Chemlab -《Burn out at the Hydrogen Bar》[MP3!]

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专辑中文名Burn out at the Hydrogen Bar

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音乐风格: 电子金属/Electronic Metal/Electronic/Industrial



演唱, 做词, 编曲, 和 录制: Jared Louche
Dylan Thomas Moore (Chemlab 早期音乐的arrangements, programming, loop surgery, sampling),
Charles Levi (bass),
Martin Atkins,
Geno Lenardo (guitars),
John DeSalvo,
Timmy Rockmore,
Randy Rollner,
Mark "Fiendish" Kermanj,
Steve"Fly" Watson,
Ned Wahl (bass),
Jason Novak,
FJ DeSanto,
Jamie Duffy,
Greg "Cool-Hand" Lucus.

在离开 D.C以后., Chemlab 是一只风格十分突出的乐队,包含 electronic/industrial 的音乐风格.乐队的早期核心成员是 Jared Hendrickson 和 Dylan More. (察看Xtr3mz帖子)


Everytime I encounter the word "classic," someone is always trying to recount a mountain-moving work that makes the clock stand for them. And I listen to the chatter, the sonatas and the movements and the nasty southern rock, and I smile and nod. But I never can relate to them because they aren't my classics, and I leave that table disappointed. I suppose its the age one is born into and the flame one seeks that determines how one views the word, be it rebellion or the rant of a piano, and I wasn't born into the hippie genre or to some outing by Mozart or Bach. To me, the "classics" are the albums that established a new way of doing things, taking both the "preamble that sound is" and the "sound itself" and resculpting it into something different. Feedback looping, distortion, building an electro-mousetrap; these are the poisons of my youth. KMFDM and Sister Machine Gun, Ministry and a sordid array of Wax Trax artists; those were the banner symbolizing - something. As KMFDM would later state (under the moniker MDFMK): The revolution will be synthesized!"
And, with albums like Burn Out at a Hydrogen Bar, it was.

While Chemlab isn't readily remembered in many an adoring fever-dream of what "the good old days were," Burn Out was actually pretty momentous at the time and turned me on to all kinds of sound. A lot of the work was seamless, the sounds were orchestrated and yet filled with random elements of noise, and it still had this rough edge to it. I've always like Chemlab because they've stayed pretty true to that system, using beats were would later tout as "industrial" to push vocals that were like some kind of punk within its genre.
It was good stuff then and has aged pretty well.

As far as tracks that I'd pick out from the album at a glance, I'd have to go with "Chemical Halo," "Summer of Hate," "Elephant Man," and perhaps a little "Coedine, Glue and You" loving. Chemical Halo was the first Chemlab song I heard and is probably still the best out of the bunch, with the meaning still burning bright: "with the sky pouring down every creature will drown this time there will be no Noah's Arc." O yeah. I also like the "kneel and kiss the hand you can not bite" message in Summer of Hate, and the sexual overture ringing out of Codeine, Glue and You."
All that hate and all those drugs never die.





1. Suture
2. Codeine, Glue And You
3. Suicide Jag
4. Suture
5. Chemical Halo
6. Neurozone
7. Elephant Man
8. Suture
9. Rivet Head
10. Derailer
11. Suture
12. Summer Of Hate
13. Suture
14. Chemical Halo (Remix By Martin Atkins)
15. Suicide Jag (Remix By Mark Blasquez)






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