Simon Fisher Turner -《Caravaggio 1610》[MP3!]

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专辑中文名Caravaggio 1610

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Simon Fisher Turner,英国音乐人,最为人熟知的作品就是为英国独立导演 Derek Jarman的电影创作的一系列原声音乐。另外他为Anna Campion的电影 Loaded做的配乐得过奥斯卡提名。

Turner年少时是英国非常知名的电视剧演员与偶像歌手,之后曾短期加入The The乐团,然后开始从事电影音乐的创作。喜欢起一大堆化名来发表专辑和演出(Simon Turner, SFT, Loveletter, Live Blue Roma, King of Luxembourg)。


The absolutely gorgeous soundtrack to the 1986 movie Caravaggio 1610 - artist and film maker Derek Jarman's take on the life of Michelangelo Caravaggio, the last great painter of the Italian renaissance.

For the Caravaggio 1610 soundtrack, Simon Fisher Turner weaves some lovely soundscapes using flamenco guitar, lute, harpsicord, recorder and other instruments along with various ambient sounds recorded whilst making the movie in the UK and collecting background sound effects in Italy. The result is a tapestry of lovely layered pieces of music and sounds in which to lose yourself...

Michelangelo Caravaggio - the master of dark shadows - lies dying in Porto Ercole, north of Rome one hot July day in 1610 - his early death seals a legend. Twenty years before, at the age of 17, he had run away from home to seek his fortune in Rome. Penniless and starving on the streets, his fortunes turned when he was spotted selling paintings by Francisco del Monte, a Florentine cardinal who was president of the painters academy of St Luke. Under his patronage, Michele's rise to fame was meteoric, bringing psychological stress, an increasingly wild and dissolute life, drunken brawls, knife fights and finally, in 1606, the murder of Ranuccio Thomasoni. For ten years he was the scandal of Rome, revolutionising painting. He knocked the saints out of the skies, stole and smelted their haloes, used only recognisable prostitutes and street boys for his models, flaunting his bisexuality in a series of homoerotic pin ups of handsome boys posing knowingly as St John. After his early death his reputation floundered and has only recovered since the 1950s.


01. The Hills Of Abruzzi
02. The Dog Star
03. All Paths Lead To Rome
04. Fantasia, Childhood Memories
05. How Blue Sky Was
06. Light And Dark
07. Umber Wastes
08. Cafe Of The Moors
09. Timeout And Mind
10. In The Still Of The Night
11. Michele of the Shadows
12. The Waters Of Forgetfulness
13. Running Running
14. Frescobaldi, The Greatest Organist of Our Time
15. The Hourglass
16. I Love You More Than My Eyes






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