The Beach Boys -《The Warmth of the Sun》[MP3!]

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专辑中文名The Warmth of the Sun

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60年代“不列颠入侵”运动中唯一能和Beatles的巨大成就相抗衡的乐团便是来自南加州的The Beach Boys。从他们第一张地区性畅销单曲《Surfin》开始,Wilson三兄弟--Brian、Dennis、Carl,加上表哥Mike Love及友人AlJardine,便建构起流行乐团有史以来最精细也最耀眼的和谐音色。40多年来 The Beach Boys一直作为美国人引以为傲的代表乐队,此张唱片为其最新专集,封面回归了“沙滩男孩”的本意。

In a sense, The Warmth of the Sun is to 2004's double-platinum Sounds of Summer as 1975's Spirit of America was to the previous year's chart-topping Endless Summer. Both Summer compilations feature the obvious hits, and their followups collect less famous--though still worthy--tracks like "Hawaii," "409," and "Little Honda." But the 21st-century collections are sequenced by the Beach Boys themselves, and that means this volume's songs are second-tier in fame only. The casual fan whose curiosity was piqued by Sounds of Summer and picks this up for "All Summer Long" will be captivated by Brian Wilson's stops on the road to Pet Sounds ("Kiss Me Baby," "Please Let Me Wonder," "Let Him Run Wild," "The Little Girl I Once Knew"), moved by the father-son collaboration "Break Away" (in many ways the Beach Boys' farewell to the '60s), and floored by a string of five songs from the early '70s--a few of which had their genesis in the ill-fated Smile project--that are a perfect showcase for the maturity the group, especially Brian and Carl, managed to attain less than a decade after penning "Pom Pom Play Girl" ("Surf's Up," "Feel Flows," "All This Is That," "'Til I Die," "Sail On, Sailor"). Taken together, these two volumes provide an extraordinary portrait of a band attempting to straddle popularity and artistic vision, spotlighting each facet just long enough to make you want more. (Collectors note: many of these songs appear in new stereo remixes--they may not be the original Brian Wilson productions as he heard them, but being able to distinctly make out the vibraphone in "Let Him Run Wild" is worth it.)

Compiled and sequenced by The Beach Boys themselves, The Warmth Of The Sun offers a rich view of the artistry and complex legacy of a band that has produced some of the most brilliant music of all time. This new career-spanning, 28-track collection illuminates much of The Beach Boys' most accomplished work. The Warmth Of The Sun is the perfect complement and companion to 2004's double-platinum Sounds of Summer: The Very Best of The Beach Boys.


01. All Summer Long (new stereo remix)
02. Catch A Wave
03. Hawaii
04. Little Honda
05. 409
06. It's OK
07. You're So Good To Me (new stereo remix)
08. Then I Kissed Her (new stereo remix)
09. Kiss Me, Baby
10. Please Let Me Wonder (new stereo remix)
11. Let Him Run Wild (new stereo remix)
12. The Little Girl I Once Knew
13. Wendy (new stereo remix)
14. Disney Girls (1957)
15. Forever
16. Friends
17. Break Away
18. Why Do Fools Fall In Love
19. Surf's Up
20. Feel Flows (featured in the motion picture Almost Famous)
21. All This Is That
22. 'Til I Die
23. Sail On, Sailor (featured in the Oscar-winning motion picture The Departed)
24. Cool, Cool Water
25. Don't Go Near The Water
26. California Saga (On My Way To Sunny Californ-i-a)
27. California Dreamin'
28. The Warmth Of The Sun







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