The Happy Hour band -《Happy Now》Bootleg[MP3!]

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专辑中文名Happy Now

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如果你是Yahowa 13的Fans,千万不要错过这张仅发行了500份的专辑,这张由Yahowa 13的Djin Aquarian和Sky "sunlight" Saxon等成员在一个向13th Floor Elevators致敬的小厂牌Splash 2 Records下发行,6首超长且粗糙的Acid trip,口味较重

Some might still know / remember or might have heard of Yahowa 13, a cult figure band that released a couple of weird psychedelic jam records with "spiritual" & tribal content. I made a separate Webpage about Yahowha 13. The leader died because of an accident, but the group members still remained active and recorded also various tracks over the years. John Wilby got into contact with Djin at around the publication appearance of the interview with Yahowha 13 members at the Perfect Sound Forever Website. He mentioned that he was looking for some way to make available the recordings he had made with Saxon over the years. Round about the same time another artist had mentioned that they had some unreleased recordings and wished they could somehow find someone to release them. Seeing this as too much of a coincidence to ignore he decided to form a label to release both artists' work. The label is called Splash 2 Records in tribute to the 13th Floor Elevators who wrote a song called Splash 1. 'Happy Now' is the first release. This consists of rehearsal recordings that were made with Djin and Sky plus local musicians from the Mount Shasta area of Northern California where they both now live. The title comes from the question 'Can We Be Happy Now?' that Djin can be heard to ask at the start of the long track 'In The Cradle Of Love/Freeway.' The Happy Hour Band is just a name that Djin made up when he asked him what the name of the band was.

The style is really not so very different from what Djin and Sky Saxon did with Yahowa 13. The recording is not perfect, but the tiny distortion fits perfectly with the bluesy psych effect of the music.

In general the musicians improvised on repetitive patterns, where with Yahowa they tried to do it with a Kundalini or yogi-energy that was over a sort of orgastic top. This happens two times on the album. On the first track and really completely over the edge at the last track. In between are a couple of somewhat song based improvisations that are moody, but didn't get into that overdrive which in earlier recordings was caused by a spiritual drive mostly.

The first track in, is a bluesy folk psych improvisation. Further on in this track the improvisation goes over the top, and rhythms & guitar become very psychedelic. With Sky Saxon on vocals. "Venus we come" is a fine psych song too. "City Pity" is a somewhat tempered and stoned improvisation. The first part is fine to listen too, but not essential ; the track gets hardly beyond the limitations of the improvisations itself. "Let's be lovers / YHVH all" with its appealing repetitive chords and rhythms, but also this track is just nice, and nothing more. The senile commune version of "Silent Night" is a strange oddity. With bells, drums, piano and backing vocals and all. In some way I really don't understand how they got into singing this. But I still have the Father Christmas image of Father Yod in mind. Here the abandoned children wane as a remaining memory. Last track luckily has again the tendency to become completely psychedelic and over the top , with guitars and organ, drums, and later on some harpsichord and some distorted guitar improvisations too as well as crazy second (female) vocals. A great track that makes up for the more repetitive and more common tracks in the middle. At the end it sounds a bit like The End from The Doors. A great end indeed.


01. Dog's Cruisin' & Wild Child
02. Venus Here We Come
03. City Pity
04. Let's Be Lover's -YHVH All
05. Silent Night The Happy
06. In The Cradle Of Love-Freeway







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