《MyEclipse5.5GA》(MyEclipse5.5GA)MyEclipse5.5GA & 6.0M1 (All In One) & 注册机 + 语言包

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版本MyEclipse5.5GA & 6.0M1 (All In One) & 注册机 + 语言包

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[已通过安装测试]Windows XP Professional + Service Pack 2
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本来想发布MyEclipse5.5,没想到6.0这么快就出来了,正好就一块发出来,喜欢的朋友可以尝鲜,但6.0M1有很多插件不能支持(版本不兼容)比如多国语言包、VE、JInto...(5.5可以用3.2.X语言包),所以个人觉得还是得等等。6.0专为eclipse3.3 Europa提供。

注册机是我用SWT做的界面,注册核心算法是网上抠下来的,经测试此算法兼容6.0。在Choose Version选项选中5.5GA & Last即可,之前的版本可以选择5.5GA & Previous,然后在Version框中输入所需要的版本号。

支持Microsoft Vista
兼容最新的Eclipse 3.2.2
支持Java EE 5 工程
支持EJB 3.0

下面为MyEclipse 发的关于MyEclipse 5.5 的原文介绍

MyEclipse 5.5 is Now Available!

The release of MyEclipse 5.5 with Java EE 5 support is now available for immediate installation. Windows, Linux, and Mac OSX support is available. Please review the release notes, New and Noteworthy and the installation instructions (below) before download.

Download MyEclipse 5.5 now!
The MyEclipse 5.5 release includes enhancements and bug fixes for the MyEclipse environment over the previous 5.1 release series, including:

* Platform support:
o Microsoft Vista support
o Eclipse 3.2.2 compatible
o Upgraded MyEclipse-WebTools, an enhanced and professionally supported version of Eclipse WTP 1.5.3 with many MyEclipse improvements and bug fixes
* SNAPs Non-Eclipse Integration and Improvements
* Java EE 5 Projects
o Create Java EE 5 Web, EJB and Enterprise (EAR) projects with integrated library support
o EJB Projects include integrated JPA and DB Explorer support
o Much more
* EJB3 - Enterprise Java Beans
o Create Stateless, Stateful, Entity and Message enterprise beans
o Wizards for creating all
o Code-assist and validation of Java annotations
o Reverse-engineer Entity and Stateless session bean facades from MyEclipse Database Explorer
* MyEclipse Java Persistence Tools (including JPA, Toplink, Hibernate)
o Add JPA Capabilities to any Java project
o Integrates with MyEclipse Database Explorer for database connections and metadata access
o JPA entity annotation validation
o JPA properties editors and Java Persistence perspective
o Much more
* Visual JSF Page Designer
o All new JSF Visual Page Designer for WYSIWYG editing of advanced JSF components
o Supports Drag-and-Drop style editing of all standard JSF components
o Preview mode of JSF design page
o JSF and faces.config creation wizards
o Much more
* MyEclipse Derby Database
o Integrated Derby database server with preconfigured JDBC driver
o Sample schema is immediately accessible by all DB and JPA tools
* Matisse4MyEclipse Swing Visual Designer upgrades, availability as a standalone plugin
* Facelets support
* XHTML support
* MyEclipse UML improvements
* Improved internationalization
* New Application Server Connectors (Glassfish V2, Geronimo 2, Oracle 10, Weblogic 10)
* All-in-One Installer reduced download volume by 50%
* Much more!

Macintosh users will be unable to utilize the Matisse4MyEclipse, MyUML, and MyEclipse Image Editor functions at this time. Of note however, the new MyEclipse Visual JSF Designer is Mac-compatible.

The MyEclipse 5.5 release is available to all free trial users. Please see the installation instructions below for details on how to try out MyEclipse!

Also of note, MyEclipse 5.5 is a major release of the product with many added features. Even the most experienced user may find something new to explore. To assist in this, MyEclipse was proud to partner with Eclipse University to offer a live demo of MyEclipse 5.5 on May 21st. Please stay tuned to Eclipse University for details, as the presentation will soon be available on demand.

Installation - IMPORTANT
MyEclipse 5.5 is based off of Eclipse 3.2.2.
***If you already have Eclipse 3.2.2 installed, you will need to download only the MyEclipse "Plugin" update found here.
***If you have not yet upgraded Eclipse to 3.2.2, the new MyEclipse "All-in-One Installer" will bring your system up to speed in all MyEclipse 5.5-necessary platforms, including Eclipse 3.2.2, MyEclipse 5.5, and Java 5 JRE in one easy install. The installer is available in the downloads section as well.
***Note: the All-in-One Installer is currently available for Windows users only. Mac and Linux users will need to install Eclipse 3.2.2 and then install MyEclipse 5.5.






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