Craig Armstrong -《Piano Works》[MP3!]

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专辑中文名Piano Works

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专辑名称:Piano Works
专辑艺人:Craig Armstrong
发行公司:Sanctuary Records
发行日期:October 5, 2004


其实在音乐面前任何溢美之词都是苍白和多余的,有时better off keeping secrets... cool.gif 偶也省得痛苦的搜肠刮肚了


Home Page (点击)

Craig Armstrong是Massive Attack创立的Melankolic厂牌旗下的顶级混音大师和目前在好莱坞炙手可热的电影配乐大师,被看成是Massive Attack的特色标签。他曾在伦敦英国皇家艺术院学习音乐后来又在苏格兰学习。这个时期他获得了作曲和包括GLAA年轻爵士音乐家在内的许多奖励。从那以后他的事业非常成功,参与制作电影,电视,剧院和商业音乐。他曾任皇家莎士比亚乐团,苏格兰管弦乐队和Tron剧院的委任。Craig创作的歌曲包括和Texas合作的 "I Don't Want A Lover" ,和Big Dish合作"Satellites" ,和Massive Attack合作的"Weather Storm" 和"Sly" 。他的管弦乐出现在麦当娜,U2,Passengers,The London Future Sound和Suede、Bjork等乐队的专辑中。他曾经为《红磨坊》、《007黄金眼》、《永远的蝙蝠侠》、《职业特工队》等电影主题音乐作曲并监制了弦乐部分,他还为Baz Luhrmann广受好评的电影《罗密欧与朱丽叶》联合创作了电影原声。Craig在爱丁堡国际电影节上获得了包括最佳短片《Close》在内的三个奖项。就在最近他为受到高度评价的"20 Movements"作曲,它在96年的电影节上试演。他的首张专集是具有现代感的弦乐作品,充满美丽,豪华,宏大的弦乐,他邀请了Cocteau Twins的Liz Fraser和Blue Nile的Paul Buchanan担任歌手。

Craig Armstrong studied composition and piano at the Royal Academy of Music where in 1981 he was awarded the Charles Lucas prize and the Harvey Lohr scholarship for composition. He was also awarded the FTCL Fellowship in composition and won the GLAA young jazz musician of the year in 1982.
Following a period as resident student composer at the London Contemporary Dance School, Armstrong was appointed Music and Dance specialist at Strathclyde Regional Council in 1984 and also attended the Gulbenkian course for composers and choreographers.

In the late 80's Armstrong's composing career began to diversify widely. He received commissions from the Arts Council for various classical ensembles in Scotland and composed various scores as resident composer at the Tron Theatre in Glasgow. In the same period he received a Composer's Award form the Arts Council to study electronic music.

His music theatre group PERFORMANCE performed at the Glasgow Mayfest in 1990 and he continued writing for many award-winning theatre productions including MACBETH with Ian Glen and Ted Hughes' CROW. He also wrote a chamber opera for the Traverse Theatre which was commissioned by the Edinburgh Festival where it was first performed in 1993. He was also commissioned by the RSC to write the music for THE BROKEN HEART (1993) for the Barbican, London and THE SPANISH TRAGEDY (1998) for Stratford-upon-Avon.

From 1990-92 Armstrong received several BBC and STV music commissions, composing the music for Peter Mullens award winning film trilogy CLOSE, FRIDGE, and A GOOD DAY FOR THE BAD GUYS. In 1998 Armstrong was awarded BAFTA and Ivor Novello Awards for the score of Baz Luhrman's ROMEO AND JULIET written for Fox.

As well as his prolific film and classical compositions, Armstrong is known for his collaborations with artists such as Massive Attack, Madonna, U2, The Future Sound of London, and Björk; he also orchestrated the themes to GOLDEN EYE, BATMAN FOREVER, and MISSION IMPOSSIBLE.

Concert works include SLOW MOVEMENT (from the film ROMEO AND JULIET) and 20 MOVEMENTS FOR ORCHESTRA, commissioned by the Glasgow Mayfest and premiered by the Scottish Chamber Orchestra in 1996.

Armstrong's recent works include scores to PLUNKETT & MACLEANE and THE BONE COLLECTOR, a new work for Clio Gould and the BT Scottish Ensemble called IF TIME MUST PASS, and a contribution to the Hebrides Ensemble's MILLENNIUM SONGBOOK.


1. In My Own Words
2. Heatmiser 2
3. Hidden
4. Gentle Piece
5. Weather Storm
6. Diffuse
7. Leaving Paris
8. Fugue
9. Theme from Orphans
10. 1st Waltz
11. Satine's Theme
12. Morning Breaks
13. Laura's Theme
14. Glasgow Love Theme
15. Delay
16. Hymn 3
17. Angelina
18. Childhood 2
19. Sunrise







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