Sister Rosetta Tharpe -《The Original Soul Sister 1938-1949》Box Set Remastered[FLAC]

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专辑中文名The Original Soul Sister 1938-1949
版本Box Set Remastered[FLAC]

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专辑类型:gospel/blues/jazz blues


这张4CD的BOX SET恰当地从四个原卷,他们分别有一份详细的小册子说明。标题是:This Train,Rock Me,Singing In My Soul,Shout Sister Shout。将她们30年代末的音乐组合成这张专辑。它们展现了Tharpe的吉他技巧。她的歌曲。还有她惊人粗旷的声音。

Alongside Willie Mae Ford Smith, Sister Rosetta Tharpe is widely acclaimed among the greatest Sanctified gospel singers of her generation; a flamboyant performer whose music often flirted with the blues and swing, she was also one of the most controversial talents of her day, shocking purists with her leap into the secular market -- by playing nightclubs and theatres, she not only pushed spiritual music into the mainstream, but in the process also helped pioneer the rise of pop-gospel. Tharpe was born March 20, 1921 in Cotton Plant, Arkansas; the daughter of Katie Bell Nubin, a traveling missionary and shouter in the classic gospel tradition known throughout the circuit as "Mother Bell," she was a prodigy, mastering the guitar by the age of six. At the same time she attended Holiness conventions alongside her mother, performing renditions of songs including "The Day Is Past and Gone" and "I Looked Down the Line."

In time the family relocated to Chicago, where Tharpe began honing her unique style; blessed with a resonant vibrato, both her vocal phrasing and guitar style drew heavy inspiration from the blues, and she further aligned herself with the secular world with a sense of showmanship and glamour unique among the gospel performers of her era. Signing to Decca in 1938, Tharpe became a virtual overnight sensation; her first records, among them Thomas A. Dorsey's "Rock Me" and "This Train," were smash hits, and quickly she was performing in the company of mainstream superstars including Cab Calloway and Benny Goodman. She led an almost schizophrenic existence, remaining in the good graces of her core audience by recording material like "Precious Lord," "Beams of Heaven" and "End of My Journey" while also appealing to her growing white audience by performing rearranged, uptempo spirituals including "Didn't It Rain" and "Down by the Riverside."

During World War II, Tharpe was so popular that she was one of only two black gospel acts -- the Golden Gate Quartet being the other -- to record V-Discs for American soldiers overseas; she also toured the nation in the company of the Dixie Hummingbirds, among others. In 1944, she began recording with boogie-woogie pianist Sammy Price; their first collaboration, "Strange Things Happening Every Day," even cracked Billboard's race records Top Ten, a rare feat for a gospel act and one which she repeated several more times during the course of her career. In 1946 she teamed with the Newark-based Sanctified shouter Madame Marie Knight, whose simple, unaffected vocals made her the perfect counterpoint for Tharpe's theatrics; the duo's first single, "Up Above My Head," was a huge hit, and over the next few years they played to tremendous crowds across the church circuit.

However, in the early '50s Tharpe and Knight cut a handful of straight blues sides; their fans were outraged, and although Knight soon made a permanent leap into secular music -- to little success -- Tharpe remained first and foremost a gospel artist, although her credibility and popularity were seriously damaged. Not only did her record sales drop off and her live engagements become fewer and farther between, but many purists took Tharpe's foray into the mainstream as a personal affront; the situation did not improve, and she spent over a year touring clubs in Europe, waiting for the controversy to die down. Tharpe's comeback was slow but steady, and by 1960 she had returned far enough into the audience's good graces to appear at the Apollo Theatre alongside the Caravans and James Cleveland. While not a household name like before, she continued touring even after suffering a major stroke in 1970, dying in Philadelphia on October 9, 1973.



Disc 1 - Shout Sister Shout
1. Rock Me
2. That's All
3. My Man And I
4. The Lonesome Road
5. Bring Back Those Happy Days
6. This Train
7. I Looked Down The Lane (And I Wondered)
8. God Don't Like It
9. Beams Of Heaven
10. Saviour Don't Pass Me By
11. The End Of My Journey
12. Sit Down
13. There Is Something Within Me
14. Stand By Me
15. Trouble In Mind
16. Rock Daniel
17. Four Or Five Times
18. Shout, Sister, Shout
19. The Lonesome Road
20. Shout, Sister, Shout

Disc 2 - Rock Me
1. Rock Me
2. That's All
3. Just A Closer Walk With Thee
4. Precious Lord, Hold My Hand
5. I'm In His Care
6. Nobody's Fault But Mine
7. I Want A Tall Skinny Papa
8. What He Done For Me
9. I Want Jesus To Walk Around My Bedside
10. All Over This World
11. Pure Religion
12. Rock Me
13. That's All
14. Trouble In Mind
15. Rock Daniel
16. Down By The Riverside
17. I Want A Tall Skinny Papa
18. This Train
19. Sin Is To Blame
20. That's All

Disc 3 - Singing In My Soul
1. Let That Liar Alone
2. The Devil Has Thrown Him Down
3. Sleep On Darling Mother
4. God Don't Like It
5. I Want To Live So God Can Use Me
6. Rock Me
7. What's The News
8. Nobody Knows, Nobody Cares
9. Jesus Taught Me How To Pray
10. Forgive Me Lord And Try Me One More Time
11. What Is The Soul Of Man?
12. Singing In My Soul
13. I Claim Jesus First
14. Strange Things Happening Every Day
15. Two Little Fishes And Five Loaves Of Bread
16. Don't Take Everybody To Be Your Friend
17. How Far From God
18. When I Move To The Sky
19. Jesus Is Here To Stay
20. Jonah

Disc 4 - This Train
1. God's Mighty Hand
2. The Lord Followed Me
3. This Train
4. Oh, When I Come To The End Of My Journey
5. Didn't It Rain
6. Stretch Out
7. This Train
8. When I Come To The End Of My Journey
9. Beams Of Heaven
10. Up Above My Head I Hear Music In The Air
11. My Journey To The Sky
12. Teach Me To Be Right
13. I Heard My Mother Call My Name
14. Heaven Is Not My Home
15. The Natural Facts
16. Ain't No Grave Hold My Body Down
17. Lay Down Your Soul
18. Precious Memories
19. Family Prayer
20. Down By The Riverside
21. Were You There When They Crucified My Lord?






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