Joaquin Lievano -《Ecologie》[MP3!]

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Joaquin Lievano是上世纪70年代就已出现却始终籍籍无名的职业吉他演奏者。据我所知,"Ecologie "是他的第二张专辑。Joaquin Lievano的第一张专辑"One Mind",发行于上世纪80年代,已经绝版,难以寻找了。 我喜爱那张专辑,但是" Ecologie "显然更加醇厚,已经不屑于再简单的炫耀吉他的演奏技巧。事实上," Ecologie "和"One Mind"是如此的截然不同, 以至于起初令我非常意外、甚至失望,但当我再三的仔细倾听,我发现了自己的失误,这是非常妙不可言的背景音乐,能够吸引人在忙碌的时候坐下来,以便专注聆听。如果你偶然遇见一张"One Mind",我的建议是,放弃,听" Ecologie "!

Speaking of strings pushing through genre barriers, Joaquin Lievano takes a more spiritual tack to the electric guitar passport story on Ecologie, a veritable E-ticket adventure to the secret healing places on our fair planet. Lievano's blistering bursts of light added a potency to Zazen's high-minded electro-new age projects, but here he seems more intent on cool exotica, easy rhythmic structures and contemplative atmospheric stretches. All of which makes the collection a mixed bag, depending on the destination. His "African Adventure" spins us furiously through the jungle and a swirling "Scottish Highlands Melody" prompts us to darn our tartans, but more often, he and his guitar reflect on the magic of sunrises, sunsets and the quieter miracles around us. Crystal keyboard washes are as common as percussive swells. He and producer Rama, however, create some of the most hypnotic slow jams this style of spirit music has ever seen. Miramar's expertise is in the glamorous marriage of music and nature videos; in lieu of a tie-in tape, the best bet is to put this on, reach back into some glorious twilight memory and enjoy the air rushing around you.

- Jonathan Widran, All Music Guide

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Joaquin Lievano was a guitar player for Jean-Luc Ponty back in the 70's. To the best of my knowledge this is the second CD by Lievano. His first, "One Mind" came out in the 80's and is apparently out of print. I LOVE that album, but "Ecologie" is much mellower, with fewer displays of guitar prowess. In fact, "Ecologie" was such a departure from the first album, that I was disappointed at first. But after repeated listenings, it grew on me. I would now rate this as very good background music, but it doesn't hold my attention if I sit down to listen to it. If you come across a copy of "One Mind", buy it!

Lievano's musical work on this album is soothing and easy to listen to. It is not boring music. It is nice to just sit down and listen to it, but it's also nice to have in the background.

The breathtaking guitarist who fueled Jon Luc Ponty's fusion classics, goes a gentler route and writes and performs some of the most poignant instrumental music of our times on this album. Technical and soulful is a rare combination and he's got both. If you loved his solo album, One Mind, you'll love this one too. (Does anyone know where I can get One Mind? It seems to be out of print!) Ecologie has an acoustic vibe but there's still some amazing Lievano electric guitar work as well. And some great writing and arranging, all done by the artist.

Why can't we hear more of this excellent artist who has so much to offer? Progressive high energy or thoughtful and refined - Please, more music. The albums are too far and few between - the world needs more soulfully played high caliber music, not less!

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01. Ecologie
02. Scottish Highlands Melody
03. Coral Sea
04. Rainforest Dance
05. Symbiosis
06. Desert Winds
07. Blue Dolphin
08. African Adventure
09. Asia
10. Himalayan Sunset







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