U.K.Folk -《Traditional Airs for the Celtic Harp & Fiddle》2 CD[MP3!]

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专辑中文名Traditional Airs for the Celtic Harp & Fiddle
版本2 CD

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◎CD audio (17 February 1999)
◎Label:Fine Tune
◎Artist:Various Artists


When I get tired of banging Rock'n'Roll I usually stick this in.
CD 1 is a collection of classic tunes on one of the most beautiful instruments on this planet: the harp.
CD 2 also includes classic tunes but on the fiddle.
This CD is more diverse than the first one because it has variety of backing instruments including pipes, the harp once again and a luth.

是啊,CD 1是竖琴,CD 2 是小提琴演绎的,都是经典得不能再经典了的凯尔特老传统,难得的乐器专辑,乐曲均极其动听,故事都很美丽……


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CD 1 - The Celtic Harp
01. Scarborough Fair
02. Greensleeves
03. The Lamb's Fold
04. The Willow Tree
05. Mary Young And Fair
06. All Through The Night
07. Drink To Me Only With Thin Eyes
08. The Rising Of The Lark
09. My Love Is Like A Red Red Rose
10. The Queen's Marsh
11. Flowers Of The Forest
12. The Foggy Dew
13. Gather Ye Rose Buds
14. Harp Of Gold
15. Cornish Dance
16. The Silkie
17. The Last Rose Of Summer
18. The Minstrel Boy
19. The Harp That Once Through Tara's Halls
20. Carolan's Nightcap - Ode To Whiskey
21. Leuan's, The Blind Harpist's Delight
22. Scottish Love Song
23. Eris Kay Love Lilt
24. Leezie Lindsay
25. Sleep My Pretty Little Lady
CD 2 - The Celtic Fiddle
01. Lakes of Sligo - Top of Maol
02. Bonnie Lass o´ bon accord
03. Lady Medeline Sinclair - Orange and Blue - The Keelrow Kafoozalum - Lord Mo
04. An Buachail Caol Dubh
05. Ash Grove - Last Rose of summer
06. Biddy the Bowl Wife - Pet of the Pipers - Gary Owen
07. Plearaca na Ruarcach
08. Na Connerys - Jenny Dang the Weaver - Highland Whiskey - Speed the Plough
09. Rachel Rae - The Piper O´Dundee - Reel of Tulloch
10. An Goirtin Eornan
11. Carolan´s Air
12. Rory o´More
13. A´Raibh tu ag an g Carraig
14. Stirling castle - Cock o´the North
15. Londonderry Air
16. Tuirne Mhaire - Planxty Irwin
17. De´il amang the Tailors - Masons apron
18. Trumph - LD Bog HOle - Callum Beg
19. Larry O´Gaff - Lannagan´s Ball - The young may moon
20. Mrs Mcleod - Teh wind that shakes the Barley - Fairy Dance
21. Taimse im Chodladh
22. Blackthorn Stick - Father o´Flynn
23. Aisling Gheal
24. Baidin Fheilimi
25. Bonnie Banks O´Loch Lomond






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