Yellowcard -《Paper Walls》[MP3!]

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专辑中文名Paper Walls

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整张专辑的概念是"Let's burn a hole so we can climb out of these paper walls in this empty house." (让我们烧一个洞 爬出布满纸墙的空房子) 最近很多乐队都在尝试不同风格 甚至有Good Charlotte的蹦级行为 对于期待了近3年的YC新专辑.这次的惊喜并不多 但是他们一直是很努力的乐队之一 我还记得那首感人至深 充满力量的"only one"和"Way away" 但毕竟2年里打着pop punk旗帜的乐队数量猛增 难免让人淡忘了YC 这次的Paper walls同样是概念专集 和上一张大红大紫的"OceanAvenue" 相比 少了EMO的吼叫和狂野 多了成熟历练的感觉 写实地将你我周遭发生的种种 以正面语词表态出来 没有愤慨怒骂 没有哀声叹气 这大概就是Yellowcard秉持的摇滚意念!

Yellowcard is a band from Jacksonville, Florida. While Yellowcard are generally considered an pop punk band, their music features a unique contribution to the genre with the use of a violin.

The album title Paper Walls comes from the song of the same name, which begins "Let's burn a hole so we can climb out of these paper walls in this empty house." It's a reference to the barriers that built up between the band members over the years and everyone's desire to tear down the obstacles and heal old scars.

"If you really love each other as much as we do, you want to knock those walls down and get back to the place where you enjoy being with each other and making music together," says Key. "The song is basically saying let’s get back out there and remember why this is important to us, why we love being on stage and why we love making records."

Album opener "The Takedown" starts with a shot – an indelible guitar hook and ferocious drums charge forth as Yellowcard's trademark mix of airtight vocal harmonies, entwined guitar lines and flourishes of violin crackle with energy. "Fighting" brings together the band's many strengths – tight, melodic, propulsive riffs gather steam before launching into an epic, undeniable chorus. And bruised but beautiful lead single "Light Up the Sky" has an even more massive payoff, its refrain won't leave your head in this lifetime, but allows for some ringing dissonance beneath it all.

In an interview with Jason Tate of absolutepunk.net released on June 17 (one month before the release of the album), Key described the album as

"...very much a record of hope and finding yourself again. It’s after you’ve come through all of that – going to the height of it – and picking yourself back up again. And by “hitting rock bottom” I don’t mean in record sales or fame or any of that shit. I mean personally – emotionally...Paper Walls is the story, the feeling, of what it’s like to be out of those holes, looking back, no regrets, but smarter and having grown through them."


01. The Takedown
02. Fighting
03. Shrink The World
04. Keeper
05. Light Up The Sky
06. Shadows And Regrets
07. Five Becomes Four
08. Afraid
09. Date Line (I Am Gone)
10. Dear Bobbie
11. You And Me And One Spotlight
12. Cut Me, Mick
13. Paper Walls







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