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专辑中文名An Emotional Fish

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专辑名称:An Emotional Fish
专辑歌手:An Emotional Fish
发行厂牌:Atlantic / Wea
专辑种类:Alternative Rock
压缩比率:CBR 225kbps


因为Damien Rice我才知道了An Emotional Fish/Jerry Fish and the Mudbug Club这个来自爱尔兰的alternative rock乐队,这是一个与DR大相径庭的乐队,但里面却能找到相同的成分:随性,与众不同,自我。看封面就很有感觉了。


Vocalist Gerard Whelan met bassist Enda Wyatt in a band that Whelan was auditioning for. Whelan joined the band, but it broke up soon after. After the break-up, Whelan and Wyatt formed their own band. They originally performed alone, and recorded their works on a four-track tape recorder. After a year, Whelan brought his friend David Frew into the band. Whelan and David Frew had attended the same school and lived in the same housing estate. In 1988, they decided to name the band An Emotional Fish. For a few months, they performed with a drum machine, but soon added drummer Martin Murphy as the final member of the group.

In Spring of 1989, they signed to U2's independent Mother Records label to release their eponymous debut CD. "Grey Matter" was a mild local hit, but it was followed by "Celebrate", which hit the top 10 of the Ireland charts. College radio stations began to pick up the song. It received significant airplay, and eventually reached the top 5 of the US Modern Rock Tracks chart. Atlantic Records signed the band, and re-released "Grey Matter" in the US, where it became a lesser college rock hit. Atlantic released their debut album internationally, where it received generally poor reviews but sold well in Ireland.

After a tour to support the debut album, An Emotional Fish returned to the studio to record Junk Puppets. The songs were recorded over eight months, and four of the songs were produced by David A. Stewart. In 1993, the album was released, and An Emotional Fish opened for U2 on the Zoo TV Tour. However, the album sold few copies outside of Ireland. In 1994, the band released Sloper, but only secured a distribution deal in the UK. The album was released in the US two years later.

In 2002, Whelan created a new band, Jerry Fish and the Mudbug Club with a new style and musical presence. Whelan describes their music as swampadelic and smoozhy. They released one album in 2002, which included guests such as Mundy and Damien Rice, winning a Meteor Irish Music Award for Best Country/Roots Artist. They were also nominated for Album of the Year. The album "Be Yourself" has been described as "genius" by music magazines. The band have most recently played the V Festival, Glastonbury, Oxegen festivals as well as their sell out shows at Dublin's Vicar Street to name but a few.

本资源来自eMule,感谢原发布者。做源时间6pm - 10pm。


01. Celebrate
02. Grey Matter
03. Blue
04. Lace Virginia
05. Julian
06. All I Am
07. Change
08. Colours
09. That Demon Jive
10. Brick It Up
11. Move On






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