《射频微波工程百科全书》(Encyclopedia of RF and Microwave Engineering)[PDF]

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原名Encyclopedia of RF and Microwave Engineering

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射频和微波工程是过去十年发展最迅速的领域之一,并且可能仍然是许多学科当中非常活跃的研究和应用领域。六卷组的射频和微波工程百科全书阐明了这个领域如何成为让技术促进无线通信业迅猛发展的关键。 该卷组还考查了射频和微波工程如何继续作为下述重要应用领域背后的科学技术继续产生重大影响:雷达、遥感、遥控、传感器、导航、监视、电子战、辐射计、等离子体研究和成像。

RF and Microwave Engineering is one of the fastest growth areas of the past decade and will probably continue to be a very active area of research and application in a large variety of fields. The six volume set of Encyclopedia of RF and Microwave Engineering illustrates how this field has been the key to enabling technology responsible for the phenomenal growth of wireless communications. This set also examines how RF and microwave engineering continues to have great influence as the technology behind such important applications as radar, remote sensing, remote control, sensors, navigation, surveillance, electronic warfare, radiometers, plasma research, and imaging.


A/D and D/A Conversion Architectures and Techniques.
Acoustic Microwave Devices.

Active Antennas.

Active Filters: Overview of Active Filter Structures.

Active Filters: Tools and Techniques for Active Filter Design.

Adaptive Array Antennas.


Amplitude Shift Keying.

Analytical and Adaptive Modeling of Nonlinear High Power Amplifiers.

Anisotropy and Bianisotropy.

Antenna Accessories.

Antenna Anechoic Chambers .

Antenna Arrays for Mobile Communications.

Antenna Compact Range.

Antenna Feeds.

Antenna Parameters.

Antenna Radiation Patterns.

Antenna Reverberation Chamber.

Antenna Scanning Arrays.

Antenna Testing and Measurements.

Antenna Theory.


Antennas for High-Frequency Broadcasting.

Antennas for Medium-Frequency Broadcasting.

Antennas for Mobile Communications.

Aperture Antennas.

Application of Wavelets to Electromagnetic Problems.

Applied Numerical Electromagnetic Analysis for Planar High Frequency Circuits.

Artificial Magnetic Conductor.

Attenuation Measurement.



Bandpass Filters.

Bandstop Filters.

BiCMOS Devices and RF Integrated Circuits.

Biological Effects of Radiofrequency Energy as Related to Health and Safety.

Boundary-Value Problems.

Buried Object Detection.

Calibration of a Circular Loop Antenna.

Capacitance Extraction.

Cavity Resonators.

Cellular Radio.

Chebyshev Filters.


Circuit Stability.

Circuit Tuning.

Circular Waveguides.

Coaxial Line Discontinuities.

Coaxial Lines and Waveguides.

Comb-Line Filters.

Complex Media.

Computational Electromagnetic Scattering Models for Microwave Remote Sensing.

Conformal Antennas.

Conformal Mapping Techniques.

Conical Antennas.

Coplanar Stripline (CPS) Components.

Coplanar Stripline Transitions.

Coplanar Waveguide (CPW) Transmission Lines.

Coplanar Waveguide Components.

Corrugated Horn Antennas.

Coupled Transmission Lines.

Cryogenic Electronics.

Dielectric Loaded Antennas.

Dielectric Measurement.

Dielectric Permittivity and Loss.

Dielectric Resonator Antennas.

Dielectric Resonator Filters.

Dielectric Resonator Oscillators.

Dielectric Resonators.

Digital Microwave Receivers.

Digital Radio.


Dipole Antennas and Arrays.

Direct Satellite Television Broadcasting.

Direction of Arrival Estimation and Adaptive Processing Using a Conformal Phased Array.

Directional Couplers.

Directive Antennas.

Distributed Amplifiers.

Dual- and Multi-Frequency Microstrip Antennas.

Electromagnetic Bandgap Assisted Bandpass Filters.

Electromagnetic Compatibility.

Electromagnetic Ferrite Tile Absorber.

Electromagnetic Field Computation in Planar Multilayers.

Electromagnetic Field Measurement.

Electromagnetic Inverse Problems.

Electromagnetic Materials.

Electromagnetic Modeling.

Electromagnetic Shielding.

Electromagnetic Subsurface Remote Sensing.

Electromagnetic Surface Waves.

Electromagnetic Wave Propagation.

Electromagnetic Wave Scattering.

Electromagnetic Waves in Ionosphere.

Electromagnetics, Time-Domain.

Electronic Warfare.

Elliptic Filters.

Enhancements of the Finite Difference Time Domain Method.

Fabry-Perot Resonators.

Fast Fourier Transforms and NUFFT.

Feedback Amplifiers.

Feedback Oscillators.

Feedforward Amplifiers.

Ferrite Circulators.

Ferrite Isolators.

Ferrite Loaded Waveguides.

Ferrite Phase Shifters.

