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中文名Cisco NAC Appliance
英文名Enforcing Host Security with Clean Access

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书名 : Cisco NAC Appliance: Enforcing Host Security with Clean Access (Networking Technology: Security)
作者 : by Chad Sullivan (Author), Jamey Heary (Author),Alok Agrawal (Author), Jerry Lin (Author)
出版 : Cisco Press publisher
版本 : 1st
语言 : English
ISBN : 1587053063

介绍:本书是关于Cisco网络安全中关键要素的实现和配置的最实用、最方便的指南!资深网络安全顾问Jamey Heary为Cisco安全产品的实现和配置提供了循序渐进的指南——包括使用Enforcing Host Security with Clean Access的深入介绍。该系列丛书提供了许多具体技术信息,可帮助网络互联领域的专业工作者准备Cisco职业认证考试。

Cisco NAC Appliance

Enforcing Host Security with Clean Access

Authenticate, inspect, remediate, and authorize end-point devices using Cisco NAC Appliance

Jamey Heary, CCIE® No. 7680

Contributing authors: Jerry Lin, CCIE No. 6469,

Chad Sullivan, CCIE No. 6493, and Alok Agrawal

With today's security challenges and threats growing more sophisticated, perimeter defense alone is no longer sufficient. Few organizations are closed entities with well-defined security perimeters, which has led to the creation of perimeterless networks with ubiquitous access. Organizations need to have internal security systems that are more comprehensive, pervasive, and tightly integrated than in the past.

Cisco® Network Admission Control (NAC) Appliance, formerly known as Cisco Clean Access, provides a powerful host security policy inspection, enforcement, and remediation solution that is designed to meet these new challenges. Cisco NAC Appliance allows you to enforce host security policies on all hosts (managed and unmanaged) as they enter the interior of the network, regardless of their access method, ownership, device type, application set, or operating system. Cisco NAC Appliance provides proactive protection at the network entry point.

Cisco NAC Appliance provides you with all the information needed to understand, design, configure, deploy, and troubleshoot the Cisco NAC Appliance solution. You will learn about all aspects of the NAC Appliance solution including configuration and best practices for design, implementation, troubleshooting, and creating a host security policy.

Jamey Heary, CCIE® No. 7680, is a security consulting systems engineer at Cisco, where he works with its largest customers in the northwest United States. Jamey joined Cisco in 2000 and currently leads its Western Security Asset team and is a field advisor for its U.S. Security Virtual team. His areas of expertise include network and host security design and implementation, security regulatory compliance, and routing and switching. His other certifications include CISSP, CCSP®, and Microsoft MCSE. He is also a Certified HIPAA Security Professional. He has been working in the IT field for 13 years and in IT security for 9 years.

- Understand why network attacks and intellectual property losses can
originate from internal network hosts
- Examine different NAC Appliance design options
- Build host security policies and assign the appropriate network
access privileges for various user roles
- Streamline the enforcement of existing security policies with the
concrete measures NAC Appliance can provide
- Set up and configure the NAC Appliance solution
- Learn best practices for the deployment of NAC Appliance
- Monitor, maintain, and troubleshoot the Cisco NAC Appliance solution

URL: http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/tg/detail/-/1587053063/

Contents at a Glance

Part I The Host Security Landscape 3
Chapter 1 The Weakest Link: Internal Network Security 5
Chapter 2 Introducing Cisco Network Admission Control Appliance 13
Part II The Blueprint: Designing a Cisco NAC Appliance Solution 21
Chapter 3 The Building Blocks in a Cisco NAC Appliance Design 23
Chapter 4 Making Sense of All the Cisco NAC Appliance Design Options 35
Chapter 5 Advanced Cisco NAC Appliance Design Topics 87
Part III The Foundation: Building a Host Security Policy 121
Chapter 6 Building a Cisco NAC Appliance Host Security Policy 123
Part IV Cisco NAC Appliance Configuration 163
Chapter 7 The Basics: Principal Configuration Tasks for the NAM and NAS 165
Chapter 8 The Building Blocks: Roles, Authentication, Traffic Policies, and User Pages 203
Chapter 9 Host Posture Validation and Remediation: Cisco Clean Access Agent and Network Scanner 239
Chapter 10 Configuring Out-of-Band 275
Chapter 11 Configuring Single Sign-On 345
Chapter 12 Configuring High Availability 405
Part V Cisco NAC Appliance Deployment Best Practices 443
Chapter 13 Deploying Cisco NAC Appliance 445
Part VI Cisco NAC Appliance Monitoring and Troubleshooting 461
Chapter 14 Understanding Cisco NAC Appliance Monitoring 463
Chapter 15 Troubleshooting Cisco NAC Appliance 495
Appendix Sample User Community Deployment Messaging Material 523
Index 528


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