Men At Large -《Love Struggle And Progress》[MP3!]

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专辑中文名Love Struggle And Progress
歌手Men At Large

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Men At Large成员发生了变化,原始成员Jason Champion退出了组合,由Edgar Porter来取代,在音乐风格上也有所改变,但依然具有很高的可听性...

Men at Large remembered for their No. 1 hits in 1992 (the classic So Alone, the soulful Umm Umm Good, and the dance hit Use Me) and their second album release in 1994 (One Size Fits All which held the Top Ten Hits, Lets talk about it and Holiday) as well as a host of other songs their true fans know and love. Men at Large have been anxiously waiting to show the world that not only is the group still strong, but have the Midas touch. Their new release due January 2, 2007 is expected to be an R&B classic. Their new label Couzan Records is amped and ready to put M.A.L. "Back On Top". With Universal handling the ground work their bound to make new waves while they establish themselves as one of the great groups of their era. With a national tour planned featuring long time friends Silk, Shai, H-town, The Rude Boys, and Color Me Badd it's time to bring the real back and make the world take notice. You can also check the boys out on the hit inspirational play " The Man He Used To Be" starring; Johnny Gill, Dave Hollister, Monifah, and Trent Roberts. It's a show you won't want to miss starting a national tour in November (dtba). Even though you haven't seen the boys they are still here and vow to never leave their fans hanging again. It's been a long hard struuggle and now it's time to get back on top. Remember it's MEN AT LARGE 4 EVER!
The Men At Large Discography:
Men At Large/Atlantic Records/1992
One Size Fits All/Atlantic Records/1994
Love Struggle and Progress/Rival Records/1999
Back On Top/Couzan:Universal Records/2007


01. Keepin' It Hot
02. I Don't Wanna Break Up
03. Are U Through With Me?
04. Drew from the Deck
05. Ghetto Love
06. Let Big Daddy
07. Now That You're Gone
08. You Played Me
09. You Just Gotta' Believe
10. If He Really Loves You
11. Skillz
12. How Bad Y'all Wanna' Know?






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