Cheri Keaggy -《Let's Fly》[MP3!]

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专辑中文名Let's Fly
歌手Cheri Keaggy

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专辑名称:《Let's Fly》
演唱歌手:Cheri Keaggy


The wonderful opportunity of seeing Cheri Keaggy in concert several times and she is one of my favorite Christian artists. She writes all her own songs, and there is always a specialness about an album written by the Christian artist him/herself.

Cheri released "There is Joy in the Lord" a couple of years ago, which was a collection of her praise songs from her previous 3 albums, plus a couple new songs. It's a must-have for any Cheri Keaggy fan, but I have been eagerly awaiting THIS newest CD from Cheri. This is her first studio release in 4 years!

But it's only 35 minutes long! And there was one song I heard her sing in concert about worrying (I don't know the title of the song) and I was REALLY hoping that would be on this album, because it was a message I needed to hear (along with most people). So I was disappointed that wasn't on "Let's Fly".

One of the songs I heard her perform 3 years ago was "Say You Love Me", which is probably my favorite song on the CD. You'll probably be hearing that on Christian radio soon! This album opens with the title track, a lively tune that will get your toes tapping. The last song, "Christ in Me" talks about the transformation of a life devoted to Jesus. The lyrics and style of this song are very simple - so share this song with your children and they'll be singing it in no time!

Fans of amazing guitarist Phil Keaggy will enjoy hearing Phil's guitar solos on several of the songs on this album. You might be interested in knowing that Phil is Cheri's husband's uncle.

Overall, I think that "What Matters Most", released in September of 1997, is Cheri's best work to date. I think I'll write a review of that album, which is probably one of my top ten favorite Christian albums of all time.

ALL of Cheri's albums are well worth buying, and if you've enjoyed Cheri's music, "Let's Fly" is a must-have. But be sure to go over to "What Matters Most" and buy that album as well!

If you have the chance to see Cheri in concert, go! She has two kids herself and has a real heart for moms of young children. You can read this new album on cherikeaggy.com. You can listen to the tracks and I think you can see the music video to "Let's Fly" as well. And you can read Cheri's reflections on all the songs on this latest album.

Please take a look at my reviews of Christian books and music!

God bless you, Cheri, and keep those songs coming! Maybe the "worry song" can be on the next album??


01. Let's Fly
02. I Like
03. Definitely
04. Come What May
05. Say You Love Me
06. Save Me a Place
07. Posies
08. Suitcase
09. Flooding
10. Christ in Me







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