Skip Bifferty -《The Story of Skip Bifferty》Remastered[MP3!]

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专辑中文名The Story of Skip Bifferty
歌手Skip Bifferty

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这支包含了来自the Chosen Few的Rod Hood和Graham Bell的英国迷幻乐队,1962年成立,在著名经纪人Don Arden的带领下签约RCA,专辑的制作人则是Ronnie Lane和Steve Marriott.乐队在60年代末是John Peel的Top Gear节目中的常客,2002年再版的这个双张专辑收录了他们在RCA时期的作品以及两首BBC的bonus track


Skip Bifferty are something of a lesson in musical survival, and doubly so, since most of its members had viable and even highly successful careers in music stretching more than a decade after the group's break-up. The group was an offshoot of the latter-day Chosen Few, a Newcastle band that had been working together since 1962. They'd lost their bassist and lead guitarist in 1965, and organist Mick Gallagher kept the group going, recruiting John Turnbull on guitar and Colin Gibson on bass. With the departure of Chosen Few lead singer Rod Hood, Graham Bell joined as lead vocalist, but the time had come to close down the Chosen Few. Gallagher, Turnbull, Gibson, Bell, and drummer Tommy Jackman reorganized the band as Skip Bifferty.

Skip Bifferty was a psychedelic pop band that immediately found a enthusiastic audience at the Marquee Club, got Don Arden as manager (which led to a contract with RCA-UK), and were regular guests on John Peel's Top Gear. A series of singles followed, among them the hard-rocking "On Love" (their debut), but they redefined themselves more in the direction of flower-power with their next few records, starting with "Happy Land." Although none of their singles charted, RCA allowed them to cut a full LP, which contained some notable psychedelic and experimental tracks. Their final single, "Man In Black," was taken off the album and was produced by Ronnie Lane and arranged by Steve Marriott.

A dispute with Arden caused the band to walk out en masse, and they next appeared together under the pseudonym Heavy Jelly, cutting an eight-minute single ("I Keep Singing That Same Old Song") that charted in a few European countries and ended up on the multi-artist sampler LP Nice Enough To Eat--they abandoned the name, however, when they learned of a Jackie Lomax-fronted outfit organized by John Moorhead that was already using it. Bell, Gallagher, and Turnbull worked together in Bell & Arc, and Gibson passed through Snafu, while Gallagher was a member of Frampton's Camel and subsequently played with Turnbull in Loving Awareness, which evolved into Ian Dury's Blockheads in the late 1970's. Skip Bifferty's album was reissued on compact disc in the mid-1990's.



01. Money Man
02. Jeremy Carabine
03. When She Comes To Stay
04. Guru
05. Come Around
06. Time Track
07. Gas Board Under Dog
08. Inside The Secret
09. Orange Lace
10. Planting Bad Seeds
11. Yours For At Least
12. Follow The Path Of The Stars
13. Prince Of Germany The First
14. Clearway
15. Man In Black (Bonus Track)
16. On Love (Bonus Track)
17. Cover Girl (Bonus Track)
18. Happy Land (Bonus Track)
19. Around And Around (Previously Unissued Officially) (Bonus)
20. The Hobbit
21. Man In Black
22. Once
23. Aged Aged Man
24. Higher Than The Clouds
25. The Lion And The Unicorn
26. Disappointing Day
27. Money Man
28. I Dont Understand It
29. Dont Let Me Be Misunderstood
30. In The Morning
31. Follow The Path Of The Stars
32. When She Comes To Stay
33. I Keep Singing The Same Old Song
34. Blue
35. I Am The Noise In Your Head
36. Dont You Know
37. What A Day Its Been (BBC Session)
38. Shine (BBC Session)






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