《音乐素材》(David Carbone Drum and Bass Masterclass Multiformat)[Bin]

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英文名David Carbone Drum and Bass Masterclass Multiformat

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格式:Acid/ Wav/ Exs24/ HALion/ Kontakt/ Reason Refills/ Rex

David Carbone: Drum & Bass Masterclass

Drum and Bass Masterclass is an unparalleled collection of pure drum and bass samples produced by one of the scenes most respected producers, Davide Carbone.

The CD features 20 brand new drum and bass drum kits, 230+ brand new tearing breakbeat samples, 50+ speaker shaking basslines, atmospheric pads, keys, musical loops, sweeps, fx, plus 60+ brand new instrument patches pre-mapped for your favourite soft samplers.

Whether it’s releasing records, running BS1 Records, making dnb music for best-selling videogames, producing at London’s Delicious Digital Studios or teaching digital audio to some of the scene’s most respected producers, Davide Carbone is the embodiment of the modern day sound engineer. DC has released drum and bass records with BS1, 31 Records, React Music, Industry Recordings, Polygram, Warner, and has supported the likes of LTJ Bukem, Grooverider, Fabio, DJ SS and Jeff Mills, amongst many others. Davide brought all his skills and experience to the table whilst creating the beats, breaks and samples found on the Drum and Bass Masterclass CD from Loopmasters.

“This is no ordinary sample CD, not only is its range of sounds impressive, but the drum loops are nigh-on revolutionary and the overall level of production is top drawer!” – Knowledge Mag July 2006

DC has excelled himself with this awesome release and has created the new standard by which all future breakbeat and drum and bass sample cds will be measured. If you need a palette of brand new 100% royalty free drum and bass sounds and samples brimming with flavour, attitude and usability then you need to check out this collection today!

The CD was written, produced and recorded in Davide’s personal studio and also at the famous Delicious Digital, London. Kit highlights include ; G5s, Pearl drums, Zildjian cymbals, Neumann TLM & KM184 mikes, Rhodes Mark II, Hammond A100, Korg MS20, Urei 1176, TFPRO T10 and Roland SH1000, Joe Meek SC3 featuring Ted Fletcher's hand made alteration, Logic 7, Kontakt 2, Recycle, Transient Designer,Nord Lead and Virus.

The package includes a Data CD with Acidised Wav and Rex2 samples, and patches for Reasons NNXT, Halion, Kontakt, EXS-24, and SFZ compatible samplers. The CD is Mac and PC compatible and will work with nearly all music software packages. An Audio CD is also included for easy auditioning of loops and samples. Only the best musicians, studios and recording equipment have been used in the making of this CD, and every sample is guaranteed copyright free for use in your music.

Tech Specs: 2 CD(Audio/Data) Package for PC/Mac featuring over 540 copyright free Drum and Bass samples, 307 Acidised Wav files, 233 Rex2 Loops, and 67 Patches for Reason NNXT, Halion, Kontakt, EXS24, SFZ - 600MB content.

20 brand new  drum and bass  drum kits
230+ brand new tearing breakbeat samples
50+ speaker shaking basslines, atmospheric  pads, keys, musical loops,  sweeps, fx
plus 60+ brand new instrument patches

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