Linda Thompson -《Versatile Heart 》[MP3!]

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专辑中文名Versatile Heart

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Linda Thompson其实不算特别的名不见经传,至少她在英国本土似乎还是有些知名度的,只是很显现国内喜欢她的人不多。Linda 1948年出生于英国伦敦,18岁开始在酒吧驻唱,之后在1972年遇到了她的前夫Richard Thompson才开始正式出品专辑,但大多数都以与前夫合作为主,直到1985年才开始自己单独出品专辑。这张《Versatile Heart》是她的第三张solo album,制作人就是她的儿子Teddy Thompson,且她的女儿Kamila Thompson也在一首《Nice Cars》中参与献声,看来又是一个艺术之家了。

Linda 是一个求精求致的创作型歌手,虽然整张专辑并不全部都是她的作品,但每首都是她精心调制的鸡尾酒,味道不尽相同,但却因不同的情绪,让音乐显示出了层层迭迭的不同色彩,并不全部强调动听悦耳的旋律性,但却无处不闪现着内敛而深层的精致内涵,是一张需要耐心聆听的音乐作品。

那首唱给前夫的Go Home非常的赞,cici推荐~还有最后一曲纯音乐,也赞~

Acoustic balladry exquisitely arranged highlights the first album from Linda Thompson in five years (and only her second in 22). With even much of the original material steeped in English traditionalism, the album recalls the best of her early work with former husband Richard, though the romantic recriminations of the title track and "Go Home" showcase a songwriter who has very much found her own voice. Her key collaborator is son Teddy, who cowrote four songs with Linda as well as the instrumental that opens and closes the album. Daughter Kamila Thompson contributes "Nice Cars," perhaps the most contemporary-sounding track, as well as harmonies on a stripped-down rendition of "Day After Tomorrow" by Tom Waits and Kathleen Brennan. Perhaps the most striking track is "Beauty," written for Thompson by Rufus Wainwright, with chamber strings, a bluesy undercurrent, and tremulous harmony vocals by Antony (of Antony and the Johnsons). Thompson doesn't release many albums, but she has never crafted a more cohesive and consistently inspired one than this.

Superlatives fail to justly describe the voice of Linda Thompson. Steely yet vulnerable, comforting yet haunting, Thompson's singing is never less than riveting, and has played a crucial role in some of the most powerful, influential music of the past thirty years. On Versatile Heart, only her third solo album, Thompson demonstrates that, in addition to being an incomparable interpreter, she is an equally astonishing songwriter - stitching traditional British Isles music and more contemporary influences into a sound that is expressive and direct, yet timeless. From the brass-flecked acoustic pop of the title track to the cool rockabilly of "Do Your Best for Rock 'n Roll," her writing forms the core of Versatile Heart. Other writers represented on Versatile Heart include Thompson's son Teddy, daughter Kamila, Tom Waits and Kathleen Brennan, and Rufus Wainwright, who contributes the devastating "Beauty," performed as a duet with Antony.

Featuring Teddy Thompson, Antony, Martin Carthy, Martha Wainwright, Kamila Thompson, Eliza Carthy, John Kirkpatrick, and more. "One of rock & roll's finest voices..."-Rolling Stone "One of the loveliest, most dramatic voices in the English language..."


01. Stay Bright
02. Versatile Heart
03. The Way I Love You
04. Beauty
05. Katy Cruel
06. Nice Cars
07. Do Your Best For Rock 'N Roll
08. Day After Tomorrow
09. Blue And Gold
10. Give Me a Sad Song
11. Go Home
12. Whisky, Bob Copper And Me
13. Stay Bright







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