《CG Academy出品的材质渲染系列教程之1-UV贴图基础》(CG Academy Texturing Fundamentals 1UV Mapping & Texturing)max[ISO]

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中文名CG Academy出品的材质渲染系列教程之1-UV贴图基础
英文名CG Academy Texturing Fundamentals 1UV Mapping & Texturing

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This comprehensive DVD will introduce to you and take you through many of the fundamental concepts of texturing models in a CG environment. What is UVW mapping and how do I work with it? How do 3D procedural textures map themselves onto our models? How can I lock those procedurals to my deforming characters mesh (skin, soft body dynamic objects etc). These and other topics are explored here and should give any user a complete grounding in UV mapping and texturing within 3dsmax.

This DVD is aimed at a fundamentals and intermediate level user that needs a fuller grasp of UVW mapping and procedural texture theory. It will give any user a firm grasp of these concepts upon which they can build further more advanced skills.

Chapter 01: What are UVs?
An introduction to what UVW coordinates are and how they can be used to map 2D textures onto our models.

Chapter 02: Displaying Materials
How to effectively display 2D and 3D textures in the viewport.

Chapter 03: Implicit UVs
What are "implicit" UVs?

Chapter 04: Applied UVW Projections
How to apply UVs when implicit UVs are missing.

Chapter 05: The UVW Mapping Modifier
How to use the UVW Mapping Modifier

Chapter 06: "Linking" The UVW Gizmo
How to "link" the UVW Modifiers Gizmo to another scene object for special effects work.

Chapter 07: The Bitmap Coordinates Rollout
How to use the 2D/Bitmap Coordinates Rollout in conjunction with an objects UVs to control how the Bitmap/2D images is applied.

Chapter 08: The Unwrap UVW Modifier
A brief introduction to the Unwrap UVW Modifier .

Chapter 09: Procedural Textures
What are Procedural Textures?

Chapter 10: World Space
How to map procedural textures using the World Space Coordinate System.

Chapter 11: Object Space
How to map procedural textures using Object Space Coordinate System

Chapter 12: UVW Space
How to map procedurals using UVW space and also how to lock procedurals to deforming mesh surfaces using UV mapping.

Chapter 13: Special Mapping Types
A brief introduction to "special" procedural mapping types.

Chapter 14: Procedural Coordinates Rollout
How to work with the corresponding procedural coordinates rollout.

Chapter 15: Applied Mapping
Applying what we have learnt in the previous chapters to a real world model .

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