Neil Young -《Live At Massey Hall》[FLAC]

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专辑中文名Live At Massey Hall
歌手Neil Young

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1971年1月19日,在美国已经初获成功的Neil Young回到了他的家乡加拿大,在多伦多的Massey Hall连续举办了两场演出,这张《Live at Massey Hall 1971》录制的就是当天的第二场演出。当时,Neil Young的经典之作《After The Gold Rush》刚刚发行不久,而他的另一张代表作《Harvest》此时正在酝酿之中。而在这场演出一开始,Neil Young就对观众说:“今晚我主要会唱一些新歌。”看来对家乡的观众,Neil Young明显还是“偏心”的。

  果然,除了几首早期的代表作《Helpless》,《Ohio》,《Cowgirl In The Sand》和《Down By The River》之外,Neil Young在这场演出中演唱了当时还未发行的专辑《Harvest》中的一些歌曲,像《Old Man》,《A Man Needs A Maid》,《Heart of Gold》和《The Needle And The Damage Done》等这些日后的热门歌曲都是在这次演出中“提前”跟歌迷见面的。值得一提的是,Neil Young在本场现场中唱的那一小段《Heart of Gold》跟此后出现在《Harvest》专辑中的版本完全不一样,本场中的《Heart of Gold》是全钢琴伴奏,完全没有用吉他和口琴。这首《Heart of Gold》日后成为Neil Young一生中唯一一首冠军单曲,也是他被其他歌手翻唱最多的歌曲之一。

  除了《Harvest》中的几首名曲外,Neil Young在这场演出中演唱的“新歌”还包括两年后才发行的专辑《Time Fades Away》中的《Journey Through the Past》和《Love in Mind》以及三年后发行的专辑《On the Beach》当中的《See the Sky About to Rain》。此外,值得引起Neil Young忠实歌迷注意的是《Dance Dance Dance》和《Bad Fog of Loneliness》这两首歌,因为在此之后这两首歌曲没有被收录到Neil Young的任何一张正式专辑当中。而现场版的《Dance Dance Dance》(总长不满6分钟的)的后四分钟将家乡疯狂的歌迷对Neil Young的热情欢呼完整的记录了下来。

  就像前几年Bob Dylan发行过的Bootleg系列一样,Neil Young从去年也开始将他早年的经典现场整理发行。对于曾经经过那个年代的歌迷来说,这些经典的瞬间早已留在了他们心中,但对于没有机会看到演出的后辈歌迷来说,这张唱片无疑是最好的补偿。

"I'm gonna sing mostly new songs tonight," Neil Young tells the rapt Massey Hall audience, "...I've written so many new ones that I can't think of anything else to do with them other than sing 'em." He steps to the mic unadorned, distant from CSNY's rippled harmonies or Crazy Horse's yowl, hypnotically nailing 17 tracks on this unreleased 1971 solo set. You hear him tower at vocal heights on the chorus for "Old Man" (then a debuted, brand-new song) and name-check Canada on "Journey to the Past" and North Ontario on "Helpless," much to the Toronto crowd's delight. The sound is impeccable, and the closeness to Young in this spare setting exhilarates--especially his vocal quavering in the high registers, his intricate guitar work, and an overall vibe that exceeds description. And the DVD: Here you catch Young in tightly framed, starkly-lit shots, flourishing in the early years of an unparalleled rock career. Not only that, you get commentary from 1997, a rare window on how Young thinks, how he speaks, his humor. --Andrew Bartlett

One of the greatest singer-songwriters of the rock era. Solo. Acoustic. January 19, 1971. Live At Massey Hall, the legendary concert from Neil Young, is finally officially released, and in highresolution stereo, in this CD+DVD package (also as a solo CD). The acclaimed Toronto performance features classics "Old Man" and, in a suite, "A Man Needs A Maid" and "Heart Of Gold" (before they were recorded for Harvest) along with some of his most popular songs ("Cowgirl In The Sand," "Ohio") as well as the most obscure ("Bad Fog Of Loneliness"). Live At Massey Hall is a newly mined rock gem.



01. On The Way Home
02. Tell Me Why
03. Old Man
04. Journey Through The Past
05. Helpless
06. Love In Mind
07. Man Needs A Maid
08. Cowgirl In The Sand
09. Don't Let It Bring You Down
10. There's A World
11. Bad Fog Of Loneliness
12. Needle And The Damage Done, The
13. Ohio
14. See The Sky About To Rain
15. Down By The River
16. Dance Dance Dance
17. I Am A Child






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