Liz Carroll -《往昔的旋律》(Lost in the Loop)[MP3!]

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专辑英文名Lost in the Loop
艺术家Liz Carroll

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音乐风格:Celtic, Folk
唱片公司:Green linnet
压缩码率:192kbps CBR44100Hz Stereo(s)


这是Liz Carroll在2000年出版的个人专辑Lost in loop,专辑的格调温馨而轻松惬意。凯尔特小提琴曲善于把很多好听的传统旋律组合起来,而Liz Carroll的演奏无疑因此而变得多彩而耐听……Letter to Peter Pan,很有意思的曲名,很好听的凯尔特提琴抒情演奏,听起来很像什么电影的配乐,田园景色的描绘……

Liz Carroll是一位爱尔兰裔小提琴演奏家,出生于美国芝加哥,父母都是爱尔兰人。1974年她参加了全爱尔兰小提琴锦标赛18岁以下组并胜出,次年她又赢得了全爱尔兰高级小提琴锦标赛的冠军。她录制有四张独奏专辑;分别和Tommy Maguire、John Doyle录制过两张专辑;并曾经和Billy McComiskey 、Dáithí Sproule建立“Trian”乐队,也曾经是Cherish the ladies的成员,其表演获得了广泛的好评。难能可贵的是她的音乐作品大多数源于自己的创作。

"Nothing less than breathtaking!" –The Irish Echo

Lost in the Loop is a tour de force of musicianship and spirit, a celebration of the Irish fiddle tradition and its possibilities. Liz Carroll is clearly at the top of her game, and reveling in it. Her tone is sweet, round, assured and even sassy. Irish American producer Seamus Egan of Solas, has brought along some of his bandmates - guitarist John Doyle and fiddler Winifred Horan - and with Egan on percussion and flute, they fuel the album with the same electricity they bring to Solas. With other celebrated guests like Altan's Daithi Sproule, Liz Carroll's Lost in the Loop will thrill new fans and longtime admirers.

At age 18, Chicago fiddler Liz Carroll beat Ireland's best by winning the All-Ireland Championship. Her quicksilver playing caught critics' ears - "Nothing less than breathtaking!" raved the Irish Echo. She went on to help found Irish-American bands Cherish the Ladies and Green Fields of America. In 1984 she won the National Heritage Award, and Chicago Mayor Daley named September 18 "Liz Carroll Day" in her honor. Today, Liz is revered as one of Irish America's premiere musicians by fans, critics and, especially, by other musicians.

Michael Aharon - cello, electric guitar, percussion, piano, synthesizers
John Anthony - percussion
Liz Carroll - fiddle
John Doyle - guitar
Seamus Egan - guitar, percussion, whistle
Winifred Horan - fiddle
Chico Huff - bass
Zan McLeod - bouzouki
Jackie Moran - percussion
Daithi Sproule - guitar 


01. Sevens | Michael Kennedy's | The Cup Of Tea Reels
02. The Champaign Jig Goes To Columbia | Pat And Al's Jigs
03. See It There | Con Cassidy's Slow Reels
04. The Golden Legs | The Flogging Reel Reels
05. Lament Of The First Generation Air
06. The Drunken Sailor | The Bag Of Spuds Hornpipe And Reel
07. The Old Maid Of Galway | Lizzy In The Lowground Reels
08. The Crow In The Sun Air
09. The Ugly Duckling Tune
10. On The Boulevard | Crabs In The Skillet Jigs
11. Letter To Peter Pan Tune
12. The Silver Spear | The Earl's Chair | The Musical Priest Reels
13. The Didda | Fly And Dodger Tunes
14. Lost In The Loop Reel




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