《Total Training Visual Studio 2005 教程》(Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 Productivity with .NET Framework 2.0)[ISO]

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中文名Total Training Visual Studio 2005 教程
英文名Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 Productivity with .NET Framework 2.0

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Total Training Visual Studio 2005 Productivity with .NET Framework 2.0 (VS专业编程教程):
Total Training for Microsoft® Visual Studio 2005 Productivity with .NET Framework 2.0
Hosted by Asli Bilgin


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一份专业的VS编程教程,由著名的Total Training公司出口发行。本教程时长7小时,共2 DVD,极品教程,包括了源文件,使用了visual C# 以及VB.net技法。作者使用业界领先的Visual Studio 2005 NET Framework 2.0开发商业产品, 使用户能够高效地设计、开发应用程序。使用业界领先的2.0技能达到世界级的设计和代码程序应用。这两张DVD视频教学训练丰富你对VS05所必需的高级技能!


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These self-guided lessons from Total Training help you increase your knowledge and understanding of Visual Studio. Whether you are looking to stay competitive or just keep up to date on the latest Microsoft technology, this series is your ticket to success. Get warmed up with some basics on debugging - setting breakpoints with a desktop application and working with Web-based applications. Next it's time to understand how to make the most of smart client applications and how to work with code access security. Wrap up your knowledge base by exploring topics on working with web services, the Compact Framework, and Mobile Applications.

 Note: The source code within this training is implemented in visual C# and VB.net


Learn how to be more productive and obtain faster results with Windows Forms Applications and Smart Client Applications.
Discover how to produce dynamic Windows, Web, mobile, and Office-based solutions.
Streamline communication and collaborate more effectively within your software teams with the Web Site Administration Tool.
Take steps to ensure quality early and often throughout the development process.
Understand how to build a robust user interface with ASP.NET 2.0.
Total Training for Microsoft® Visual Studio 2005 Productivity with .NET Framework 2.0

作者:Asli Bilgin,作者来头不小!

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Asli Bilgin is an industry recognized speaker on the latest advancements with Microsoft technologies, and serves as a contributing editor to various technical publications. Asli's latest book Mastering Database Programming with Visual Basic.NET (Sybex), has been translated into six languages and serves as the curriculum for college and post-graduate institutions in the United States, United Kingdom, Israel, and India

.NET Framework
.NET Framework 是微软的几个开发团队一起努力发展的成果,最主要用来产生一个可以用来快速开发、部署网站服务及应用程序的开发平台。这个架构是两个项目的结果:第一个项目的目的是用来改善Windows 作业平台上的程序开发,特别是改善COM(Component Object Model,组件对象模块。一种微软所制定的软件技术;让对象的功能可以被其它软件所叫用,可以让组件重复使用、容易更新及维护);第二个项目则是制作一个以发展服务(Service)软件为目标的开发平台。这两个项目团队三年多前就已经在一起工作,他们希望可以发展出一种可以快速开发出以因特网为基础,而且易学易用的开发平台。

Part 1 – Understanding the Fundamentals

Lesson 1: Getting Started (34 min)
1. What is Visual Studio 2005 & the .NET Framework 2.0?
2. Choosing the Appropriate Architecture
3. Examining Solution Templates
4. Exploring Templates for Web Applications
5. Taking a Closer Look at the Server Explorer
6. Setting Up Database Connection
7. Examining the Solution Explorer
8. Working with the Properties Window
9. Working with the Toolbox

Lesson 2: Leveraging Productivity Features (36 min)
1. Exploring the IDE
2. Working with the Code Editor
3. Using IntelliSense®
4. Working with the XML Editor
5. Working with XML Schema
6. Working with Code Snippets
7. Working with Commenting
8. Working with Code Snippets in a C# Project
9. Taking a Look at Object Oriented Programming

Lesson 3: Creating Windows Forms Applications (40 min)
1. Exploring Windows Application Basics
2. Adding Controls to the Form
3. Build a Browser Desktop Application
4. Adding Controls to the Application
5. Customizing a Windows Desktop Application
6. Adding Functionality to the Application

