Shannon Wright -《Over the Sun 》[MP3!]

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专辑中文名Over the Sun

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我常幻想能发明一种属于自己的语言,不时用来发泄一下只有自己明白的愤怒,让人摸不着头脑,我却在边上坏坏偷笑,以满足我心底的小小邪恶心理。所以我羡慕死Shannon Wright,她能用她的歌词与音乐,发泄着自己的愤懑。虽然一定会有人说她的音乐太煸情,但还好是那种我喜欢的不过份却值得细品的另类。只可惜她的嗓音表现,还是少了一份我喜欢的痛快淋漓。

Shannon Wright来自美国亚特兰大,曾经是独立流行乐队Crowsdell的女主音,单飞后出了不少的专辑,这已经是第六张了。她是一名高产的唱作人,同时还很擅长钢琴和吉他,说真的,吉他的表现我听得多了些,她并不算非常特别。但她的钢琴,却极有力度,与她的嗓音配合创造出足够给我震憾感的声音,特别是她的嗓音,那是一场飘散在钢琴之上的,萦饶着、翻转着、惊彻着的忧伤恶梦。

Being a Shannon Wright fanatic, I could see this album was different from her previous works without hearing a note. Wright shows her face on an album cover? And the album title is actually comprehensible on first glance! The album credits continue to suggest a change in Wright's direction, featuring only two players in the lineup (Wright herself with drummer Christina Files, who had played with Mary Timony). Finally, Wright's previous albums had all been released one year apart from one another, so the two-and-a-half-year wait between Over the Sun and Dyed in the Wool is the longest she's taken between records ever since she'd gone solo.

But if the package and band are different, Wright's musical identity remains intact. Over the Sun is as twisty, difficult, and mysterious as any of Wright's previous works, and sonically continues in the direction of Dyed in the Wool, increasingly casting off the folkish, quiet introspection of Flightsafety in favour of the verbal and melodical mazes first glimpsed on Maps of Tacit.

You could say Over the Sun is Wright's art-rock record. Opening track "With Closed Eyes" continues in a tradition of powerful Wright album openers, featuring an insanely twitchy guitar line, funky and primitive, with a definitively pagan feel. "You'll Be the Death" puts folkish fingerpicking on eerie electric guitar, "Black Little Stray"'s guitar could have been a banjo part, and the talk-sing of "If Only We Could" is the closest Wright has ever come to punk rock. "Throw Your Blanket over the Sun" has the album's best vocal performance, weary and soulful, and the muted music and recording (best use of producer Steve Albini's sonic approach I've heard yet) seem to be attempting to conceal some great pain or turmoil.

Wright has been progressively moving away from overt melody and more towards textures, and on this record she's found the perfect partner in Albini and drummer Files. Previous drummer Brian Teasley had a powerful sound, but it was almost obnoxious and at times probably less subtle than the music could have warranted. Files' style is much more like Wright's own drumming, more subtle, focusing on feel and timing rather than Bonhamesque brawn, and is a better complement to Wright's sound and songwriting.

No Shannon Wright record ever yielded its full identity to me on first try, so I'm sure the complete impact of this record will also elude me until months from now. But Over the Sun is another daring, challenging, and idiosyncratic release from a musical genius whose experimentations are at once fascinating and overwhelming.


1. With Closed Eyes
2. Portray
3. Black Little Stray
4. You'll Be The Death
5. Throw A Blanket Over The Sun
6. Avalanche
7. If Only We Could
8. Plea
9. Birds







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