The Human Instinct -《Stoned Guitar》[MP3!]

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专辑中文名Stoned Guitar

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风格:Psychedelic/Acid Rock

Human Instinct是先前的一个乐队the Four Fours的延续,1966年Four Fours的创始人Trevor Spitz决定离开乐队,当其他的团员都决定去英国寻找发展机会,Trevor Spitz便完成了从Four Fours到Human Instinct的转变

75年的母带'Peg Leg - The Lost Tapes', 被扔在Stebbing的仓库里,经过了漫长的整理和重录,终于在2001年发行了CD专辑

At the same time as its release, the group headed to Sydney for a three month tour. It was not a happy time for the band and at the end of the visit, Billy TK announced that he was remaining in Australia. This basically signaled the end of Human Instinct as a heavy rock band. Instead of replacing Billy with another guitarist, Maurice decided to go for a totally different sound and added Graeme Collins, previously with Dedikation, on keyboards. This configuration didn't last very long and in 1972 Maurice started again with a completely new line-up which consisted of himself, Martin Hope, from the Fourmyula, and John Donoghue, from Timberjack, both on guitar, and Glenn Mikkelson (also known as Zaine Griff) on bass. This combination concentrated on country rock.

From late 1971, Maurice divided his time between his music and nightclub construction with his brothers, Barry and Frank. They were responsible for opening quite a few clubs in Auckland, notably Hatchett's, Granny's, Shantytown, Ruby's Saloon and Croft's, as well as quite a number of others around the country.

Human Instinct released another single 'Texas Sparrow'/'Children Of The World' in 1971 and two more albums. One in 1972 called 'Snatmin Cuthin' and the other in 1974 called 'The Hustler'.

1972 saw a single on the Zodiac label called 'Down The Hall On Saturday Night'/'Simple Man' and then in 1975 the final single on Family 'Tropical Paradise'/'Dixie Holiday'.

Between 1972 and 1982 there were many combinations of the group. Others to have had a stint with the band were Paul Whitehead, Steve McDonald, Peter Cuddihy, Andrew Kaye, Chris Gunn, John Parker, Malcolm Weatherall, Len Whittle, Kevin Fury, Steve Hubbard, Murray Hancox, Stuart Pearce and Peter Woods.

Around 1982, the Human Instinct was formally disbanded by Maurice Greer. After his time with the band, Billy TK went on to form Powerhouse.

Recently the first three albums by Human Instinct have been re-issued on CD by Ascension Records, along with a CD of all of their singles.

In late 1975, when the line-up consisted of Greer on drums, Whitehead on guitar, Mikkelson on bass, and McDonald on keyboards, a recording session for an impending album was done. The group at that time had been playing together for around 18 months at the Shantytown nightclub under Auckland's Civic Theatre. Several months passed before a rough mix-down of the tapes were performed. By the time the sessions were finished, the Human Instinct had moved on to a new residency at Crofts and there style of music had changed, along with new members in the band. The project was subsequently shelved.

In 2001, the session tapes were located at Stebbing's warehouse and a long slow process of restoring and re-mastering the tapes took place with the final result being the release of that 1975 album on CD called 'Peg Leg - The Lost Tapes'.

————60末/70年代初比较罕见的一些Psychedelic/Acid Rock(迷幻音乐)系列收藏之十二


1. Black Sally
2. Stoned Guitar
3. Jugg A Jugg Song
4. Midnight Sun
5. Tomorrow
6. Railway & Gun






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