Scott McKenzie -《Voice of Scott McKenzie》Remastered[MP3!]

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专辑中文名Voice of Scott McKenzie

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"如果你要去旧金山的话,请别忘了在头发上插满鲜花",如果你知道这首歌,你就不会不知道Scott McKenzie是谁了,这首歌来自于著名的"蒙特利国际流行音乐节"(Monterey International Pop Festival)。做为1967年"爱之夏"(Summer of Love)的前奏,这个标榜"音乐、爱和鲜花"的流行音乐节于1967年6月16-18日在离旧金山不远的蒙特利市举行。在音乐节开始以前,埃德勒让菲力普斯写一首宣传用的音乐节主题歌,菲力普斯灵感突现,只用了不到一个小时就写成了这首《旧金山》。歌曲由菲力普斯的好朋友,民歌手斯考特·麦肯奇(Scott McKenzie)演唱。

McKenzie, born Philip Blondheim, began his career in a very clean-cut folk group called the Journeymen. After recording some solo work, he met up with former Journeyman and then-Mamas & the Papas member John Phillips, who co-wrote "San Francisco (Be Sure to Wear Some Flowers in Your Hair)" with him. Its catchy melody and innocent, wide-eyed hippie altruism gave McKenzie a Top Five smash in America and a number one hit overseas. Despite other recordings, he was never able to duplicate this success as a singer. After a layoff, he rejoined Phillips in an '80s Mamas & the Papas reunion, and also co-wrote "Kokomo," which became a number-one smash for the Beach Boys in 1988.

There was more to Scott McKenzie than "San Francisco," though this album came out so long after that single peaked on the charts that few people ever bothered to buy it. There's nothing here quite like the title song, and none of the rest captures a magical mood or moment the way that the single did, though there is some very pretty music. McKenzie's rendition of Donovan's "Celeste" has a languid beauty, while his version of John Sebastian and Zal Yanovsky's "It's Not Time Now" is a more standard, rhythmic folk-rock piece. For reasons perhaps best known to himself, however, McKenzie's voice doesn't have as much range or flexibility on those two numbers as it seemed to show on "San Francisco." But when he does one of his originals, his expressiveness blooms, and he stays fairly strong on all of the rest. That includes Tim Hardin's "Reason to Believe" (one of the better renditions that song has ever received) and "No, No, No, No, No," a hook-laden piece about sexual pursuit and frustration with an exquisite orchestral accompaniment behind a lean, punchy acoustic band sound; and Hardin's haunting, cautionary "Don't Make Promises." Still, the songs that McKenzie does best here are the John Phillips-authored works — beyond the title cut, those include "Like an Old Time Movie" and "Twelve-Thirty." The latter has a poignancy here that the more familiar version by the Mamas & the Papas misses; one gets the illusion of a personal confessional, so closely does McKenzie seem to embrace the lyric. Some of his singing is still a bit too bland, but overall this would have been a promising first effort, had McKenzie been of more of a mind to follow it up quickly. The album was later repackaged in England as San Francisco, with a different song order, and has been reissued by Sony U.K. under that title.



01. San Francisco (Be Sure to Wear Flowers in Your Hair)
02. Like an Old Time Movie
03. Twelve Thirty
04. No, No, No, No, No
05. Celeste
06. Rooms
07. Don't Make Promises
08. Reasons to Believe
09. It's Not Time Now
10. What's the Difference (Chapter 1)
11. What's the Difference (Chapter 2)







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