Lesson 4: Data access & ADO.NET with Desktop Applications (31 min)
1. Taking a Look at a Finished Application
2. Working with the Data Source Configuration Wizard
3. Experimenting with the Data Sources Window
4. Working with the Data Grid View Control
5. Working with Columns
6. Examining the ADO.NET Object Library
7. Explaining Details of the Table Adapter
8. Add Update Functionality to an Application

Lesson 5: ADO.NET in the Middle Tier (43 min)
1. Working with Data Access
2. Reviewing the Data Access Controls
3. Understanding the Command Object
4. Creating a Select Statement
5. Working with the GridView Control
6. Adding a Parameterized Query
7. Binding to Business Objects
8. Defining a Generic List
9. Adding User Interface Elements to a Form
10. Binding the Data GridView Control to an Object
11. Entering Data to the Customer Tracker

Lesson 6: Build a Robust User Interface with ASP.NET 2.0 (45 min)
1. Reviewing the Top Ten Features of ASP.NET 2.0
2. Examining an ASP.NET 2.0 Solution Template
3. Examining the Web.Config File
4. Working with ASP.NET 2.0 Controls
5. Working with the Radio Button List Control
6. Maintaining Scroll Position
7. Binding to an XML File with the Bulleted List Control
8. Applying Themes & Skins
9. Working with the MultiView Control

Lesson 7: Publish a Smart Client Application with Click Once (28 min)
1. Smart Client Architectural Choices
2. Exploring Benefits of Smart Client
3. Building Your Own Smart Client Application
4. Creating a Data Aware Smart Client Application
5. Publishing & Installing Your Application
6. Setting Up Automatic Updates
7. Rolling Back the Application to a Previous Version

Lesson 8: Personalize Secure Smart Client Applications (35 min)
1. Signing Applications with Certificates
2. Working with Internet Explorer Zones
3. Calculating Permissions
4. Using the .NET Framework Configuration Tool

Part 2 – Beyond the Fundamentals

Lesson 1: Building & Connecting to Web Services (27 min)
1. Exploring Service Oriented Design
2. Creating a Web Service
3. Binding Web Services to Data
4. Testing a Web Service
5. Binding Data Controls to a New Service
6. Updating a Database through a Web Service

Lesson 2: Debug a Smart Client Application (11 min)
1. Setting Break Points with the Desktop Application
2. Running the Debugger
3. Working with Data Tips
4. Working with Data Visualizers & Breakpoints

Lesson 3: Best Practices Using Exception Handling (23 min)
1. Handling Exceptions
2. Working with the Exception Assistant
3. Enabling Oine Mode
4. Working with When Clauses
5. Customizing Your Debugging Options
6. Publishing a Release Build
5. Setting Oine Caching
6. Comparing Cached & Live Data
7. Personalizing the User Experience
8. Adding a Check Box to Add to the User Experience
9. Final Comments & Creditst

Lesson 4: ASP.NET 2.0 Website Administration Tool (15 min)
1. Launching the ASP.NET Website Administration Tool
2. Looking at the Application Tab
3. Understanding the Provider Tab
4. Creating a SQL Server Membership Provider

Lesson 5: New Security Features in ASP.NET 2.0 (49 min)
1. Operating a Secure Website
2. Specifying a Membership Provider
3. Configuring Forms Authentication
4. Managing User Accounts
5. Examining the ASP.NET DB Database
6. Creating a Secure Zone & Enabling Roles
7. Managing Access Roles
8. Setting Up a Page with the New Login Controls
9. Creating a Registration Page
10. Directing a User to Login
11. Redirecting to the Default Page
12. Handling Password Recovery

Lesson 6: Debugging & Tracing with ASP.NET 2.0 (24 min)
1. Launching the Debugger
2. Working with the Watch Window
3. Setting Trace Points
4. Working with Tracing
5. Adjusting Trace Settings
6. Final Comments & Credits

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These self-guided lessons from Total Training help you
increase your knowledge and understanding of Visual Studio.
Whether you are looking to stay competitive or just keep up
to date on the latest Microsoft technology, this series is
your ticket to success. Get warmed up with some basics on
building smart client and web applications, as well as
exception handling, debugging and security considerations.
See how you can rapidly build applications using the
roductivity features of Visual Studio 2005.

-DVD (Vol 1)
-DVD (Vol 2)


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