Hamster Theatre -《The Public Execution of Mister Personality & Quasi Day Room 》[MP3!]

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专辑中文名The Public Execution of Mister Personality & Quasi Day Room

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专辑名称:The Public Execution of Mister Personality/Quasi Day Room [LIVE]
专辑歌手:Hamster Theatre
专辑种类:Avant-Prog/Experimental Rock/Avant-Garde/Folk-Jazz
压缩比率:CBR 192Kbps



就像爱丽丝梦游仙境一般,带着好奇心去听,当最后一曲It Was Only A Dream结束的时候相信你会莞尔一笑,然后进入梦乡。


Intricate, restless, and on occasion quite funny, this combination of studio and live work ( from the severely under-attended 2002 Progman event in Seattle -- and yes, I was there ) presents some expert excursions in non-stop musical transformations. Moving from the exceedingly hectic and frenetic to the nearly serene through seemingly effortless gestures, Hamster Theatre all the while maintains a highly refined sense of tension between reassuring and disturbing tonalities. Atypical writing, atypical instrumentation and an ear for non-linear transitions supported by virtuoso playing all allude to some of the finest moments that might result from crossing an apolitical Henry Cow with a still witty Hatfield and the North, somewhere during that most golden age of Canterbury. My apologies for the comparison -- HT comes out of all this as a thing unto itself, of course.

Music such as this refuses to die, refuses to go away. By demanding close listening, this is among that rare kind of stuff that continues to reveal nuances and details with repeated listening over long periods. In so doing, Hamster Theatre keeps alive the tradition that quality work wins out in the end -- thanks to its uncanny ability to attract listeners who know what it means to actually listen. Especially in this case, because of the way in which the elements interact within pieces as well as between pieces. Just one more great collection of music added to the already overwhelmingly compelling case to be ever farther removed from the deadening predictability of the mainstream.

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Disc:1 The Public Execution of Mister Personality

01. Race Against Time
02. 162
03. We Unearth The Lost Book Of Mister Personality, And Its Consequences
04. Reddy 4 Luv
05. The Quasi Day Room Ceremonial Quadrille
06. Love Theme Form 'All Clytemnestra On The Western Front'
07. Oye Comatose
08. Litost
09. La Sacre D'Merde
10. The Quasi Day Room Ceremonial Tango
11. The Fairytale In Reverse
12. Phoenix
13. It Was Only A Dream

Disc: 2 Quasi Day Room [LIVE]

01. Bean Dance
02. The Cat Song
03. Bur Di Lie Town So
04. Jeanne-Marie
05. Bug 2: The History Of The United States Of America
06. Vermilion Hue Over Lake Sausanne
07. Fever
08. Vang Vang
09. Home
10. The 5
11. Hamster Dance
12. The Bug Show
13. Cat 2: Siege On Hamburger City







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