Sagittarius -《Blue Marble》Remastered[MP3!]

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专辑中文名Blue Marble

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尽管在当时没有获得很好的成绩,Sagittarius在今天看来仍然是西海岸流行迷幻的一颗珍宝,特别是1967年的单曲"My World Fell Down",听上去像是"Good Vibrations"时期的Beach Boys,当然这一切并无所谓,其实Sagittarius的录音专辑只是Gary Usher在闲暇时间做的工作,他当时主要工作还是与Brian Wilson一起制作Beach Boys和the Byrds的专辑

Although it only reached number 70 in the national charts, Sagittarius' 1967 single "My World Fell Down" is one of the great experimental pop-psych gems of the era. Sounding very much like a lost Beach Boys classic from the "Good Vibrations"/Smile era, the record had beautiful California pop harmonies, exquisite symphonic orchestration, and a downright avant-garde middle section of carnival and bullfight noises. It was perhaps too weird to become the Top 40 smash it deserved to be, but in any case, Sagittarius would have had a difficult time launching a successful career, as the group didn't really exist. It was a studio project of noted producer Gary Usher, who wrote several great Beach Boys songs with Brian Wilson and produced classic albums by the Byrds.

Usher made the recordings that came out under the Sagittarius name in his spare time, with help from such prominent friends as Beach Boy Bruce Johnston and Glen Campbell (who sings lead on the "My World Fell Down" single). The most important of Usher's associates, however, was fellow songwriter/producer/singer Curt Boettcher, who has a cult following of his own for the sunshiney California pop with a touch of psychedelia that he produced during the era, especially as part of the Millennium. Boettcher wrote and sang much of the material that ended up on Sagittarius' 1968 Columbia album, Present Tense. Unlike the "My World Fell Down" single (included on the LP in a brutally edited version), the album wasn't reminiscent of the Beach Boys at their best and most progressive. It was California good-time pop with a mild dab of psychedelia, relentlessly and sometimes annoyingly cheerful, although immaculately crafted and produced, particularly in the layered harmony vocals. Not as commercial as the Association (with whom Boettcher also worked), it still had a lot more in common with the Turtles and the Mamas and the Papas than Pet Sounds or the Byrds. Although it only sold in the neighborhood of 40,000-50,000 copies, the record has a cult following, and was reissued on CD in 1997 with numerous bonus tracks.


01. In My Room - Curt Boettcher, Sagittarius
02. From You Unto Us - Curt Boettcher, Sagittarius
03. Will You Ever See Me - Curt Boettcher, Sagittarius
04. Gladys - Curt Boettcher, Sagittarius
05. I Sing My Song - Curt Boettcher, Sagittarius
06. Blue Marble - Curt Boettcher, Sagittarius
07. Lend Me a Smile - Curt Boettcher, Sagittarius
08. I Still Can See Your Face - Curt Boettcher, Sagittarius
09. I See in You - Curt Boettcher, Sagittarius
10. Cloud Talk - Curt Boettcher, Sagittarius
11. In My Room [*] - Sagittarius
12. Navajo Girl [*] - Sagittarius
13. I Guess the Lord Must Be in New York City [*] - Sagittarius
14. I Still Can See Your Face [*] - Sagittarius
15. Will You Ever See Me [*] - Sagittarius







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