Mad River -《Mad River》Remastered[MP3!]

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专辑中文名Mad River
歌手Mad River

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60年代西海岸的acid/psychedelic,出过一张专辑,在不少热衷psychedelic的收藏者中评价很高,被认为是比较阴暗版本的Quicksilver Messenger Service,夹杂着Country Joe & the Fish式的小调旋律,这张同名专辑2000年再版

Whenever I listen to the recorded legacy of Mad River, the words "psychedelic", "acid rock" and "drug induced" always spring to my mind. Drawing from a wide range of influences including country, bluegrass, ragtime, blues, eastern and avant-garde music, the band was able to fuse these elements into a starkly attractive "electric" sound which is on a par with the best productions of the time. This sound was unique too, with maybe just a hint at such contemporaries as Quicksilver Messenger Service or Country Joe & The Fish. Soon after their arrival on the West Coast, Mad River released an EP [re-issued on CD on "The Berkeley EP's"]. Later in 1967, Mad River released their magnificient, eponymous LP which was produced by Nik Venet. The music is dominated by the intertwined, heavily sustained electric guitar wailings of David Robinson and Rick Bockner and by the high-pitched voice of singer Lawrence Hammond going through dense, elaborate arrangements at an often fast � nay frantic � pace. Dissonant elements and stop/go rhythms are integrated in the mix. Combined with oblique lyrics, this gives the LP a kind of disquieting � some would say sinister � quality. The record attracted neither public nor critics in the USA, though. The critics were somewhat more attuned to the band in England where I bought my (still mint) LP in 1968 based on a review which appeared in the "Melody Maker". Discographical note : it has long been said, not least by the musicians themselves, that the tapes have been speeded up after the recording took place (this was indeed a very common practice). Those tracks on the CD originating from the first record clock at the same length as those on my own copy of the LP. This suggest the use of the original production mixes. The second LP ("Paradise Bar and Grill") was put out in 1968 and produced by ex-Youngblood Jerry Corbitt. While the level of craftmanship is ably maintained, this record sees the band unexpectedely shifting away from the psychedelia of their debut LP (and EP) to a much more relaxed, sometimes definitely countryish sound with only a couple of tracks reminiscent of their earlier work. On this LP, there are also a couple of cameos by Jerry Corbitt, "Banana" Lowell Levinger, ... Although I feel that these tracks work quite well individually, the whole album is less easy to get into as a result. The mastering is well done but brings no added clarity when compared to the original first LP. It appears that no remixing or extra tape research has been performed (nor is this implied in the liner notes).


1. Merciful Monks
2. High All The Time
3. Amphetamine Gazelle
4. Eastern Light
5. Wind Chimes
6. War Goes On
7. Hush Julian







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