Ramases -《Space Hymns》Remastered[MP3!]

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专辑中文名Space Hymns

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1971年的新民谣先驱,这样优秀到诡异程度的出土古物越来越多,真是目不暇接,让人对今下乐人的原创力深切持疑,1971年录制于Strawberry Studios,包括Martin Raphael和后来10cc的一些成员

Of all the artists who passed through the cult-filled portals of the Vertigo label during the early '70s, few have attracted more attention than Ramases. His one and only album for the label, Space Hymns, was recorded with the nascent 10cc as backing musicians, but even more importantly, it represents one of the most spellbinding releases in the label's entire catalog, a conceptual epic that actually leaves you believing that what Ramases himself believed was true -- he really was the reincarnation of the Egyptian deity whose name he had adopted.

Born in Sheffield, England, Martin Raphael was working as a central heating salesman when he and his wife, Selket, emerged onto the late-'60s psychedelic scene, with an act that was as eye-catching as their legend. A one-off deal with CBS saw them cut the single "Crazy Eye"/"Mind's Eye" in 1968. According to Ramases, the A-side was actually called "Quasar One"; it was retitled by a crackling telephone line.

Released under the name Ramases & Selket (conjuring images of some kind of bizarre Sonny & Cher), the single did little, and the pair moved on to Major Minor, which released "Love You"/"Gold Is the Ring" later that same year, this time under the name Ramases & Seleka. Again the record fared poorly, but Ramases' musical vision continued expanding and, in 1970, the duo signed with Vertigo.

Recorded at Strawberry Studios in Manchester, the ensuing Space Hymns LP remains one of bassist Graham Gouldman's favorite sessions, out of all those that the future 10cc undertook during the early '70s. "It was great. It was a really fine album to make. We would sit down on the floor with acoustic guitars, that kind of vibe, very hippy and mystical."

The album retains that vibe, both across the music and via a majestic sleeve painting from Roger Dean. But Space Hymns sold no more than most of Vertigo's other releases (two singles, "Balloon" and "Jesus Come Back," disappeared likewise), and Ramases slipped from view for the next three years.

He and Selket resurfaced in 1975, releasing the astounding Glass Top Coffin album and, thanks to the 10cc connection, looking set to enjoy at least a degree of success. Unfortunately it didn't work out like that, and the pair returned to obscurity. Ramases died by his own hand at his Felixstowe home in the mid-'90s.


01. Life Child
02. Oh Mister
03. And the Whole World
04. Quasar One
05. You're the Only One
06. Earth-People
07. Molecular Delusions
08. Balloon
09. Dying Swan Year 2000
10. Jesus
11. Journey to the Inside






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