Various Artists -《Intermittent Memories》[FLAC]

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专辑中文名Intermittent Memories

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快节奏的生活让人们感到疲惫不堪,当你繁忙了一天后,在休息之与冲上杯咖啡或者喝杯啤酒跟几个朋友一起享受幸福生活的时候,不防来点CHILL OUT音乐, 让自己放松一下.

Intermittent Memories are the short snapshots of alternate realities that our brains transmit to us in flashes, in our everyday waking lives. Pete Pan has hand selected a group of MAYANASA transmissions from some of the earths top space pilots and also some newcomer pilots of the space scene. These tracks are meant to be used for instant reentrance into your NOW from any part of space; they are also encoded as a set for ease of travel, both in take off and reentry. The data package starts with world renowned space cadet Ishq, who brings us Sundive, a track that, has only been transmitted aurally once at a Turkish festival, this ambient masterpiece sprinkles the alien dust through audio waves which allow for the preparation of travel. Next up we have Papa Legba's, Night Surf, which paints a picture of a goodbye between friends, as one must leave earth to travel the cosmos. New space pilot (val)Liam projects his alien ingested bliss capsule to us in the chill audio signal Almost Eden, allowing the listener to begin space travel. Earth renowned navigator Androcell next serves up a cosmic dub track Opium Swirl, which takes an organic look into our implanted memories of life on earth. Following the earth code we have Atlantis by Open System, a side project of Ishq and Michael Indiginous, which creates an astral vision of upbeat neuron sensations that allow the listener to breathe intergalactic air. Bodhisattva 13:20 journeys into downtempo architecture with the industrial Relearned allowing the listeners alien dust altered spirit to cross realities with freshly encoded technology. Solar Fields classic Air Song is interpreted by Androcell in a dubbed out sound capsule which allows organic remembrances of past realities to flow back into the journeyman's neuro-transmitters. In the last stage of outer space travel abduction counselor Bodhisattva 13:20 sends up Renewal Chant which gives a very important message on the use of camouflaged alien technology on earth, to reenter the space time continuum at anytime. As the listener gets ready to reintegrate into the human society val(liam) imparts a drop of knowledge in the form of an intermittent memory by electronizing his track Perfectly Rational. Once this whole compilation has been listened to, it is important to remember you now have an imbedded memory which through consciousness consumption and replay, can trigger the space travel experience at any time and any place.


01. Ishq - Sundive (11:47)
02. Papa Legba - Night Surf (7:17)
03. (Val)Liam - Almost Eden (6:25)
04. Androcell - Opium Swirl (6:45)
05. Open System - Atlantis (6:22)
06. Bodhisattva 13:20 - Relearned (9:50)
07. Solar Fields - Air Song (Androcell Remix) (8:12)
08. Bodhisattva 13:20 - Renewal Chant (8:44)
09. (Val)Liam - Perfectly Rational (7:41)






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