into the model they envision.

3D Brushing
Using the fast, intuitive Mudbox brush tools, artists can sculpt in 3D on even the densest models. Intelligently designed, default brushes can be quickly tailored for custom brush behavior and performance. Base brush types include a scratch brush that lets modelers sculpt cleanly at any speed and a Flatten brush, which enables them to quickly create planes and erase detail -- invaluable for those working on hard surface models.

Brush Tip Control and Precision
Artists can accurately shape their brush tips with falloff curves and stamps. A sharp falloff curve will cut an accurate, sharp stroke into the geometry -- with no soft stroke profiles.

3D Brush Stamps
Mudbox enables artists to use image stamps to quickly brush -- in 3D -- a detailed texture directly into their mesh.

Asymmetrical Mirroring
The powerful, new, tangent space symmetry functionality lets modelers sculpt symmetrically on asymmetrical models, providing an enormous productivity boost for those who work on posed or asymmetrical models.

Artists can quickly position stencil images over their model and then rub the detail into the mesh.

By acting as railings for brush strokes, curves give users precise control over their sculpting.

Multi-Resolution Mesh Editing

Advanced subdivision technology gives artists the ultimate in polygon mesh control.

Level Streaming Technology
Unique level streaming technology lets artists increase the number of polygons up to which a mesh can be subdivided.

Integrated Local Subdivision
Fully integrated, local subdivision capabilities vastly increase the efficiency and interactivity of the sub-d workflow. Artists select an area of their model, subdivide it, and can then step up and down between sub-d levels as needed -- completely independent of the rest of the mesh.

Texture Baking

The Mudbox texture baking capabilities solve one of the most common bottlenecks in production pipelines: baking of normal and displacement maps.

Baking between Multiple Arbitrary Meshes
Mudbox enables artists to bake high-quality normal and displacement maps between multiple arbitrary meshes. Detail can be baked into 8, 16, and 32-bit maps.

Sub-d to Sub-d Extraction
The Subdivision Texture Baking option addresses poly faceting by using the limit surfaces of the given meshes to generate smooth high-quality maps.

Mesh Displacement
Meshes can be displaced with multiple floating point maps.


Multiple Texture Display
Modelers can apply one or more image maps to any object, independent of the other objects in the scene.

Smooth Normal Shading Mode
This feature offers artists a display more representative of the limit surface, enabling artists to work with coarser meshes without experiencing faceting issues - which can be a tremendous productivity boost.

Draft Render Mode
A new draft render mode dramatically increases interactive performance for those navigating scenes with dense meshes.

Speed Review Mode
The new speed review mode gives users high-quality display with incredible performance.

General and Miscellaneous

Overall Performance
The software’s innovative polygon streaming technology lets users fully exploit their system’s processing power. Mudbox is renowned for its ability to nimbly import and handle the most face-intensive scenes.

UI and Workflow
Tools are organized in a familiar, intuitive manner, making Mudbox exceptionally easy to use and learn. For example, conventional camera controls maximize user workspace and reduce “back and forth” workflows that interrupt the creative process. The new, Hover Pick functionality, when combined with operation hotkeys, gives artists a fast, simple workflow for working with one or more objects. Asymmetrical modeling streamlines the process of working on posed or asymmetrical models.

Full Triangle and N-gon Support
Mudbox lets artists import, sculpt and bake meshes with tri, quad, and n-sided faces while preserving mesh structure and vertex IDs.

Full 3D Cameras
Mudbox gives artists multiple 3D cameras per scene; plus, it supports importing/exporting of existing cameras between scenes. Cameras can be locked and transforms controlled precisely via numerical input. Because the Mudbox camera is fully 3D, artists can travel inside and through their meshes. They are then free to sculpt, regardless of direction or distance.

Support for Multiple Objects
Modelers can create or import multiple meshes, cameras, lights, and materials in one scene and manage them by hiding, showing, selecting, locking, subdividing, etc., each separately.

Built-in Image Browser
A built-in image browser -- with full support for 16 and 32-bit images -- allows users to view reference images and quickly assign them to stamps, stencils, and camera image planes.






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