The Dear Hunter -《Act II: The Meaning Of, And All Things Regarding Ms. Leading 》[MP3!]

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专辑中文名Act II: The Meaning Of, And All Things Regarding Ms. Leading

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专辑名称:Act II: The Meaning Of, And All Things Regarding Ms. Leading
演唱歌手:The Dear Hunter
专辑类型:Ambient / Indie / Rock/ Hair Metal
唱片公司:Triple Crown


这是Indie乐队The Dear Hunter 的第二张专辑"Act II: The Meaning of, And All Things Regarding Ms. Leading",乐队的首张专辑"Act I: The Lake South The River North"在去年由Triple Crown唱片公司发行,不过我没找着。
这张的风格偏氛围,摇滚,还带点微金属,反正整体感觉不错啦。推荐第10首Blood of the Rose~~ 很有味道,比较特别,略带点戏剧性,很多人都说跟卡门有像。

"The Dear Hunter is the story of a boy, from his creation to his untimely end; the beautifully rapturous to the truly tragic. Set at the dawn of the 20th century, the debut EP 'I: The Lake South, The River North' gives birth to a story, and attempts to make sense of the future by explaining. Simply put, The Dear Hunter sings of things to which we can all relate; lust, deceit, greed, and hunting."

The Dear Hunter began its life as one man's idea. Conceived in late 2003 and gestated until the winter of 2004, Casey Crescenzo set out to do something simple: create pure, heartfelt music that he alone set the boundaries for. However, The Dear Hunter lay dormant for most of 2005 and early 2006, with only an eleven track demo to show as evidence of its existence. He returned to The Dear Hunter following the end of his tenure as guitarist, vocalist, and effects operator for The Receiving End Of Sirens in May of 2006, seeing his project in a new creative light. With new found inspiration and passion, he began to write, record, and compile what would become 'The Lake South, The River North' over the course of the summer. With a wealth of both new and revitalized material at Crescenzo's fingertips, one obstacle remained; more musicians were needed to fully realize his ideas. He chose to enlist the talents of two friends, Luke Dent on keys and Erick Serna on guitar.

The hidden beauty of this music lies within its potential. Crescenzo has made it clear that the only limit The Dear Hunter will adhere to is the story it intends to tell. No creative or musical stone will be left unturned. Although 'I: The Lake South, The River North' is a mere prologue, it speaks volumes of what lies ahead. It is quite obvious that both The Dear Hunter and the character whose life they aim to interpret through their music have something in common; only time will tell where each of them will go, and the heights they may be capable of reaching.



01. The Death And The Berth
02. The Procession
03. The Lake And The River
04. The Oracles On The Delphi Express
05. The Church And The Dime
06. The Bitter Suite 1 and 2: Meet
07. The Bitter Suite 3: Embrace
08. Smiling Swine
09. Evicted
10. Blood Of The Rose
11. Red Hands
12. Where The Road Parts
13. Dear Ms. Leading
14. Black Sandy Beaches
15. Vital Vessle Vindicate







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