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中文名Excel 2007 公式应用技巧
英文名Excel 2007 Formulas

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书名: Excel.2007.Formulas
作者: John Walkenbach
页数: 804 pages
出版: Wiley; Pap/Cdr edition (February 12, 2007)
语言: English
ISBN-10: 0470044020
ISBN-13: 978-0470044025


Book Description

This book is a single reference that’s indispensable for Excel beginners, intermediate users, power users, and would-be power users everywhere
Fully updated for the new release, this latest edition provides comprehensive, soup-to-nuts coverage, delivering over 900 pages of Excel tips, tricks, and techniques readers won’t find anywhere else
John Walkenbach, aka "Mr. Spreadsheet," is one of the world’s leading authorities on Excel
Thoroughly updated to cover the revamped Excel interface, new file formats, enhanced interactivity with other Office applications, and upgraded collaboration features
Includes a valuable CD-ROM with templates and worksheets from the book
From the Back Cover
Create killer formulas—Mr. Spreadsheet shows you how
Excel master John Walkenbach has shared his expertise in two previous editions of this bestseller. Now he shows you how to create financial formulas, release the power of array formulas, develop custom worksheet functions with VBA, debug formulas, and more with Excel 2007. If you already know your way around the newest Excel and want to concentrate on using formulas to extend its capabilities even further, you've come to the right place.
It's estimated that only about ten percent of Excel users really understand how to get the most out of worksheet formulas. If you're ready to join that elite group, here's your membership kit.
Sample files for tutorials
See the CD appendix for details and complete system requirements.
Mr. Spreadsheet's Success Techniques
Technique # 1 Master operators, error values, and absolute vs. relative references
Technique # 2 Find errors and debug formulas
Technique # 3 Use pivot tables to eliminate formulas
Technique # 4 Create single- and multi-cell array formulas
Technique # 5 Build custom functions with VBA

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Table of Contents
Part I: Basic Information.
Chapter 1: Excel in a Nutshell.
Chapter 2: Basic Facts about Formulas.
Chapter 3: Working with Names.
Part II: Using Functions in Your Formulas.
Chapter 4: Introducing Worksheet Functions.
Chapter 5: Manipulating Text.
Chapter 6: Working with Dates and Times.
Chapter 7: Counting and Summing Techniques.
Chapter 8: Using Lookup Functions.
Chapter 9: Tables and Worksheet Databases.
Chapter 10: Miscellaneous Calculations.
Part III: Financial Formulas.
Chapter 11: Borrowing and Investing Formulas.
Chapter 12: Discounting and Depreciation Formulas.
Chapter 13: Financial Schedules.
Part IV: Array Formulas.
Chapter 14: Introducing Arrays.
Chapter 15: Performing Magic with Array Formulas.
Part V: Miscellaneous Formula Techniques.
Chapter 16: Intentional Circular References.
Chapter 17: Charting Techniques.
Chapter 18: Pivot Tables.
Chapter 19: Conditional Formatting and Data Validation.
Chapter 20: Creating Megaformulas.
Chapter 21: Tools and Methods for Debugging Formulas.
Part VI: Developing Custom Worksheet Functions.
Chapter 22: Introducing VBA.
Chapter 23: Function Procedure Basics.
Chapter 24: VBA Programming Concepts.
Chapter 25: VBA Custom Function Examples.
Part VII: Appendixes.
Appendix A: Excel Function Reference.
Appendix B: Using Custom Number Formats.
Appendix C: Additional Excel Resources.
Appendix D: What’s on the CD-ROM.

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