Robert Plant -《Nine Lives》Box Set[MP3!]

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专辑中文名Nine Lives
歌手Robert Plant
版本Box Set

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Product Details

* Audio CD (November 21, 2006)
* Original Release Date: September 12, 2006
* Number of Discs: 10
* Format: Box set, Original recording remastered
* Label: Rhino / Wea




齐柏林Led Zeppelin永恒的主唱1982-2005跨厂牌的个人9张作品一次完整收藏,并加赠DVD一张!

Led Zeppelin曾经以大音量、重量感与迷幻元素,并加入神秘古文学、中东色彩,创造出流畅、饱和的音墙,以及压迫、戏剧化的表演,使得重金属音乐因他们而诞生,被喻为重金属的导师。直到1980年9月25日John Bonham 醉卧於鼓堆之中一觉不醒后,重金属的导师Led Zeppelin也告一段落、不再复活!

1982年,主唱Robert Plant开始发表个人作品,延续了齐柏林的灵魂,25年来,并藉由「Burning Down One Side」、「Tall Cool One」、「Sea Of Love」、「Ship of Fools」、「Big Log」等作品,抚慰了无数Led Zeppelin乐迷的遗憾。四分之一个世纪后,总合囊括他个人及Honey Drippers的9张录音室作品,全部予以重新数位化、加收多首重新混音或者现场版作品,并附赠60页精彩附册以及DVD一张,收录20首音乐录影带以及60分鐘珍贵历史介绍与深度访谈,成为此10片装的重量级套装,可谓是专家级的收藏,限量推荐。


Personnel: Robert Plant (vocals); Doug Boyle, Jeff Beck, Jimmy Page, Justin Adams, Nile Rodgers, Porl Thompson, Robbie Blunt (guitar); Skin Tyson (acoustic guitar, electric guitar, lap steel guitar, bass guitar); The Uptown Horns (horns); Jezz Woodroffe, Paul Shaffer, Phil Johnstone, John Baggott (keyboards); Billy Fuller (double bass, bass guitar); Paul Martinez, Phil Scragg, Charlie Jones (bass guitar); Chris Blackwell, Clive Deamer, Cozy Powell, Phil Collins, Ritchie Hayward (drums); Kirsty MacColl, Marie Pierre, Toni Halliday (background vocals). Recording information: 1982 - 2005. The colossal legend of Led Zeppelin looms so mightily over the history of rock that it's sometimes easy to overlook the fact that Robert Plant has had a solo career that's outdistanced Zep in terms of longevity and output. NINE LIVES, a 10-disc box set, presents Plant's solo work in its entirety. Each of Plant's nine solo albums is included, and each is complemented by live tracks and a bonus DVD. Listening to the whole of Plant's catalogue, what impresses most is its variety and range. Beginning with 1982's PICTURES AT ELEVEN and continuing through 2005's MIGHTY REARRANGER, NINE LIVES offers up atmospheric grooves, 1950's-style pop, synth-driven new wave, Middle Eastern drones, straight blues, and a healthy dose of post-Zeppelin thunder. Plant's voice morphs too, from dispassionate popster to banshee wailer to retro crooner and elsewhere, never letting the shadow of his former band determine his stylistic choices. Beautiful packaging and a comprehensive booklet sweeten the deal, making this a must for collectors or anyone looking to explore Plant's work in depth.


Nine Lives is a box set of Robert Plant's solo work, released on November 21, 2006. It includes remastered and expanded editions of nine albums with unreleased tracks and b-sides and a DVD.

The DVD has 20 music videos, live performance footage, and a career-spanning interview with Plant, as well as interviews with friends including Phil Collins, singer-songwriter Tori Amos, tennis star John McEnroe, and former Atlantic Records President Ahmet Ertegun, among others.

The title of this bonus-track-rich, 10-disc chronicle of Robert Plant's post-Led Zeppelin career refers not only to the number of solo albums the singer has released since Zep flamed out in 1980, but also his penchant for stubborn endurance and artistic reinvention in the face of time and the tides of fashion. While both Plant and Jimmy Page have never been able to fully escape the lengthy shadows of their original world-beating collaboration, it's the vocalist who's best--if irregularly--tempered, teased, and folded Zep's legacy into his mercurial solo career, with his 1982 debut Pictures at Eleven and 1988's Now & Zen being the most overt about it. More crucial to Plant's restless muse has been a willingness to move beyond Led Zeppelin, whether successfully casting a more structured set of songs in synth-drenched new wave veneer on "Principle of Moments" (supplemented here by the previously unreleased "Turnaround" and three live cuts, including an unlikely cover of Bob Marley's "Lively Up Yourself"), revisiting a wide swath of influential roots on the Honeydrippers EP and his first release with contemporary backing band Strange Sensation on 2002's Dreamland, or the symphonic ambitions of Manic Nirvana and multihued folk retrenchment of Fate of Nations. Enhanced by 26 bonus tracks of outtakes, demos, live cuts, and remixes, the nine albums anthologized here are also covered in an insightful essay by journalist Ed Vulliamy. The set's bonus DVD contains an hour-long retrospective hosted by Plant himself and features rare film clips and comments from many of his collaborators and admirers, as well as 20 career-spanning solo videos. --Jerry McCulley


