The Traveling Wilburys -《The Collection》[MP3!]

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专辑中文名The Collection

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发行公司:Rhino / Wea


Tom Petty是Wilbury之一,他谈到了George和Traveling Wilburys的一些往事:George非常看重Wilbury的成员。Traveling Wilburys是他的主意,并且他那么热情地推动它。在他的余生中,他一直把自己看作一个Wilbury.George关于一个乐队的想法是,所有人都互相交往。根据他告诉我的,the Beatles就是这样的。他们之间关系非常非常密切。他真的希望the Traveling Wilburys也是那样,就像,“要是我们去一个party,那么大家都去。”能跟他在一个乐队里,我真的很高兴。他教给我那么多东西。他对John非常敬仰。他说,“噢,John在一秒之内就能加入Wilburys。”George在被刺之后,医生问他关于凶手的事,他还不忘幽默地说:“The man certainly wasn't auditioning for the Travelling Wilburys(此人当然不是来参加the Travelling Wilburys面试的)。”本专辑是The Traveling Wilburys刚出的一张选集,听起来还不错。

The Traveling Wilburys was a supergroup created by George Harrison and Jeff Lynne.

The Traveling Wilburys were one of the few supergroups that lived up to their promise, because they didn't try to. Things started inauspiciously when George Harrison, needing a B-side for a 1988 single, called in friends Jeff Lynne, Bob Dylan, Tom Petty, and Roy Orbison for assistance. Two albums later--the second without Orbison, who had passed away shortly after the first was released--the loose-knit collective had recorded material that was as durable, and occasionally eclipsed, the participants' legendary solo work. The Wilburys succeeded due to a genial and contagious camaraderie that permeates both discs. What could have been a train wreck of ego clashes instead resulted in a frothy meeting of the minds. These guys are having a blast, trading lead vocals and harmonies on energetic folk-rock, quirky rockabilly, and Beatlesque pop that shimmers with the respect and esteem the members clearly hold for each other. Harrison and Lynne's rather slick production polishes off edges that might better have been left unvarnished, but there's no denying the loosey-goosey craftsmanship at work in tunes such as "Handle with Care," "End of the Line," and a striking Orbison performance on "Not Alone Anymore" that ranks with any of his finest. Both albums were million-sellers, but oddly went out of print for about a decade until Rhino resurrected them, adding two rare tracks per disc as well as a DVD of music videos and a band documentary. The resulting package is a comprehensive overview of a once--well, twice--in-a-lifetime project that, especially after Harrison's passing, will never be repeated.


Disc: 1

01. Handle With Care
02. Dirty World
03. Rattled
04. Last Night
05. Not Alone Any More
06. Congratulations
07. Heading For the Light
08. Margarita
09. Tweeter And the Monkey Man
10. End Of the Line
11. Maxine - (previously unreleased, Bonus Track)
12. Like A Ship - (alternate take, Bonus Track)

Disc: 2

01. She's My Baby
02. Inside Out
03. If You Belonged To Me
04. Devil's Been Busy, The
05. 7 Deadly Sins
06. Poor House
07. Where Were You Last Night?
08. Cool Dry Place
09. New Blue Moon
10. You Took My Breath Away
11. Wilbury Twist
12. Nobody's Child - (Bonus Track)
13. Runaway - (Bonus Track)







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