The Electric Flag -《A Long Time Comin'》Remastered[MP3!]

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专辑中文名A Long Time Comin'

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the Paul Butterfield Blues Band的吉他手Mike Bloomfield离开乐队以后组建的规模比较大的一支融合了blues, rock, soul, psychedelia和jazz等风格的乐队,其中包括键盘Barry Goldberg,主唱Nick Gravenites,Bob Dylan的bass手Harvey Brooks,鼓手Buddy Miles和其他一些管乐乐手

When guitarist Mike Bloomfield left the Paul Butterfield Blues Band in 1967, he wanted to form a band that combined blues, rock, soul, psychedelia, and jazz into something new. The ambitious concept didn't come off, despite some interesting moments; maybe it was too ambitious to hold all that weight. Bloomfield knew for sure that he wanted a horn section in the band, which he began forming with a couple of friends, keyboardist Barry Goldberg and singer Nick Gravenites. Although the trio were all veterans of the Chicago music scene, the group based themselves in the San Francisco area. They were in turn bolstered by a rhythm section of bassist Harvey Brooks (who had played on some of Bob Dylan's mid-'60s records) and drummer Buddy Miles; on top of them came a horn section.

Oddly, before even playing any live concerts, the group recorded the soundtrack for the 1967 psychedelic exploitation movie, The Trip, which afforded them the opportunity to experiment with some of their ideas without much pressure. Their live debut was at the 1967 Monterey Pop Festival (although they didn't make it into the documentary film of the event; they do appear in the bonus footage on the DVD version), but their first proper studio album didn't come out until the spring of 1968.

A Long Time Comin' was an erratic affair, predating Blood, Sweat & Tears and Chicago as a sort of attempt at a big band rock sound. Calling it an early jazz-rock outing is not exactly accurate; it was more like late '60s soul-rock-psychedelia that sometimes (but not always) employed prominent horns. Indeed, it sometimes didn't always sound like the work of the same band--or, at least, you could say that it seemed torn between blues-rock, soul-rock, and California psychedelic influences. The album's success is even harder to judge in light of the facts that Gravenites really wasn't a top-notch vocalist, and that the band's instrumental skills outshone their songwriting ones.

There was enough promise on the album to merit further exploration, but it had hardly been released before the Flag began to droop. Goldberg left, followed shortly by Bloomfield, the most important component of the group's vision. A fragmented band recorded an inferior follow-up, but by 1969 they had split up. They did reunite (with Bloomfield) in 1974 for a Jerry Wexler-produced album that got little notice.

http://www.branchlinepress.com/RonKarr/EFlag5S.jpg http://www.peoples.ru/art/music/rock/electric_flag/electric_1_s.jpg


01. Killing Floor
02. Groovin' Is Easy
03. Over-Lovin' You
04. She Should Have Just
05. Wine
06. Texas
07. Sittin' In Circles
08. You Don't Realize
09. Another Country
10. Easy Rider
11. Sunny
12. Mystery
13. Look Into My Eyes
14. Goin' Down Slow







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