Spacehog -《The Chinese Album》[MP3!]

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专辑中文名The Chinese Album

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摇滚圈的手足势力有BlackCrows的Robinson兄弟档携手打天下,另外来自英国 Leeds的另一个Langdon兄弟档分别是Royston(Leadvocals/bass)、Antony(Guitar/Vocals)两人远渡重洋来到纽约,遇到了RichardSteel(Leadguitar)、JohnyCragg(Drum)组成一支名叫Grass团体在纽约摇滚圈开始展露头角,95年与TrippingDaisy并肩巡回演出,迅速被网罗在WeaRecords体系之下,正式获得一纸唱片合约,而当要发行乐队首张专辑之际,英国老家的另一支名称相近的队伍Supergrass正走红着,因此为了有所区隔乐队决定改名为Spacehog,96年以《ResidentAlien》专辑施展乐团理想抱负,展现其深受70年代T.Rex、Queen、DavidBowie等ClassicRock影响同时注入现代摇滚氛围的乐风,成功打进Modern/AlternativeRock领域,首支单曲“InTheMeantime”勇夺 ModernRock榜冠军席次而专辑亦是上了Heatseeker榜头筹。

以初生之赎的身份即获得前辈RedHotChiliiPepper赏识邀约同行巡回,之后投入98年新碟《ChineseAlbum》,更是有R.E.M. 的MichaelStipe前来跨刀助阵。2001年Spacehog跳槽有了新东家带来了全新力作《TheHogyssey》,在制作人 PaulEbersold全程监控在猫王的故乡曼菲斯录音完成,首支单曲“IWantToLive”师法70年代名团RoxyMusic,在层层吉他音墙包里下,构筑强大的爆发力;戏剧张力十足的“ARealWasteOfFood”主唱Royston仿若被GlamRock时期的DavidBowie附身;以键盘来加味的“Perpetual Drag”复古味浓厚,爽朗带劲阳光小品;电影配乐般的“TheHogyssey”如临星际争霸战的浩翰场面;尝试多种音源可能,Spacehog急起直下转入ProgressiveRock俊杰ToddRundgren式曲风的“DancingOnMyOwn” 构成一张高潮起伏不断的冒险专辑。

Though all the band members hailed originally from Leeds, England, the band was formed in New York City in 1994 when Antony Langdon met Cragg by chance, in a café where Cragg had a job killing rats. Soon after, Langdon's brother Royston joined the band, and Spacehog were born. Later when the band's original guitarist dropped out, Antony Langdon called his friend Richard Steel to join the band. The band signed in 1994 with Seymour Stein to Sire Records.

On October 24, 1995, Spacehog released their debut album, Resident Alien. It went gold on the Billboard charts, selling over 500,000 copies and spawned the hit single and video "In the Meantime" as well as the single "Cruel to be Kind". "In the Meantime" received heavy video and radio play, and featured as background music to BBC's Match of the Day football programme. The band's second album, The Chinese Album, was released on March 10, 1998. Though it did not sell as well as Resident Alien, the band's popularity continued to increase as Spacehog opened for popular acts like Pearl Jam and Supergrass. The Chinese Album featured a more "artsy" sound, with the Pink Floyd-like piano on the opening track and Michael Stipe of R.E.M. contributing vocals to the song "Almond Kisses".

After the band dropped Elektra Records, Spacehog signed with upstart label Artemis Records and released its third album, The Hogyssey, on April 10, 2001. The album continued the band's neo-glam approach and featured the singles "I Want To Live" and "At Least I Got Laid", as well as a funkified version of Richard Strauss's "Also sprach Zarathustra". The band joined The Black Crowes and Oasis on the Tour of Brotherly Love in support of the album, which proved to be the band's final major tour outing.

In 2002, Spacehog quietly broke up and the band members went their separate ways. Royston married actress Liv Tyler, daughter of Aerosmith frontman Steven Tyler, on March 25, 2003. In 2004, Royston Langdon would team up with one of the former members of Blind Melon to form the band The Quick. Later they would run into problems touring with the name, and they decided on renaming the band The Tender Trio. Ultimately, The Tender Trio would break up on March 2, 2006. Royston, Antony and Christian Langdon then pooled their resources to form Arckid. By June 2006, they had recorded eight songs with Bryce Goggin at Trout Studios in Brooklyn. Johnny Cragg, now sporting a moustache, joined The Twenty-Twos as their drummer post-Spacehog, but has since rejoined the Langdon brothers in Arckid.

At the end of November 2006 Antony Langdon left Arckid on good terms and has since devised an alter ego known as Louis Arogant. This project is near completion as a record entitled Victoria: an homage to Langdon's love for his wife, the director Victoria Clay de Mendoza. The album is expected for release toward the end of 2007. He also continues in the production of his television work. Also in the works is an album by Antony Langdon and Joaquin Phoenix. The project is called This Lady is a Tramp and is being mixed by Creation Records founder Alan McGee and the Charlatans’ Tim Burgess.

Antony Langdon was briefly replaced in Arckid by Your Vegas guitarist Mat Steel, who subsequently left Arckid after they shot their first video to rejoin Your Vegas.



01. One Of These Days
02. Goodbye Violet Race
03. Lucy's Shoe
04. Mungo City
05. Skylark
06. Sand In Your Eyes
07. Captain Freeman
08. 2nd Avenue
09. Almond Kisses
10. Carry On
11. Anonymous
12. Beautiful Girl







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