Michiru Yamane -《恶魔城:月下夜想曲》(Castlevania Symphony of the Night Original Sound Track)320K[MP3!]

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专辑英文名Castlevania Symphony of the Night Original Sound Track
艺术家Michiru Yamane

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Castlevania: Symphony of the Night is probably the greatest Castlevania OST yet created, and one of the better game scores, overall. Probably the most outstanding trait of this OST is that it is the most varied Castlevania soundtrack yet. Older Castlevania scores were too limited by their sound systems.

So what musical styles are present? An easier question might be, "Which ones aren't?" If it can work in a Castlevania game, you'll probably find it here. Those who have played the game are well aware of "Prayer". Featuring solely the chanting of two female vocalists, with its mournful, haunting feel it is the perfect track to lead off a Dracula adventure. "Tower of Evil Fog" is purely symphonic in nature, and although somewhat mild in intensity, conveys the dark mood of the series and the vast dungeon setting of the game itself. "Requiem of the Gods" features somber high-pitched chanting eventually accompanied by epitaphial pipe organ and well-placed gongs from a funeral bell. No question about this being a Castlevania soundtrack. Several tracks are supplemented by ambient sounds such as whispering wind, dripping water, and creepy forest critters to further the mood.

Finally, what Castlevania soundtrack would be complete without some old-school rock? It's present here in four or so boss themes, a couple tracks from the final stages of the original Dracula X, and the very catchy original stage BGM "Dracula Castle". However, these all pale in comparison to the hard-rocking excellence of "Young Nobleman of Sadness", which is Castlevania rock at its best. Although orchestral instrumentation sets the evil backdrop and provides some well-done transitions, it's the electric guitar that gives the track all its head-banging glory. With its memorable melody, professional arrangement, and high-quality performance, the track is an instant classic.

Final Verdict: Despite the typical presence of forgettable tracks and the nuances of the OST format, the disc is overall a great production with some true gems. Truly, a must buy for video game soundtrack enthusiasts.


01 - Transformation No.1
02 - Prologue
03 - Illusionary Dance
04 - Symphony Of The Night
05 - Prayer
06 - Dracula Castle
07 - Golden Dance
08 - Marble Corridor
09 - Tower Of Evil Fog
10 - Nocturne
11 - Woodcarving Palteeta
12 - Gate Of Spirits
13 - Our Festival
14 - Resting Place
15 - Requiem Of The Gods
16 - Crystal Drops
17 - Path Of The Departed
18 - Rainbow Cemetery
19 - Stillness
20 - Lost Painting
21 - Pearl Dance Song
22 - Cursed Holy Castle
23 - Evil Banquet
24 - Awakened Soul
25 - Young Nobleman Of Sadness
26 - Through The Gate, Over The Deep Edge
27 - Through The Gate, Into The World Of Heaven
28 - The Poetic Melody Of Death
29 - Strange Bloodline
30 - Transformation No.2
31 - The Final Tocatta
32 - Black Feast
33 - Transformation No.3
34 - I Am The Wind






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