Ferroelectric Materials.

Filter Synthesis.

Filter Theory.

Finite Element Analysis.

Finite-Difference Time-Domain Analysis.

Finline Components.


Fractal Shaped Antennas: A Review.

Frequency Converters and Mixers.

Frequency Independent Antennas.

Frequency Modulation.

Frequency Selective Surfaces.

Frequency Stability.

Frequency Standards, Characterization.

Frequency Synthesizers.

Frequency-Division Multiplexers.

Frequency-Domain Circuit Analysis.

Friis Free-Space Transmission Formula.

Galerkin Method (Rayleigh-Ritz Method).

Gallium Arsenide Technology and Applications.

Gallium Nitride for Electronics.

Generalized Scattering Matrix Technique.

Geometrical Optics.

Ge-Si Alloys and Devices.

Gratings, Grating Antennas.

Green's Function Methods.

Ground Penetrating Radar.

Guided Electromagnetic Waves.

Gunn or Transferred-Electron Devices and Circuits.



Hankel Transforms.

Harmonics Oscillators, Circuits.

Helical Antennas.

Helmholtz Equations.

Heterojunction Bipolar Transistor.

Heterostructures Devices.

High-Field Effects.

High-Frequency Broadcasting.

High-Frequency Transmission Lines.

High-Temperature Superconductors.

History of Wireless Communication.

Horn Antennas.

HTS Film Growth.

Hybrid CAD Techniques.

Hybrids and Couplers.

III-V Semiconductors.

IMPATT Diodes and Circuits.

Impedance Transformers and Matching Networks.

Indium Phosphide (InP).

Integral Equations.

Integrated Antenna Systems.

Integrated Circuits.

Integro-Differential Equations.

Intermediate-Frequency Amplifiers.


Intermodulation Measurement.

Iterative Methods.

ITS Radio Service Standards and Wireless Access in Vehicular Environments (ITS-WAVE) at 5.9GHz.


Leaky Modes and High-Frequency Effects in Microwave Integrated Circuits.

Leaky Wave Antennas.

Left-Handed Materials for Microwave Devices and Circuits.

Lens Antennas.

Linear Antennas.

Local Area Networks (LAN).

Loop Antennas.

Low Noise Amplifiers.

Low Noise Amplifiers.

Low Temperature Co-Fired Ceramic (LTCC) Technology in RF and Microwave Engineering.

Low-Pass Filters.

Low-Power Broadcasting.

Magnetic Field Measurement.

Magnetic Materials.

Magnetic Microwave Devices.

Magnetic Resonance Imaging.

Magnetic Shielding.


Maxwellian Circuits.

Measurement of Near Fields Using a Modulated Scatterer.

Medical Imaging with Microwave: Thermoacoustic Tomography.

MEI Method.

Method of Lines.

Method of Moments.

Microstrip Antenna Arrays.

Microstrip Antennas.

Microstrip Antennas, Broadband.

Microstrip Antennas, Compact.

Microstrip Circuits.

Microstrip Lines.

Microstrip Transitions.

Microwave and Radio Frequency Multipliers.

Microwave Circuits.

Microwave Detectors.

Microwave Ferroelectric Devices.

Microwave Filters.

Microwave Heating.

Microwave Integrated Circuits.

Microwave Isolators.

Microwave Limiters.

Microwave Measurements.

Microwave Mixers.

Microwave Oscillators.

Microwave Parametric Amplifiers.

Microwave Phase Shifters.

Microwave Photonics: Technological Evolutions and Its Applications.

Microwave Power Amplifiers.

Microwave Power Transmission.

Microwave Receivers.

Microwave Resonance Plasma Source.

Microwave Scattering Models for Earth Terrain.

Microwave Solid-State Devices.

Microwave Superconductor Devices.

Microwave Switches.

Microwave Tubes.

Military Communication.

Millimeter-Wave Integrated Circuits.

Millimeter-Wave Measurement.

MIMO Systems for Wireless Communications.

Miniaturized Packaged (Embedded) Antennas for Portable Wireless Devices.

Missile Guidance.

Mixed-Signal CMOS RF Integrated Circuits.

Mixer Circuits.

Mobile Communication.

Mobile Radio Channels.

Mobile Satellite Communications.

Mode-Matching Methods.

Modulation Doped FETs.

Monolithic Antennas.

Monolithic Microwave Integrated Circuits (MMICs).

Monopole Antennas.

Monopulse Tracking Systems.

Monte Carlo Analysis.

Monte Carlo Simulation in Reliability.

MOSFET Modeling.

Multibeam Antennas.

Multiconductor Transmission Lines.

Multimode Equivalent Network Representations.

Multiple Access Schemes.


Multi-Resolution Techniques.

Negative Resistance.

Neural Networks for Microwave Circuits.

Noise and Interference Modeling.

Noise Generators.

Noise, High-Frequency.

Noise, Hot Carrier Effects.

