Liz Carroll & John Doyle -《演奏中》(In Play)[MP3!]

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专辑英文名In Play

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音乐风格:Celtic, Folk
唱片公司:Green Linnett #4418, 2005
压缩码率:平均比特率 282 kbps iTunes v6.0.1 lossy 44100 Hz


这是Liz Carroll(丽斯·卡罗尔)和她的好朋友John Doyle(约翰·多伊尔)的合作集子。在凯尔特,传统爱尔兰音乐的民谣领域,他们创造性的工作获得了良好的声誉……

Liz Carroll是一位爱尔兰裔小提琴演奏家,出生于美国芝加哥,父母都是爱尔兰人。1974年她参加了全爱尔兰小提琴锦标赛18岁以下组并胜出,次年她又赢得了全爱尔兰高级小提琴锦标赛的冠军。她录制有四张独奏专辑;分别和Tommy Maguire、John Doyle录制过两张专辑;并曾经和Billy McComiskey 、Dáithí Sproule建立“Trian”乐队,也曾经是Cherish the ladies的成员,其表演获得了广泛的好评。难能可贵的是她的音乐作品大多数源于自己的创作。

"Nothing less than breathtaking!" –The Irish Echo

Both fiddler Carroll and guitarist Doyle began their careers young, recognized as instrumental virtuosos. Carroll won the Senior All-Ireland Championship at age 18, not a small feat for an American. While Carroll traveled eastward across the Atlantic, Doyle moved westward, relocating from his family home in Dublin to New York. Introduced to Irish music by his grandfather Tommy, Doyle was playing professionally by age 16, and soon joined an energetic collection of New-York based Irish musicians, including Eileen Ivers and Seamus Egan. Doyle’s partnership with Egan became Solas, the supergroup which would come to define Irish-American music. Doyle pioneered a rhythmic, sophisticated approach to Irish guitar accompaniment, setting a new standard for the instrument.
Doyle and Carroll deliver gracefully, with the squeaky clean gem only they could pull off: an all instrumental, self-produced recording with no additional musicians necessary. Most of the tunes on the thirteen-track In Play are Carroll originals, with one Doyle tune, one Carroll/Doyle co-write, one Johnny Harling tune, and three traditional melodies arranged by the duo. Doyle offers a subtle texture change with bouzouki parts on several tracks, and both musicians explore the range of their expressive capabilities, proving themselves equally at home with heartbreaking slow airs and upbeat dance tunes. In Play is a record of consistent beauty from three old friends – Carroll, Doyle, and Irish Music.

Liz Carroll on Fiddle
John Doyle on Guitar, Bouzouki

Liz Carroll官网:http://www.lizcarroll.com/index.htm
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01. The Ronan Boys, Ralph's 2-3-5
02. Northern Jig, The Box Man
03. Rolling in the Barrell, The Laurel Tree, O'Rourke's
04. The Island of Woods
05. Smokies in Arbroath, Mystery Writer, The Blessings of Gold
06. Kieran's Polka, The Bike to Ballyhahill
07. Hunter's Moon, Getting There, The Morris Minor
08. The Man with One Kidney, The Spy Czar
09. Fremont Center, The 'Vornado', Minutemen
10. Dennehy Dancers, The McSweeney Side
11. Ashleigh Roach's, With Ourselves, Wild Pitch
12. A Long Night on the Misty Moor
13. Ceisel's Sword, The Monasteryedan Fancy







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