Robert Plant大概是摇滚黄金时代最妖冶的男声了,也是少有的依然活跃于乐坛还风采依旧的超级摇滚老头

Robert Plant生于1948年八月二十日,出生地在英国的Staffordshire,他很早就对音乐有极大的兴趣,十五岁那年就已经在俱乐部演唱,他当时学习美国一些知名的蓝调歌手唱腔,如Robert Johnson, Otis Rush, Buddy Guy, Muddy Waters等人,至于摇滚乐方面,影响他最深的是猫王Elvis Presley和Gene Vincent。

在六零年代, Robert Plant组过不少乐团,包括The Crawling King Snakes, Listen, Hobbstweedle,以及与Led Zeppelin的鼓手John Bonham合组的The Band of Joy等等,那时候的曲风是偏重节奏蓝调,1967年间,他曾出过个人专辑,不过那时他的潜能还未完全激发出来,1968年,Robert Plant加入Led Zeppelin,并推荐好友John Bonham一起进到Led Zeppelin。

Robert Plant的演唱方式,除了基本的重金属摇滚特质外,民谣,节奏蓝调的唱腔也铨释的极为成功,在舞台上的演出更是令歌迷为之疯狂。


Robert Anthony Plant (born August 20, 1948, West Bromwich, West Midlands, England) is an English rock singer and songwriter, most famous for his membership in the rock band Led Zeppelin, but also for his successful solo career. He is known for his powerful style, often mystical lyrics, and wide vocal range. As the lead singer of Led Zeppelin he is often defined as the quintessential rock front man, combining rare musical adeptness and knowledge with a large measure of stage bravado and braggadocio. As a solo artist following Led Zeppelin's demise, he is often credited for his wide range of musical taste and his ability to perform an eclectic range of songs in a refined and critically acclaimed manner.



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Disc: 1 Pictures At Eleven (Remastered)

01. Burning Down One Side
02. Moonlight In Samosa
03. Pledge Pin
04. Slow Dancer
05. Worse Than Detroit
06. Fat Lip
07. Like I've Never Been Gone
08. Mystery Title
09. Far Post
10. Like I've Never Been Gone (Live)

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Disc: 2 The Principle Of Moments (Remastered)

01. Other Arms
02. In The Mood
03. Messin' With The Mekon
04. Wreckless Love
05. Thru' With The Two Step
06. Horizontal Departure
07. Stranger Here... Than Over There
08. Big Log
09. In The Mood (Live)
10. Thru' With The Two Step (Live)
11. Lively Up Yourself (Live)
12. Turnaround

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Disc: 3 The Honeydrippers Volume 1 (Remastered)

01. I Get A Thrill
02. Sea Of Love
03. I Got A Woman
04. Young Boy Blues
05. Rockin' At Midnight
06. Rockin' At Midnight (Live)

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Disc: 4 Shaken 'N' Stirred (Remastered)

01. Hip To Hoo
02. Kallalou Kallalou
03. Too Loud
04. Trouble Your Money
05. Pink And Black
06. Little By Little
07. Doo Doo A Do Do
08. Easily Lead
09. Sixes And Sevens
10. Little By Little (Remixed Long Version)

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Disc: 5 Now And Zen (Remastered)

01. Heaven Knows
02. Dance On My Own
03. Tall Cool One
04. The Way I Feel
05. Helen Of Troy
06. Billy's Revenge
07. Ship Of Fools
08. Why
09. White, Clean And Neat
10. Walking Towards Paradise
11. Billy's Revenge (Live)
12. Ship Of Fools (Live)
13. Tall Cool One (Live)

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Disc: 6 Manic Nirvana (Remastered)

01. Hurting Kind (I've Got My Eyes On You)
02. Big Love
03. S S S & Q
04. I Cried
05. She Said
06. Nirvana
07. Tie Dye On The Highway
08. Your Ma Said You Cried In Your Sleep Last Night
09. Anniversary
10. Liars Dance
11. Watching You
12. Oompa (Watery Bint)
13. One Love
14. Don't Look Back

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Disc: 7 Fate Of Nations (Remastered)

01. Calling To You
02. Down To The Sea
03. Come Into My Life
04. I Believe
05. 29 Psalms
06. Memory Song (Hello Hello)
07. If I Were A Carpenter
08. Promised Land
09. The Greatest Gift
10. Great Spirit
11. Network News
12. Colours Of A Shade
13. Great Spirit (Acoustic Mix)
14. Rollercoaster (Demo)
15. 8.05
16. Dark Moon (Acoustic)

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Disc: 8 Dreamland (Remastered)

01. Funny In My Mind (I Believe I'm Fixin' To Die)
02. Morning Dew
03. One More Cup Of Coffee
04. Last Time I Saw Her
05. Song To The Siren
06. Win My Train Fare Home (If I Ever Get Lucky)
07. Darkness, Darkness
08. Red Dress
09. Hey Joe
10. Skip's Song
11. Dirt In A Hole
12. Last Time I Saw Her (Remix)

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Disc: 9 Mighty Rearranger (Remastered)

01. Another Tribe
02. Shine It All Around
03. Freedom Fries
04. Tin Pan Valley
05. All The Kings Horses
06. The Enchanter
07. Takamba
08. Dancing In Heaven
09. Somebody Knocking
10. Let The Four Winds Blow
11. Mighty Rearranger
12. Brother Ray
13. Red, White And Blue
14. All The Money In The World
15. Shine It All Around (Girls Remix)
16. Tin Pan Valley (Girls Remix)
17. The Enchanter (Unkle Reconstruction)







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