Noise, Low Frequency.

Nonlinear Circuit Analysis.

Nonlinear Circuit Design.

Notch Antennas.

Orthomode Transducers.

Oscillator Design.

Packaging RF Devices and Modules.

Parallel Algorithms and Computing for Large-Scale Electromagnetic Simulation.

Parameter Estimation from Electromagnetic Simulations Using Signal Models.


Periodic Structures.

Permittivity and Measurements.

Personal Area Networking with Bluetooth.

Perturbation Theory.

Phase Locked Loops.

Phase Locked Oscillators and Frequency Synthesizers.

Phase Noise and Measurements.

Phase Shifters.

Photonic Band Gap (PBG).

Piezoelectric Transducer Controlled Circuits.


PIN Diodes.

Power Combiners and Dividers.


Printed Inductors.

Pulse Compression.

Pulse-Shaping Circuits.


Q-Factor Measurements.

Quadrature Phase Shift Keying (QPSK).

Quasi-Optical Circuits.

Radar Altimetry.

Radar Antennas.

Radar Applications.

Radar Cross-Section.

Radar Equipment.

Radar Imaging.

Radar Polarimetry.

Radar Remote Sensing (changed from "Remote Sensing by Radar").

Radar Remote Sensing of Irregular Stratified Layers.

Radar Signal Detection.

Radar Signal Processing .

Radar Target Recognition.

Radar Tracking.

Radiation Effects.

Radiation Monitoring.

Radio Broadcast Studio Equipment.

Radio Direction Finding.

Radio Navigation.

Radio Noise.

Radio on Fiber Systems (RoF Systems).

Radio Reception.

Radio-Frequency Identification Systems (RFID).

Radio-Frequency Integrated Circuits.



Radiowave Propagation Concepts.

Radiowave Propagation Ground Effects.

Radiowave Propagation in Multipath Channels.

Reconfigurable Antennas.

Rectifying Antennas (Rectennas).

Reflectarray Antenna.

Reflectometers, Time-Domain.

Reflector Antennas (Parobolic Antennas, Dish Antennas).

Refraction and Attenuation in Troposphere.

Resonant Tunneling Diodes.

Retrodirective Systems.

RF Circuit Noise.

RF/Wireless Packaging.

Ring Circuits and Resonators.

Rough Surface Scattering: Numerical Simulations and Applications in Microwave Remote Sensing.

Satellite Antennas.

Schottky Barrier Diodes and Their Applications.

Schottky Barriers.

SiC Device Technologies.

Signal Fading in Radio Communications .


Six-Port Networks.

Skin Effect.

Sky Wave Propagation at Low Frequencies.

Sky Wave Propagation at Medium and High Frequencies.

Slot Antennas.

Slotline Components.


Slow Wave Structures.

Small Antennas.

Smart Materials.

Smith Chart.

Spaceborne Radar.

Spatial and Quasi-Optical Power Combining.


Spiral Antennas.


Stability of Nonlinear Systems.

Standing Wave Meters and Network Analyzers.

Strip Transmission Lines.

Stripline Components.

Submarine Antennas.

Superconducting Cavity Resonators.

Superconducting Electromagnets.

Superconducting Filters and Passive Components.

Superconducting Microwave Technology.

Surface Acoustic Wave Applications.

Surface Acoustic Wave Delay Lines.

Surface Acoustic Wave Devices.

Surface Acoustic Wave Filters.

Surface Mount Technology.

Synthetic Aperture Radar.

Target Tracking.



Television and FM Broadcasting Antennas.

Television Antennas.

Television Broadcast Transmission Standards.

Terahertz Science, Engineering and Systems - from Space to Earth Applications.

The Coulomb Gauge in Electromagnetics .

Thermal Analysis and Design of Electronic Systems.

Thin Film Resistors.

Thin Films.


Transient Analysis.

Transmission Line Matrix (TLM) Method.

Transmission Line Theory.

Transmission Lines and Parameters.

Transmitters for Analog Television.

Transmitters for Digital Television.

Transmitters for FM Broadcasting.

Transverse Resonance Techniques.

Traveling Wave Antennas.

Traveling Wave Tubes.

Tunnel Devices.

UHF Receivers.

Ultra-Wideband Radio.

Ultra-Wideband Wireless Systems.

Underground Propagation.

Uniform Geometrical Theory of Diffraction.

Van Atta Array Reflector.

Variable-Frequency Oscillators.

Very High Frequency Range.

Voltage-to-Frequency Converters.

Volterra Modeling in Analog, RF and Microwave Engineering.

Waveguide Antennas.

Waveguide Components.

Waveguide Directional Couplers.

Waveguide Discontinuities.

Waveguide Junctions.

Waveguide Oscillators.


Wavelength Meter.

Wavelet Transforms.


Wideband Amplifiers.

Wideband Slot and Printed Antennas.

Wireless Communication Systems.

Yagi -Uda Antenna.


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