Chris Cornell -《Carry On》[MP3!]

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专辑中文名Carry On
歌手Chris Cornell

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音魔合唱团 (Audioslave)主唱 Chris Cornell 的第二张个人专辑,不仅依靠深具才气的创作才华外,他那变识度极高的迷人嗓音,都是最佳注册商标,在2001年Rage Against The Machine主音Zack De La Rocha宣布单飞展开个人音乐事业后,其余团员偕同Chris组织起Audioslave重新整合再出发。2002年推出首张同名专辑《Audioslave》,缔造全球近五百万张销售量,2002~2004接连推出五首摇滚榜Top 10单曲,第二张专辑《Out Of Exile》迅速突破百万门槛,并成为首张美国冠军专辑,曾坐上主流摇滚榜亚军单曲〈Doesn't Remind Me〉,获得48届葛莱美“最佳硬式摇滚演出”提名。在2007年2月15日 Chris Cornell 宣布因音乐理念不合而退出 Audioslave 乐团。

在此张专辑中 Chris 创作了许多不同风格的歌曲,包括 blues, psychedelia, and country. 专辑曲目有前张专辑的 "You Know My Name" - 电影'皇家赌场' 的主题曲, "Billie Jean" 米高杰克逊 的畅销曲, "No Such Thing" 将会是美国宣传的主打单曲,在英国则以 "Arms Around Your Love" 替代。

Carry On is the 13th album by two-time Grammy winner, singer-songwriter and voice of a generation, Chris Cornell. Steered by Grammy Award-winning British super- producer Steve Lillywhite (U2, Rolling Stones, Morrissey, Dave Matthews Band), Carry On is a mature and content departure from the acrimonious artist who brought us Soundgarden, Audioslave and Temple of the Dog.

The new album's fourteen tracks offer the bluesy and soulful "Safe and Sound," psychedelic "Scar On The Sky," country-flavored "Finally Forever"... paeans to persistence in "Disappearing Act" and a slow-grind cover of Michael Jackson's "Billy Jean" that gives the familiar song a completely new feeling. More personal selections include "Ghost," "Arms Around Your Love" and "She'll Never Be Your Man" and alt-rock experimentations ("Killing Birds" the anthemic "Silence the Voices"). Fans of Soundgarden and Audioslave will appreciate the harder edge of "No Such Thing" and "Poison Eye" and the redemptive "Your Soul Today."

Carry On also includes the Top 10 European smash hit "You Know My Name," the main title song for the current James Bond theatrical release, Casino Royale, appearing for the first time on a full-length release. Cornell wrote and recorded the track with long-time James Bond composer David Arnold for the film.

With this collection of songs, it is evident that Cornell was inspired by songwriters from Elvis Costello to Tom Waits. Cornell says that his own lyrical approach leans on stream-of-consciousness, "getting out of my own way" to allow themes to naturally arise, whether topical or biographical. "The most exciting thing is to let yourself expose your true, vulnerable feelings, which is what resonates with people most," he explains. As far as his vocal style, he points to such R&B singers as Otis Redding and Aretha Franklin for showing masterfully how emotion can best be conveyed, even in subtle phrasing, also praising Bob Marley's expressive range and Tom Waits' use of his voice as an instrument.


01. No Such Thing
02. Poison Eye
03. Arms Around Your Love
04. Safe And Sound
05. She'll Never Be Your Man
06. Ghosts
07. Killing Birds
08. Billie Jean
09. Scar On The Sky
10. Your Soul Today
11. Finally Forever
12. Silence The Voices
13. Disappearing Act
14. You Know My Name
15. Today (Bonus Track)







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