Elvis Presley -《24 Karat Hits》[APE]

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专辑中文名24 Karat Hits
歌手Elvis Presley

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在历经半个世纪后,摇滚乐早已成为20世纪人类最伟大的发明之一。而在那个摇滚乐诞生的年代里,身为首位将流行音乐普及化、率先将白人乡村音乐与黑人蓝调音乐予以融合,并将类Rock ’N’ Roll曲风、甚至於教堂的福音音乐…等作品,推进了排行榜的划时代人物,不仅已成为首位红遍英美、袭捲全球的摇滚巨星,奠立了其永恒的偶像地位,更已赢得大眾的尊崇,称呼他为"The King"─摇滚乐之王。猫王在1977年他42岁的时候就由于心脏病突发去世,但歌迷们对他的热爱并未因此消逝。30年过去了,他依然活在人们的心中(很多电影中都可以听到这句台词:ELVIS NEVER LEAVE US)。这张专辑发行在十年前,用"24K"来形容其纯度,一点都不为过。

Personnel includes: Elvis Presley (vocals); Chet Atkins (acoustic guitar); Scotty Moore (guitar); Floyd Cramer, Shorty Long (piano); Bill Black (bass); D.J. Fontana (drums); Marvin Hughes, Hilmer Timbrell, Dudley Brooks, Bob Moore, Hank Garland, Buddy Harman, Boots Randolph, Ray Siegel, Jimmy Haskell, Hal Blaine, Harold Bradley, Grady Martin, Barnie Mattinson, Barney Kessel, Emil Richards, Charlie McCoy, Pete Drake, Chip Young, Henry Slaughter, Jerry Reed, Charlie Hodge, Tommy Tedesco, Al Casey, Chuck Berghofer, Don Randi, Mike Deasy, Larry Knechtel, Gene Crisman, Reggie Young, Tommy Cogbill, Bobby Emmons, Bobby Wood, Mike Leech, James Burton, Ronnie Tutt, Jerry Scheff,John Wilkinson, Larry Muhoberac, Bob Lanning, The Jordanaires.Producers include: Hugo, Luigi, Felton Jarvis, Chips Moman.Engineers include: Bill Porter, Thorne Nogar, Murray Spivak, Lowell Kimbal, Jim Malloy.Recorded between January 10, 1956 and January 22, 1969. Includes liner notes by Bill R. Porter.Had Elvis Presley done nothing else but record "That's Alright, Mama," his place in pop music history would be secure. With his first regional hit, Presley fused rhythm and blues with country, put a handsome white face out front for audiences to see, and in so doing legitimized beat music for white audiences. It is no understatement to call Presley the chief catalyst of the rock-and-roll era. During the 1950s, Presley's records spent a collective 53 weeks in the number one chart position. Only the Beatles can boast similar sales success.Presley's monumental accomplishments continued until his untimely death in 1977. After a stint in the Army, he spent a decade making profitable but forgettable movies. Then in 1968 he reestablished his artistic relevance with a spectacular television special and several great albums. During the last decade of his career, Presley's live show was the hottest ticket in America. A great singer first and last, Presley was equally adept at raunchy blues, lilting boogie, operatic pop, and country tear-jerkers.

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01. Heartbreak Hotel - (mono)
02. Love Me - (mono)
03. Don't Be Cruel - (mono, with The Jordanaires)
04. Hound Dog - (mono, with The Jordanaires)
05. Love Me Tender - (stereo, from "Love Me Tender")
06. All Shook Up - (mono, with The Jordanaires)
07. Teddy Bear, (Let Me Be Your) - (mono, from "Loving You", with The Jordanaires)
08. Jailhouse Rock - (mono, from "Jailhouse Rock")
09. Wearing My Ring Around Your Neck - (mono, with The Jordanaires)
10. Big Hunk O' Love, A - (mono, with The Jordanaires)
11. Stuck On You - (stereo, with The Jordanaires)
12. It's Now Or Never - (stereo, with The Jordanaires)
13. Are You Lonesome Tonight? - (stereo, with The Jordanaires)
14. Surrender - (stereo, with The Jordanaires)
15. His Latest Flame, (Marie's The Name) - (stereo)
16. Little Sister - (stereo)
17. Can't Help Falling In Love - (stereo, from "Blue Hawaii")
18. Good Luck Charm - (stereo, with The Jordanaires)
19. She's Not You - (stereo, with The Jordanaires)
20. Return To Sender - (stereo, from "Girls! Girls! Girls!", with The Jordanaires)
21. Devil In Disguise, (You're The) - (stereo, with The Jordanaires)
22. Crying in the Chapel - (stereo, with The Jordanaires)
23. In The Ghetto - (stereo)
24. Suspicious Minds - (stereo)






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