Shudder To Think -《Your Choice Live Series》[MP3!]

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专辑中文名Your Choice Live Series

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Shudder To Think(哈哈,“颤栗着思考”)成军于1986年,顺应着当时年轻人成立乐队的潮流。他们很有天赋,但还未进入Dischord(厂牌)的视线。乐队很快建立了自己的年轻的听众群,并且在Sammich发行了一张单曲和专辑。不久他们的作品开始真正展现出他们表演的魅力和他们奇异的融合朋克、华丽摇滚和歌剧的风格。Ian(Ian MacKaye)、Jeff(Jeff Nelson)(Dischord的创立者)决定征求他们加入Dischord,很快,发行了《Ten Spot》。

有时他们也被邀请在当地的朋克团体的十六岁生日派对上表演(青春啊 ),Nathan,原来是一支叫“Swiz”的乐队的贝司手,5、6年后,他将加入Shudder代替因学业而离队的Chris担任吉他手。一年多以后, Mike也不得不离开,顶替他的是在Jawbox担任鼓手的Adam Wade。九十年代中期,Shudder签约了Epic,和另一支乐队一样离开了Dischord的寻求更好发展(呃不确定是不是这个意思,还是当时的 Dischord只有两支乐队?)。他们来到纽约,在Epic发行了一张双张套唱片,但似乎越来越丧失他们创作上最本质的东西。他们更多的把精力投入到电影原声的创作上(所以《Velvet Goldmine》的原声因为有了他们而更完美,呵呵),直到九十年代末解散。

话说Nathan Larson,强人一只.“Swiz”,"leslie"都有他的份(不过都是短命团),搞电影原声弄的有声有色的,例如VG,和<Boys Don't Cry>,<DIRTY PRETTY THINGS>等....主页里的背景乐阴森诡异

以上介绍转自 凤凰河畔——River Phoenix中文站 http://www.foriverphoenix.com/index.php 原作者quai

Shudder to Think was an American rock group. Formed in 1986, they released three albums on the Washington, D.C. Dischord Records label and have been labeled a punk band, but actually draw upon a wide range of stylistic influences, including pop. Their music is characterized by a complex mix of these stylistic influences, as well as by technical precision and melodic virtuosity.

The band's first lineup was Craig Wedren (vocals and guitar), Chris Matthews (guitar), Stuart Hill (bass) and Mike Russell (drums). In this incarnation, the band released two singles and one album (Curse, Spells, Voodoo, Mooses, 1989) before being signed by the Dischord label. Three albums were then released (Ten-Spot, 1990, Funeral at the Movies, 1991, and Get Your Goat, 1992), before the band gained greater exposure by touring with Fugazi and the Smashing Pumpkins.

Swiz ex-bassist Nathan Larson (guitars) and ex- Jawbox drummer Adam Wade replaced Matthews and Russell in 1994, immediately prior to a major-label contract with Epic with whom Pony Express Record was released in 1994. The album's angular, mathematical post-modernism earned it an intense cult-like following, marking the record as one of the most original punk albums to ever be released on a major label.

Wedren, Larson, and Matthews all attended The Field School, a small private highschool in Washington, D.C.

Over the next few years, Wedren successfully battled Hodgkin's Disease, Larson recorded an album with side project band Mind Science of the Mind and Wade left the group. His replacement was Kevin March, formerly drummer with Dambuilders.

Another album, 50,000 B.C. was released in 1997. The band also worked on music for soundtracks including First Love, Last Rites and High Art.

1998 was Larson's departure and the subsequent demise of the group, which split that year. Wedren pursued a solo career, including an appearance on the Down to You soundtrack with Didn't Mean to Do You Harm, and contributed backing vocals to Verve Pipe's 1999 eponymous album.

Both Larson and Wedren have gone on to create highly-regarded film-music. Wedren also makes solo music, and has recently released his debut album, Lapland, in 2005. Larson has formed a new band called Hot One.



01. White Page
02. Birthday Song
03. Baby Drop
04. Pebbles
05. Rain Covered Cat
06. I Grow Cold
07. Rag
08. Day Ditty
09. Chocolate
10. So into You
11. Shake Your Halo Down






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